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Katie Shea Tuesday, 11/1/05, 5:12 PM
Hey Kelly and the O'Day family. This is Katie Shea. I have been checking the website very frequently and want you to know that my prayers are with you. Kelly stay strong and know that your in the hearts of so many!!

Katie Shea Tuesday, 11/1/05, 5:10 PM

Katie Shea Tuesday, 11/1/05, 5:10 PM

matty Tuesday, 11/1/05, 2:07 PM
hey kelly i have been thinking about you a lot. i hope you come home soon. you and smyder were right eli and the giants are actually good. hope you get better.

Steven Kwartler Tuesday, 11/1/05, 1:14 PM
Hey Kelly, Just wanted to say hello and check up on the site. I hope your feeling better, Im here thinkin about you :) -Steven

Selma Vinci Tuesday, 11/1/05, 1:06 PM
Hi Kel, Just a note to say HI. I was so happy that the Faughnans, Rits and other girls were able to spend some time with you. I am still planning to come to NYC on Saturday. I will check your status with the Faughnans to see what is going on. Tell Mom I will bring lunch for her. Take care and God Bless. Love, Mima

shiloh Tuesday, 11/1/05, 12:25 PM
heyyy keels just wanted to drop a quick note i miss you lots and cant wait until you are able to come home so it will only be a 2 minute drive not 3 hour drive hehe but it was worth it i love you love shiloh

Lyssa Hawras Tuesday, 11/1/05, 9:20 AM
hey Kellyyy....just another quick note. i'm home sick today...its not fair to have Halloween and then school the next day, ughhh. i have a cold. so i wanted to write you a note! how was your Halloween? lol. mine was fun. i went with the usual "gang". lol. we had a huge shaving cream fight too :) Well hope to see you soon and STAY STRONG GIRL! <33 everyone is here for you and are supporting you. your a WONDERFUL role model to all us girls and everyone else. your so strong, and stay that way. <33*alyssa hawras

Denny Tuesday, 11/1/05, 9:08 AM
Kelly, I just thought I would write and share some thoughts with you about last weekend. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington on Sunday. You were my insperation that allowed me to finish. I pulled a Hamstring on mile 8. I finished the race saying to myself, I hope every step I take in pain is a step closer to your recovery and you being pain free. I kept looking at my Kelly's Hope band and kept thinking of you and praying for you. You helped me finish! Take Care and be strong. God Bless You, Denny Redner

Bobbie Manning Tuesday, 11/1/05, 8:16 AM
Hi Kelly: I went to your mass at St Pat's on Monday along with Mrs. Morello and Eileen. They send you their love and prayers as well as I do. I pray for you every day and know that you will have the courage and the strength to get thru this and have a healthy body again. Just to let you know Mrs. Morello's favorite player is Derek Jeter too, she even has a large photo of him by her chair in the living room.

linda rossini Tuesday, 11/1/05, 6:46 AM
Hi Kelly, Aunt Barbara will be coming to see you today. There is a present from the Rossini family. I hope that it puts a smile on your face. Halloween was fun last night. The kids had a good time. Christopher was pounced on by a neighborhood puppy. Thank God for Aunt Barbara she saved him from the attack. Way to go... Quote of the day: When we ask our angels to pray for us, we can be sure we have friends in the highest places. -Eileen Elias Freeman Angels are.... the bridge between heaven and earth. _ Megan McKenna Thinking and praying for you....The Rossini Family

kathy Tronovitch Tuesday, 11/1/05, 5:58 AM
Hi Kelly! Like so many others, we attended your Mass last week and it was to beautiful for words. You could feel the love for you and your family all around.As everyone tells you in each post, it is unbelievable the support and love that are pouring out for you. It amazes me how the community has pulled together. We are all hoping and praying for your recovery. Debbie, as parents we can hardly know what you are going through but your strength and determination are to be admired. Although our prayers are sent for Kelly's recovery, I am also sending prayers for you and Mike to remain strong.You are an inspiration to all parents. We will continue with our thoughts and prayers for the entire family. Kathy

Teresa Kinnari Monday, 10/31/05, 11:09 AM
Hi Kelly! I really enjoyed my visit with you and your parents on Saturday. I'm glad I was able to come up to the hospital for a visit. It was nice talking about old times and catching up with your Mom, it has been a few years since I have seen her. I didn't get a chance to say good-by to you because you looked so peaceful sleeping there I just couldn't disturb you, but I wanted to let you know that my family and I are praying for you and you and your family are always in our thoughts. I hope your treatments this week go well so you can get back home, I know that just being home will be the best medicine for you. Alisa can't wait for you to get home so she can bring her girls down for a visit. Love, Teresa K.

tia Monday, 10/31/05, 11:07 AM
hi kelly I hope you feel better soon my grandma is going throught the same thing she has got breast cancer and then it spread to her bones and she has a tumor in her spine too so i just wanted to let you know that i kind of know what you are going through but not entirely but i am still here here for you ok hold on tight

Theresa Monday, 10/31/05, 10:54 AM
Hi Kelly, Happy Halloweeen! it was great seeing you last nite...happy that you had friends visiting you earlier in the day! i know you were tired after the visit, but it was all well worth it i'm sure! hope you had a good nite last nite, and i will come visit you again soon. hang in there and keep the faith, i know you can do it, we just all need to keep praying very hard, every day! love, theresa

Diane G Monday, 10/31/05, 8:03 AM
Good Morning Kelly O'Day, Just a little hello and a wish that you will have a MUCH better day today! You are such a good soldier and hopefully u can get home next week to your friends and family. Love, your cuzzes in PA, Diane And Jim and family

Natasha Monday, 10/31/05, 6:25 AM
Happy Halloween Kelly Natasha

Natasha Monday, 10/31/05, 6:23 AM
hello kelly, i didn't know you but i hope you get better and that someday when your all better i can meat you. get better Natasha

susie frank Monday, 10/31/05, 5:16 AM
hi kelly happy halloween always thinking of you hop you have a good day say hi to mom and take care stay strong i know you can do it your so amazing we love you hang in there xxoo bill and matt too

Marlene Monday, 10/31/05, 2:58 AM
Kelly, Just wanted to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.I keep praying for you Kelly with all these prayes I'm sure God will answer them,Take it easy Marlene

Annie Monday, 10/31/05, 2:01 AM
Kelly, We pray this week will be a good one and you come home soon. Your in our thoughts and prayers always. Love, Fred, Annie, Jackie, Bobby and Froggy Freddy

Lisa D Sunday, 10/30/05, 9:20 PM
omggg kelly i am SO jelous of your baseball signed by Derek Jeter!! Lucky. Haha ok well just wanted to say i hope your chemo goes good and feel better soon, and we're prayin for ya!! --Lisa

linda rossini Sunday, 10/30/05, 8:41 PM
Hi Kelly, Joke of the day... What do witches eat for halloween??? Spooketti,halloweenies,and booberry pie We had a good time with the kids today.Everyone looked great in there costumes.I am exhaused and still need to clean the kitchen. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that we are thinking of you. The Rossini Family

Shiloh Sunday, 10/30/05, 7:20 PM
Keels hey babydoll it was so great to see you today thank you so much for the cross it means a lot to me i love you so much im so excited for how you did today eating and all of that!! I miss you so much already tell you mom i said thanks again for letting us come it was so much fun just hanging out watching the real world talking and all of that !! love you honey love shiloh

Under Pressure Sunday, 10/30/05, 3:08 PM
Pressure! Pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure That burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets Bah bah dah bah bah dah (Yeah) (Yeah) That's okay! It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Scream "Let me out!" Pray tomorrow takes me higher Pressure on people People on streets Bah bah dah bah bah dah Okay! Chippin' around Kick my brains round the floor These are the days It never rains but it pours Bah bah dah bah bah dah People on streets bah dah dee da day People on streets bah dah dee dah dee dah dee dah dee dah It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Scream "Let me out!" Pray tomorrow takes me higher (higher) Yeah! Turned away from it all Like a blind man Sat on a fence but it don't work Keep coming up with love But it's so slashed and torn Why? Why? Why? Love(love)! Love(love)! Love(love)! Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking Can't we give ourselves one more chance? Why can't we give love that one more chance? Why can't we give love give love give love? Give love give love give love give love give love? Cause love's such an old fashioned word And love dares you to care For the people on the edge of the night And love dares you to change our ways Of caring about ourselves This is our last dance This is our last dance This is ourselves under pressure Under pressure Under pressure -Sung by The Used and My Chemical Romance. This song goes out to you, Kelly O'Day. From Bert and Gerard from My Chemical Romance and The Used. Please dont doubt down on yourself, your whole name screams out "H-O-P-E"

Andy Hedlund Sunday, 10/30/05, 2:21 PM
Hey Kelly, its Andy. I just wanted to say hi. I don't know if you heard but Chris scored his first goal in the NHL! I thought you'd be pretty excited to hear that. I tried to call him but they play agian tonight so I'll call him again tommorow. I'll make sure to stop by the website and tell you how he's doing. I finished my book about Lance Armstrong. He talked alot about being an athlete and how much it helped him beat cancer. He said an athlete knows about pushing yourself even when you're in pain. I know you're strong. Talk to you soon. Andy

AC Sunday, 10/30/05, 12:57 PM
Kel, here's the scoop - remember I mentioned that I was hopeful of landing a job after my last interview on Tuesday? Well I was offered the job over the phone Friday afternoon!!!! I'll be getting more information about it this week and I expect to begin on 11/14. I'm really excited about the possibilities this job has to offer and I would have to guess that this group is safe from any future outsourcing. I really want to thank you for your genuine concern throughout my ordeal all while you were gong through the toughest test anyone should ever (never) be asked to. Stay positive - mental toughness will get you through this. You're in my thoughts always.....

nana Sunday, 10/30/05, 11:57 AM
Hi Kell.... I know you are having company today from Binghamton.....I'm sure it will be fun for you to see them.....I know you will show them Derek Jeter's baseball!!! Have a nice day....and remember keep up your hope....I read Amanda Brown's website.....very interesting......keep staying as strong as you have been.....I love you....

Amanda Brown Saturday, 10/29/05, 11:45 PM

Amanda Brown Saturday, 10/29/05, 11:43 PM
Hi Kelly, You don't know me but I would like to say hello to you. My name is Amanda, or Mandy to my my family and close friends. It seems we have been going through some similar things. I am currently stage 4 Melanoma. I just celebrated my 31st Birthday and it's been a year since my diagnosis. I am keeping strong in all of this and you seem to be a strong girl too. You keep being that girl and you will get through this. God will see us both through. I've been through the chemo, lost my hair and so much more. I can identify with a lot of the things you are facing and have faced so far. If you ever feel like chatting via computer, feel free to contact me. I wish you all of God's love and speed in your healing, Amanda P.S. This is my website, you can read a little more about me if you'd like.

Michelle Codner Saturday, 10/29/05, 7:23 PM
Kelly, I have been thinking about you often since I took care of you late last July. Thank you and your family for giving me a way to see how you are progressing. I trust that God is with you and your family as you are continually challenged with your illness. I send my prayers and best wishes with each step you take on this hard journey. Love, Michelle

Alice Woodruff Saturday, 10/29/05, 6:55 PM
Kelly, my thoughts and prayers go out to you every day. I miss the days of all you girls coming here to Mandy's house and just having fun. Wishing good health in the near future. with love, Mandy's Grandma

Alyssa Hawras Saturday, 10/29/05, 5:55 PM
Hey Kellll. Just writing a note to you again. Last night, you were in my dream. It was nice to see you there. Lol. Well anyway, i'm hoping to see you when we go down to NYC for Bre's 16thh..That would be super fun. Well, letting you know your in my prayers EVERY night and that in tons and tons of others also. You can so fight this girl. We have confidance in youuu! <3<3<3<3forver, Alyssa Hawras<3<3<3<3

Katieee Saturday, 10/29/05, 5:04 PM
Heyy babydoll.. I miss you so much! just wanted to sign this to let you know, im thinking about you everyday and missing you more and more each day. You're an inspiration to all of us and mean more than you could ever know. Keep up this fight and you'll make it through! Love you always and forever hunny KaterBaber<3

nana Saturday, 10/29/05, 3:23 PM
Dear KEll.....I hear you received a ball signed by Derek Jeter....REally....Thats amazing....I'm sure it made you really happy......I'm glad for you....I wonder if he knows who has the ball? I know you are having company tomorrow....enjoy.....I love you and hang in there.....we have to have hope......I love you.....Nana

linda rossini Saturday, 10/29/05, 10:24 AM
Hi Kelly, I hope that you get a good laugh..... What's a vampire's favorite sport???? batminton Why didn't the skelton go to the party??? He had NO BODY to go with. How can you tell if a corpse is angry??? It flips its lid. The Rossini Family

Uncle Dan Saturday, 10/29/05, 9:04 AM
Hi Kelly, Everyday is a new day and a chance for improvement. Hope this one is off to a good start. We think of you every day. Love and miss you. Kim, Dan, and Danielle

Melody Barton Friday, 10/28/05, 10:54 PM
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Find strength in your faith and never give up the fight!

Rachel Snyder Friday, 10/28/05, 9:42 PM
Kelly, hey girl. Stay strong, We're all praying for you here back home, and you're always in our thoughts. "Remember that when the world throws you a curve ball, you become the stronger hitter." <3 R.

Kelly Blair Friday, 10/28/05, 9:30 PM
I've been thinking about you a lot cutie, I hope you're alright. Just wanted to say hey, and send some love in your direction, although you're getting so so sooooo much, it's awesome! :) Just remember, this too shall pass. You can do it.

Kenzie Friday, 10/28/05, 7:59 PM
Kelly Jeanne, I can't wait to see you this weekend! In Home Ec Class right now, we're doing our baby projects. (styrofoam cup ones), and I have decided to name my baby Kelly. While looking for my own name in the meanings of names book, I looked up your name and Keely (<totally appropriate!) and Kelly means, "Warrior Woman", which is a sign that you are one tough chick. and Keely, means "beautiful" which is one of the words that describes you perfectly. I Love Your more than words and I am running my last XC meet of the season for you tomorrow. While searching through some pictures I found one of you holding me like a baby before your 7th grade semi. I look at it every night and smile because it makes me think of you. I'm wicked excited to wear those sweet gloves and mask on Sunday! See You Then! <3always,Kenzie (a.k.a. your favorite neighbor ever! :D)

Colleen Jones Friday, 10/28/05, 7:03 PM
Kelly, our beautiful girl, We are all so damn proud of you for staying the course and continuing to endure and continue in this extremely long and exhausting journey to get well. And you will get well, I truely believe this. I figure that He must have given this test to you because He knew that you can handle this and to let all of us know that we should appreciate everyday he gives us. I am so sorry that you, Kelly has to be the one to show us this but I think everyone that hears your story now realizes this and that He can now know how many lives you have affected and You have done your work through him and He will heal you. Job well done sweet angel and go live a long and healthy, happy life as you so deserve!!!! Always in my heart and constantly in my prayers.

Lynette Friday, 10/28/05, 6:50 PM
hey kelly !! :) it's lynette from aau :-p i haven't seen in you in soo long i jsut want to let you know i'm praying for you and your recovery. hope you're feeling better :):):):)

Bridget Owen Friday, 10/28/05, 5:28 PM
Kelly, We just wanted to let you know that we have been hoping and praying for you everyday and have been following your battle daily. The mass for you this week was just awesome. To know that so many people love you and your family must be as overwhelming as the battle that you and your family are faced with.Your courage and unending strength should be a inspiration to everyone. We hope that you are feeling better soon! All our Prayers Bridget,Dave, Meg, and Corry Owen

megan m Friday, 10/28/05, 4:22 PM
heyyy hun. im sorry youre not doing so well: ( keep thinkin positive and stay strong. i cant eveb imagine how hard this must be for you but i know you're strong and i know you can do thisss<3 i love youuu sweetie. im always thinking&praying

mike fitzpatrick Friday, 10/28/05, 3:27 PM
hey kelly. i didnt really know you that well, but i wanted to know that i support you, and i hope you get better really soon. i cant even imagine what you must be going through, and i have become a proud supporter of the american cancer society. get well soon! sincerely, Mike FitzPatrick

nana Friday, 10/28/05, 3:26 PM
Dear Kell..... I heard you had a bad day yesterday....see, that's what happens when I leave you!!!!!! Seriously,,,I am so sorry that things are not going better for you. Everyone loves you so much and so many thousands of people are praying for you that your time will come to be better....God has to hear us sooner or later...unfortunately it is not as soon as we had hoped....I love you and pray for you all the time.....

Mrs.Gitch Friday, 10/28/05, 6:13 AM
Hey Kelly, its just me wanting to say hi and to let you know that the gitchells are all thinking of you and praying for you. everyone is. we miss you kelly and are so looking forward to you coming home. we are not only sending prayers but big hugs and big kisses to you. please remember that we all love ya. god bless you, mrs.gitch and gang

Mrs.Gitch Friday, 10/28/05, 6:07 AM

  Friday, 10/28/05, 5:57 AM

Lacey Friday, 10/28/05, 5:12 AM
Hey Kel, I have been keeping in touch with Jess on you... worrying each and every minute of what is going on with this. I really hope the best for you and I love you to death girl. I pray everyday that i wake that this nasty illness will go away and you will live strong again. Hang in there Kelly, we love you so much and we are here for you!!! Hockey starts november 6th.. opening day for the highschool.. i will keep you in formed on how they are doing.. I'm deffinately going to miss my Kelly O'Day at the hockey games this year.. hopefully you will be home soon and you can be at the games watching these incredibly hott hockey players with me.. I love you Keels hang in there babyyyy!!! <3 always... Laceyy Kelly's HoPe!! I Pray For You!!

Linda Rossini Friday, 10/28/05, 4:56 AM
Hi Kelly Another angelic intervention today. It is truely amazing how you don't have to look very far to find proof of an angel. Today I woke up an you bracelet was on my kitchen counter. Christopher had been playing with them weeks ago and I could not find them. I kept wondering what happened to them???? Quote of the day.... Angels are.. the bridge between heaven and earth. -Megan McKenna When we ask our angels to pray for us, we can be sure we have friends in the highest places. - Eileen Elias Freedman Thinking of you, The Rossini Family P.S. Sunday we are having a holloween party and your cousins are coming over.We will be bobbing for apples, making masks, and baking cookies.I will let you know how we make out.

  Thursday, 10/27/05, 7:38 PM
How are you doing kelly? since no one on this site has heard anything for a few weeks?

Melissa Stephens Thursday, 10/27/05, 6:56 PM
Hi Kel- Nick and I went to the healing mass it was really packed, you have tremendous support! It was a beautiful mass. Earlier in the week was the JV soccer championship game - it was freezing and raining and a great game. I tried to pay attention and can report Melissa B had a zillion tremendous saves! The last JV football game is Saturday in Norwich. We miss you and are praying for you. Love Melissa and crew xxoo

Chris and Bill Thursday, 10/27/05, 12:21 PM
Well Hi Kelly, How are things today. We spoke to your Nana yesterday b/c you and Mom were busy. IShe said you were having a better day. Hope today is more of the same. we love you and your Mom too. Hugs to all.

AC Thursday, 10/27/05, 11:41 AM
Yo Kel, just a quick note. Ran into Col and dad at McGuirk's last night. Seems it was Col's night to cook and ... well ... going to McGuirk's won out. EJ had his team's year end banquet there. You have not missed anything back home, unless you call an October wet snow storm/no electric 'something to miss'. Heartbreaking loss for the JV girls soccer team but they had a very successful year. Boys and girls varsity in the play-off crunch now. And I'm sure you're aware of how the football team has been doing - hopeful for another 'dome year'. I hope you're able to stick with the present schedule which has you back home soon. I'm pretty excited about a recent interview as well - I'll keep you posted. We're all thinking of you - stay strong.

susie frank Thursday, 10/27/05, 10:27 AM
hi kelly hope your having better days, your healing mass was wonderful what a beautiful church and sooo many people were there for you .you are loved sooo much and the prayers also stay strong and keep the strength up you are one very special girl and an imspiration to all hang in there girlfriend and say hi to mom love you lots xxoo bill and matt too

Linda Rossini Thursday, 10/27/05, 9:41 AM
Hi Kelly, This is my 3rd attempt to e-mail you this week. Monday morning I was up at 4:30 am (Thank you Alyssa)and started to look through my meditation book. I couldn't find a quote that I liked. So I thought to myself, where is my angel book??? By that time Alyssa needed to be changed. While changing her, Christopher came into the room and started reading. He said"Mom can you get me that book?" I said ,OK and infront of the book that he wanted, was the book that I was looking for"May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side". :) This is my prayer for you... May you always have an angel by your side Watching out for you in all the things you do Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true Giving you hope that is as certain as the sun Giving you the strength of serenity as your guide May you always have love and comfort and courage... Angel Blessings Behold I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way. -Exodus 23:20 May your days all be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you -Douglas Pagels God Bless, The Rossini Family

Alisa Wednesday, 10/26/05, 7:50 PM
Hello...My sister Teresa and I were fortunate to be in Binghamton on Monday to attend your Mass of Healing. It was a beautiful many people were there that love you so much. We all want you to get better and come home. I think of you and prayer for you every day. I love you so much and hope to see you soon. Alisa

Annie Wednesday, 10/26/05, 6:11 PM
Hi, Kelly We are thinking about you all the time. Hope it's been a good week for you. Tell your Mom we said "hello". Love, Fred, Annie, Jackie, Bobby and Froggy Freddy

Cassie Wednesday, 10/26/05, 6:10 PM
Hey Kelly<3 I hope you're doing good today. Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope that you come home soon! Basketball season is soon and let me tell you.. I'm definetly going to miss you out on that court. Your mass the other night was wonderful... that church is amazing! Stay strong and keep fighting! :) Love, Cassie

Steve Felter Wednesday, 10/26/05, 4:55 PM
Hi Tanya, Hope you are feeling better....

Meg (F.) Wednesday, 10/26/05, 2:51 PM
Hey KJ, Just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I hope you're doing okay today. I miss you so much. I have a surprise for you when you come home. ; ) I love you a lot sweetie, don't forget. The mass for you went well. Ash and I are fabulous readers. Did you know your name means "warrior"? It is so appropiate. I'm so proud of you and how strong you are. You are truly a warrior. I love you and miss you KJ. Come home soon. Or maybe I'll just have to come and see you. : )Love you babe, stay strong as ever. Love, Meg

MIMA Wednesday, 10/26/05, 11:06 AM
Hi Kell, Just a note to let you know that I am thinking about you today and always. I will be coming to NYC on Saturday the 5th since, hopefully, Matt's game will be Friday night, the 4th. I am a little ahead of myself but we will see. I will be in touch with the Faughnans to see when you will be returning to Binghamton or if you will still be in NYC. I would love to see you wherever you are, if it is OK with you. Hopefully it will be here in Binghamton. Stay positive. God Bless. Love to Mom & Dad. Love, Mima

Melissa Warrick Tuesday, 10/25/05, 7:51 PM
Heyy Miss kelly!!! just was thinking about you!!! stay stong girly!! your such an inspiration to everyone in my family espically me! my family and i pray for you everynight! haha and im sure God can hear me.. becasue i pray extra loud for you!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!! just remember to smile! =)

Aunt B Tuesday, 10/25/05, 6:15 PM
Heard about your crazy day! I hope you get a good night's rest. Think of you all the time. Stay strong. LYL

  Tuesday, 10/25/05, 1:54 PM
KELLLLLLY ITS SNOWINGGG!!! haha is it snowing in NYC i wonder!! so yea today was pretty exciting cuz of all of the snow and a power line snapped in half it was crazy but yea im really bored and need to do homework so i miss youuuuuuu love you honeyyyyyyyy

Andrea Tuesday, 10/25/05, 12:32 PM
Hey O'Day........Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am thinking about you. I attended the healing mass last night. I can't believe the church walls are still standing, I thought for sure when I walked in they would collapse!! On a serious note...It was awesome to see all of the people that came out to support you. Keep battling Kelly, I know you can do it. Tell your mom I said hello. Andrea

The VT Family Tuesday, 10/25/05, 10:10 AM
Kelly, we have been happy to be a part of the many activities here over the last month or so. The chicken BBQ, Football game, trivia competition, and mass have been such positive ways for everyone to feel they are closer to you. I just wanted to write to let you know what a GIFT you are to those who love you and those who are now hearing your story for the first time. So many people are taking the time to pray or do some act of kindness in your name. Your courage and faithfulness are touching so many lives!! I think our wish for you can be summed up in Numbers 6 24-26: MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU; MAY THE LORD LET HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU AND BE GRACIOUS TO YOU; MAY THE LORD LOOK UPON YOU KINDLY (AND GENTLY)AND GIVE YOU HIS PEACE!

Corrie Brundage Tuesday, 10/25/05, 8:37 AM
Hi Kelly how are you today hope your feeling better.Just wanted to tell you thet Im thinking of you.I just was reading about you for the first time and I really hope you get to you later by.

The Carl Family Tuesday, 10/25/05, 7:40 AM
Kelly, there were a lot of people praying for you last night (as they do always). We have to believe! Our thoughts are with you and your family. The Carl's

The Camilo Family Tuesday, 10/25/05, 7:11 AM
oops, previous append had a typo in our e-mail address!

The Camilo Family Tuesday, 10/25/05, 7:09 AM
Hi Kelly, I don't know if you remember us, but we used to live in the Boughner's house and moved in July 2000 to Rochester. Jason is now 16, Joe is 13 and Rachel is 12. We just found out the news and have been around your website. What a lot has happened in the last couple of months. Keep up the fight! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Warm Regars, Ulisses, Patti, Jason, Joe and Rachel Camilo
E-mail: Tuesday, 10/25/05, 6:37 AM

Aleith Tuesday, 10/25/05, 6:36 AM
Good Morning Kelly; Cassie and I went to your healing service last night. It was beautiful. The church was awesome. What a wealth of support you have! Continue to stay strong. We think of you everyday! We saw Andrea last night.As we were walking out of the church last night, Cassie said to me that whenever Kelly would make the 3 pointers Andrea would always say "Kelly O'Day" it was never just Kelly. This made Cassie laugh. We are so proud of you. Give a hug to your mother. Debbie, keep strong. Have a super day! Aleith

Karrrie Jones Tuesday, 10/25/05, 6:35 AM
hi kelly we never talked when we went to school together but I wish you the best of luck. I know how scared you and your family are caue me mom is going thought it to and you just have to be strong and never give up its a hard fight for you and your family but giving up is the last thing anyone wants you to do.My mom had to do radiation and it scared me that I know my own mother is sick.You need to keep you head high. The most important thing is don't forget to laugh, think and turn you emotions in tears not sad tears happy tears.You are going through a rough time but lots of people support you and love you. Even people you dont know are trying to support you and stand by you and this is the type of thing that makes families become closer. My mom told me that she is scared but she wont give up cause its not her time and she has a future and kids.The cancer was at the bottom of her brain so surgery was out of the question this is the second time its come back and shes still kicken lol. if it is okay with your family and you i would love to rasie some money for you at my school cause i know how you and you family feels.Considers this an obstical that you have to over come if you read chicken soup for the teenage soul letters there is a story about a boy named tim has cancer and his girl friend stayed by him or every minute that he was awake he didnt live cause the cancer took over his brain. But dont get down there are lots of people that have survived cancer and if you keep trying you could too.well i have to go to school and remember that there is lots of people rooting for you i wish you the best of luck and dont let you chin fall. love karrie jones

Mirabito Family Tuesday, 10/25/05, 6:31 AM
Hi Kelly! Sorry you haven't heard from us in awhile. Our computer was down.... Peter to the rescue!! We attended the Healing Mass last night for you @ St. Patrick's. It was beautiful. So many people throughout the Binghamton area came to pray for you. God had to hear us last night! The times may seem dark & gloomy now, but we know you have it in you to make it to brighter days! Hope you have a better week & are able to come home soon. Say hi to your parents. You are all in our thoughts & prayers. Mr. & Mrs. Mirabito, Nick, Rickey & Matty

Kathleen Kilmer Tuesday, 10/25/05, 5:44 AM
Hi Kelly, I'm a friend of your aunt Maura's. We've traded being each other's bosses over the years. I'm so sorry you're going through this. You're very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Ellen Monday, 10/24/05, 7:05 PM
Hi Kelly, just wanted to let you know the Mass tonight was the most beautiful and spiritual mass I've ever been to. Looking up at the beautiful statues at St. Patricks, the most awsome church in our area, I knew GOD was listening.. He heard alot tonight, ALL at once!!!! Be strong Kelly, you can do this, you have all of our prayers, and the church was packed!!!! God Bless you for your strenght and God Bless your family as well. We love you forever and always.Ellen & Ryan

SieRaaaaaaaaaaa (: Monday, 10/24/05, 6:35 PM
Hey Kel..we played vestal today in our champ game but lost haha o well it was a good game not bad 1-0 but we still set so many records for soccer and jv soccer so thats awesome..i went to the healing mass tonight and it was soo nice to see so many people there that care about you even if they didnt know you they were was well worth going to and i hope it helps in you getting better because i know everyone there was def prayin for you and im hopin all those peoples wishes and prayers get answered..i love you KjO & get better soon okkk? Miss you soo muchhhh! <3 SaS <3

Dan Monday, 10/24/05, 6:27 PM
"Strength. Life is hard but it worth living. Even suffering, courage." -Arturo Nogueira Fairchild FH-227 Continue to fight Kelly. Have faith and hold strong. -Dan

Mrs. Errante Monday, 10/24/05, 6:08 PM
Hi Kelly, I went to your healing mass tonight at St. Pat's. It was so nice, and SO MANY people came. If you remember, my daughter Lynette was on your AAU team about 1-2 years ago, and I teach at Harshaw. Lynette and I pray for you all the time, and I wear your Kelly's Hope bracelet to school everyday. I'm really proud of you for having the courage to keep up your faith. God is always with you.

April, Steve, Craig and Mike Lucas Monday, 10/24/05, 5:40 PM
Kelly, You are in our thoughts an prayers and we want you to know that we are cheering you on through this rough time. I had on the green ribbon that was handed out at a CF football Mom's breakfast over a month ago and somone in a grocery store in Binghamton wanted to know who it was for and I explained to this stranger that even though I had not met you I knew that you are a person with the most hope and courage of anyone that I know. Sometime when you get a chance look up Psalm 139. It is great. It tell how much God cares for us.

kristy topa Monday, 10/24/05, 5:31 PM
hey are you? i hope everything's going well and you're feeling okay. i am always thinking about you and praying for you. don't stop believing,you'll make it through this. <3<3 love always--kristy (:

megannn lynn Monday, 10/24/05, 3:57 PM
kelly jeanne i miss youuuu!! :( stay strong and get better so all of us that care so much about you can see you soon. i hope everything is going good<3 love youuuuuu

Judy Leach Lindsley Monday, 10/24/05, 2:59 PM
I know you don't know me, but I am Scotts mom and I just want you to know my prayers are with you.
E-mail:  j-n-dlindsley

Allison Curley Monday, 10/24/05, 2:30 PM
Hey Kelly, Hope everythings going alright. I know your going through a rough time right now and I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

Corrie Brundage Monday, 10/24/05, 1:28 PM
Hi Kelly I know I havent writen in a while sorry.I wanted to tell you that I dont have a screen name any more becouse we got road runner.How are you doing?Hope your doing to you later bye.

Alyssa B. Monday, 10/24/05, 8:22 AM
Hey Kel! how are ya doing? nothing new here just seeing how your doing! my dad and I are going to come visit you soon if you would like that! ok well im gonna go back to school haha so ill talk to ya latr stay srtong babe! we love you! Alyssa

Marie Monday, 10/24/05, 6:30 AM
Goodmorning Kel, just a quick note to say hello and that I'm thinking of you. Sorry you've had such a rough week--you are such a brave young lady!! I hope things go better this week and you'll be able to come home soon. Tell your mom hello, hugs and kisses!!!!

Lex Morgan Sunday, 10/23/05, 7:28 PM
Kelly- sorry i like never write in here, it does not mean im not thinking about you tho i just never know what to say. It was so good to see you this weekend, i kept my mask and gloves so i can still play with them are always in my prayers and i think about you everyday! I love you so much and Stay Strong!!!!
Lori Sunday, 10/23/05, 6:18 PM
Hott Kells, I'm soooo glad we got to see you this weekend even tho it was only for a short time. We miss you and want you to get home soon. Funny how your dad and chaz can still pull off the "disappearing act" lol. Just imagine them walking down the streets of NY with their matching shirts on. haha (at least they didnt get into trouble with the law this trip) Stay strong and keep the faith. We are all praying for you every day. We miss you all so much. Love the Morgans'

Jackie Sunday, 10/23/05, 6:13 PM
Hey Kelly. I miss you a lot. You were always kind to me. I remember last year when the coaches brought me up to play on the JV team for the tournament last year. I was nervous but you were so nice to me you made me feel like I always was on the team. I'll never forget that. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Kelliann Sunday, 10/23/05, 4:51 PM
HEY kel! so i finally figured out how to work the computer so i can finally send you stuff! i just wanted to let you know that we're all thinking of you and praying for you to come home! i hope i can come down there and see you soon!! but, in the mean time get better and STAY STRONG! I <3 you KJ!

Nikki Sunday, 10/23/05, 2:56 PM
Kelly, Mike, Debbie, Colleen, & Katie, Not a day goes by that we are not thinking and praying for you. We love you! The Palombi's:Nikki, Lisa, Kristi, Gina, Mom & Dad

Heather Lake Sunday, 10/23/05, 1:55 PM
Kelly and family, You are in our every day thought's and prayer's you are a very strong girl with alot of people who love and care about you. keep up the faith. we hope and pray you get well soon. The lake family

Grandma "Bart" Sunday, 10/23/05, 1:07 PM
Hi Kelly, I haven't sent a message in weeks, but have been keeping up on whats going on. Still think of you and say a prayer every single day. You sure are a strong young lady, hang in there sweetie. Love, Grandma Bart.
E-mail:  LSBarton33@AOL

Katie Sunday, 10/23/05, 1:07 PM
Kel ~ I just wanted to write to say hi and that I love and miss you so much. I wish that i could be closer to you, but no matter how far away i may seem, i am ALWAYS with you. You are in my thoughts constantly and i pray for you everyday. You are such an inspiration to me and i am always amazed by your strength and courage. You have always been the fighter of the family, and this is no exception for you. I can't wait to see your beautiful face again and i know you're anxious to have me come feed you (and spill food all over) again and color pretty barbie pictures for you :) *I LOVE YOU!!!* <3

Alan Doyle Sunday, 10/23/05, 12:56 PM
Hey Kelly. My family and I are so proud of you being a strong as you are. We all miss you, and just keep fighting. Love always Alan

Shaughna Sunday, 10/23/05, 9:36 AM
Hey Kelly!!! Just checking in... Keep your head up Med*Ay! You're doing AMAZING! I love you soooo much, and know that you are in our prayers everyday! Love you always! <3 Tall*Ay!

Diane G Sunday, 10/23/05, 9:21 AM
Good Morning Kelly, hope u r feeling lots better today! We are still praying hard for u and I know u will get home soon and get on with your life. Hugs to your Mom and Dad and Your Nana, L. your cuz(s) in PA Diane and Jim

nana Sunday, 10/23/05, 8:34 AM
Hi Kell. Hope this note finds you a little better today...I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...I will be there in the morning with Aunt Barbara....Send an email if there is anything particular you want.....stay strong you lots Nana

Katie Goetz Sunday, 10/23/05, 7:27 AM
Hey Kelly I just wanted to let you know we're praying for you, I hope everything goes well with your treatment!! <3

Kaityyy Sunday, 10/23/05, 6:01 AM
Heyy Kelly!! i was sooooo excited to get to see you on wednesdayy it was a really fun trip, and it was GREAT to see youu. I miss you sweetheart you needa get home soon ): so that every1 can come see you as much as they want too, but i just wanted to say hiii and i love youuu<3 get better soon babyy

megan Saturday, 10/22/05, 7:00 PM
heyy kelly jeanne. kaity told me about her trip to see you with jess and alyssa the other day. she said you looked as beautiful as always( : im still praying&thinking about you hun!..i love youuuu<3

Terri Urda Saturday, 10/22/05, 4:43 PM
Well Kel....just because I haven't signed in lately doesn't mean I don't think about you daily. You have no idea how much the middle school kids admire you. Even the kids who don't know you, know of you and your great strength and determination. Please stay strong and continue to have faith. And know that I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. (Don't tell Mrs. Chestnut that I started a sentence with "and".) Love, Mrs. Urda

Cheryl Saturday, 10/22/05, 10:32 AM
Good afternoon Kel, Wow, I see Tom (the bus driver) sent you a message. He is definately the greatest bus driver. I can remember you and Ty getting on his bus together for the first time. Megan still misses him as her bus driver! Hope you are having a better day. Say hi to Mom and Dad... Thinking of you all, always! Love, Cheryl

David Kelly Saturday, 10/22/05, 9:36 AM
Kelly hope all is better soon. All of us at Chenango Ambulance are praying for you Dave

nana Saturday, 10/22/05, 7:25 AM
Good Morning Kell.... I hope you had a restful is a dreary day but my thoughts are with you all the time...keep strong...our prayers will be answered....I love you...I will see you Monday..

Haley VanTassel Saturday, 10/22/05, 7:09 AM
Hey KJ:) Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I just wanted to let you know I am always thinking about you. Once again bball is starting up I will be thinking of you throughout the season especially. Last year was some much fun, I wouldn't have been able to get through it without you. Just like Siera said Promise yourself!* I <3 you:) *Halles P.S. JV soccer is going to kick some butt for you on monday!

Dawn (Patak)Langdon Saturday, 10/22/05, 6:36 AM
Kelly: I am a Forks Alum from the Class of 1988. I was reading the site when I came across your link. I want you to know that I'm praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts. I live in Phelps, NY==about two hours from Binghamton, but I will always have a place in my heart for Binghamton and the CF community. Please keep your chin up and your faith strong! You can do this! God Bless You! With Love, Dawn

Tom ( Your Elementary Bus Driver ) Friday, 10/21/05, 8:53 PM
Hi Kelly! I just found out about this web site, and I wanted to be sure to send you a note to let you know that I am keeping you in my prayers everyday! I just bought one of those great T-Shirts that say Kelly's Hope on it. Like many others, I wear it to work each and every Friday! I have even put signs on my bus window that say Kellys Hope! Over the past several weeks, I have had a lot of your friends, neighbors, and teachers tell me how much of a struggle this has been for you. I truely admire your spirit and your courage. You are an amazing young lady Kelly. Keep your chin up and remember, we're all thinking of you every second of every day. ^ 5 Tom

Siera Sheehan Friday, 10/21/05, 8:06 PM
*hey kel i havent wrote in this in a while..but jus to let you know our JV soccer team is doing crazyy good we just beat horseheadss to go to the championship game vs vestal on mondayy...but i love you so much and am always thinking about you..i sleep w. the RUBEN SIERRA YANKEE bear you made for me most nightss :-D well its next to my bed haha..i love you kellyyyyyyyy! stay stronggg for everyone who is cheering you on and praying for you and i know im one of them *Promise Yourself*

meggie .P. Friday, 10/21/05, 5:15 PM
Hey kelly I'm thinking of you I love you! Your in my dreams. I haven't took my kellys hope bracelet off. We are all thinking of you keep being strong your doing great thankyou very much for my cards (haha) and money. I think about you every minute. I love you so much school is doing great I love mrs.Emm she is so funny she also prays for you and Mrs.Beach they all love you and so do I just keep strong andyou well make it I miss living next to all of you. love, megan p.s. tell every one i love them and thank you very much for the money and cards and kelly thanks for being strong to talk to me on the phone Ilove you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to all of you. Holidays are coming i waiting for my Easy Bake Oven (haha.
E-mail:  lilpug1095

Kendra Friday, 10/21/05, 1:27 PM
Hey Kelly! I hope you are feeling tons better! :) I totally miss you not being in Mrs. Roma's class together! You are such a strong person and I really look up to you! And I just want you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers !

nana Friday, 10/21/05, 11:51 AM
Hi Kell.....I hope you had a better night...I'm thinking of you all the are so strong....I wonder if I could be as strong as you are...I really don't think so....You are just keep going on and on.....and we all keep praying for you and I know God WILL HEAR our prayers...but HE sure is taking HIS time.....I love you.....Nana

Hannah Victor Friday, 10/21/05, 11:31 AM
My dear Kelly, I have not talked to you but I pray for you every day.God is with you always no matter what.Remember you have a friend and I care about you.I keep getting the news from other people at work. with Christian love, Hannah.

laurie g Friday, 10/21/05, 11:25 AM
Hi O'Day Family, Well the temp is cooling way down, the leaves are falling, and our day to day lives seem to go on. But what doesn't seem to change is our concern, prayers, and thoughts for your family. Our family misses you and wishes you were all back home. I was talking to Sean on the way home from work today (getting an update - and wondering what i possibly could say to you here) and I couldn't help but to reflect on all the fun times we've shared. Just think, Halloween is around the corner. I wonder if there will be any strange men pulling a wagon behind them and stopping at people's houses for liquid refreshments! To go back in time would be wonderful, we could erase all the pain and suffering you are experiencing. Please know the Gildea's are thinking of you ALWAYS and we are hoping you receive the miracle that we received. Our prayers are with you all! Stay positive and stay strong. Love, The Gildea's

susie frank Friday, 10/21/05, 10:25 AM
hi kelly it was soooo good to hear your moms voice last nite. i'm soooo sorry your day was so bad, hang in there honey it has to get better, your so strong and it sure isnt easy by any means, but you can do it your amazing ,the strongest person i have ever meet and with your strength you can do this. stay strong and positive as your doing girlfriend , say hi to mom and dad and if mom needs anything at all to call me. we love you kelly with all our hearts and sole and are with you thru this and praying every day, i haven't been in St Pats church before i sure hope its big for your healing mass because it will be full, love ya honey xxoo bill and matt soo

Lew Angelo Friday, 10/21/05, 10:12 AM
Hi Kelly hang in there and don't give up hope. Ask Jesus and his Mother Mary to help you and they will do it. We keep you in our prayers every day and our Masses and Communion also.I know first hand what you are going through Never give up.

karel raska,md Friday, 10/21/05, 8:47 AM
Hi, I am your grandma's heart doctor. She has told me a lot about you. Our prayer's are with you!! Karel Raska (Morristown, NJ)

sara porterfield Friday, 10/21/05, 7:22 AM
Dear Kelly and Debbie, Ellen Sharp just showed me how to do this e-mail to you.I think of you and your family all the time. I am so impressed with how brave you all are in enduring the treatments knowing they must be painful and tiring. That kind of courage is what will make the difference in your recovery. I am going to the healing mass with many people from here. I think a group effort will send a big prayerful message. Now that I know how to use this e-mail I wiil write more.

Sara Porterfield Friday, 10/21/05, 7:11 AM

Cathy, Morgan & Sammi J Friday, 10/21/05, 6:12 AM
Kelly - The girls wore their Kelly's Hope T-Shirts yesterday to school! They are awesome!!!! The bright green really stands out and everyone notices! Stay strong and keep fighting!

Patty Bruet Friday, 10/21/05, 4:22 AM
Good morning my love .. the forecast is for sunny skies today so that means you're going to start feeling better!! The JV girls are heading to Horseheads today for their semi-final game in STAC and I know that Allie is dedicating it to you .. like she has all the other games this season. They'll win it for you just like you're going to win this battle. Allie wears her Kellys Hope bracelet in every game and she knows that you're always there, cheering them on to victory, just like they're cheering for you. You're so brave Kel .. I don't know anyone who could do what you're doing right now. Stay positive .. I know it's hard sometimes, but you, more than anyone, can do it. Please give your mom an extra long hug for me .. I miss you both, so much .. come home soon my sweetest girlfriend .. I LOVE YOU!!! P.

Brittany Thursday, 10/20/05, 7:29 PM
hey kells...Im just thinkin about you as always. ya usual i want to tell you that im prayin for you and to be strong and tell you how much i love n care about you oh and of course i want to thank you and ur family for the bracelet i love it. but theres so much more i want to say, but like i said before, im just awful with words, especially with things that are important to me. im not good at expressing my feelings. and i look at the other entries from soo many people and they all say the best things and such motivational things, and i just wish i could get my feelings out liek they do. i guess im one of those people that always feel liek they need to help others and in this situation i feel so helpless. youve helped and inspired me more than ull ever know and thank you so much for that but i just feel that i cant return the favor. i just wish there was more i could do, but if there is anything just have hott deb let me know. im gunna try to come see u guys this weekend, me ash n lor dawg are tryin to work somthin out. so hopefully ill see you real soon, if not just remember how much i believe in you n how much all your family and friends care! and keep workin hard i know ur gunna get through this kells!! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!<3 Britt

marcie Thursday, 10/20/05, 7:07 PM
Hi Kelly, My sisterlaw Laura Plahanski told me about you. Talk about strength and courage. You definatley have that. You cant go wrong with strength, courage and all the prayers we are all sending for you. Keep up the good work!! Marcie Harrington

Andrea Curley Thursday, 10/20/05, 5:41 PM
Dear Kelly, hey Kelly its Andrea Curley. I would like to tell you that you are always in my and my familys prayers, that you are on our minds and in our hearts. We are praying for kelly, in that you recover and get better. We are always praying for you and hopeing that you completely recover from this. Please always keep your hopes up. I hope that the new treatment that you are experencing well give us the good news. Please remeber that we are always praying for you. Love Andrea and Curley Family

Ashley Thursday, 10/20/05, 5:18 PM
Hey kells.. I heard you had a rough day.. I hope your feelin better and keepin your head up. Im one of the most positive people you'll ever meet, ask shane cook. No matter how bad were losing in soccer i always keep my head up. One game against oneonta we were down with 7 minutes left in the game and the whole team gave up.. and i was the only one that still beleived in us and with 13 seconds left we scored on a direct kick and went into over time and won the game. I know it seems like im babbling but i have a point. I was the only one that still beelived in us.. and at the very last second we ended up beating them.. and i know it seems like your running out of time and you may feel like giving up.. but never ever give up.. cuz if you still beleive good things can happen, and you can beat this cancer..i know and i beleive that you are gonig to get through this! I beleive in miracles... and i beleive in you! Stay stong my dear and we will all keep praying. Hopefully my mom can make time around her hectic life to bring me down there this weekend!Tell debbie i love her and im hear for her and col if they need anything! and all of you thank you so much for the bracelet.. i love it and i will wear it everyday. I Love you Kelly!!! Your gunna get through this..dont ever stop beleiving

nana Thursday, 10/20/05, 3:45 PM
Dear Kell....I hear you had a very bad day and I am so sorry for you (and Mom),,I pray that you have a restful night and that tomorrow is a better day. I love you very much.....hang in there...stay as strong as you have been....I love you Nana

Ellen Thursday, 10/20/05, 3:43 PM
Hi Kelly, just to let you know, again, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. WE are very proud of you and how strong you've been. You are an inspiration to us all. Love you and your family. Ellen & Ryan Sharpe

Randi Thursday, 10/20/05, 2:52 PM
HI Kelly, you don't know me but i'm in your sisters grade and have heard about your condition and wanted to say i pray for you to get better and come back to school and see all of your friends again.

Mike & Kathy Gumbach Thursday, 10/20/05, 11:10 AM
Kelly, although we haven't spoke that often( usually when we see your mom or dad)we want you to know that were thinking of you. We visit your website often and and keep our children (chris & kelly) informed with your situation.You keep fighting and don't give up. With everyone pulling and praying for you, you can beat this. Tell your mom and dad we said hello. If they need anything let us know. God bless you and your family.

nana Thursday, 10/20/05, 5:46 AM
Good Morning Dear Kell I hear you had a really full day yesterday with all that company....I'm sure it was nice to see some of your Binghamton friends....I hope you had a restful night and have a nice day today....I love you and pray for you every night...I will see you Monday....stay strong .....Nana

Linda Rossini Wednesday, 10/19/05, 6:24 PM
Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that Christopher,Alyssa and I pray for you and your family every night. Read the Psalms in the bible. They will give you the strength that you will need to get through this journey. "Remember that it is only after darkness falls that man can see the stars." God bless.... Linda Rossini

Dave Plahanski Wednesday, 10/19/05, 5:56 PM
Hi Kell...Just want you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you especially during my trips to Buffalo and back. Let your parents know that I'm thinking of them as well. Keep fighting kid!!!!!!!!! Love, Your old neighbor Dave

Amanda George Wednesday, 10/19/05, 5:25 PM
Hi, I know you don't know me because I'm in the 7th Grade. In my CCD class, Alyssa Hawras and I pray for you every week in there. At St. Christopher's Everyone is wearing your Braclets and T-Shirts and so is the Middle School and High School. Everyone thinks your a role model including the teachers. I know you can win this battle. Your always in our thoughts and prayers every day. Remember you are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay Strong!! Amanda

tia Wednesday, 10/19/05, 5:02 PM
hey Kelly, it's tia I hope you are feeling better we are all hoping that you get through this fast becuz you have gone this far you can make it the rest of the way we all know you are strong enough to do that i just wanted to tell you how much everyone loves you and cares fore you and wishes you could be back in school We love you kelly

Kit Kolpakas Wednesday, 10/19/05, 4:46 PM
hey Kelly, it's Kit...we saw a movie together awhile back. I hope that everything works out for you and your family. Stay strong...if you can come this far i know you can come farther. Things will get better. It's always the darkest before dawn. I'm praying for you...and i know you'll get better.

Ryan Cook Wednesday, 10/19/05, 4:35 PM
Kelly your amazing! Stand tall because your going to get through this. I hope to see you soon. Give me a call anytime!! Your in my prayers! Love YOU!!!!

Liz Heller Wednesday, 10/19/05, 12:55 PM
Hey Kelly.. Hope you're feeling better today! Keep the hope and the faith and you'll be able to pull through this I have faith in you and so does everyone else here at CV... I'm gonna miss playing bball against you like we have all those years.. and CCD since we were like 5.. We are all praying for you! ("`v') `v Liz
shiloh Wednesday, 10/19/05, 12:24 PM
hey kell how are you today i hope your feeling better!!! so yepp im super tired and dont feel like going to work so i figured id post u a lil note to see how you were and are and all of that but yeaa its going on 3:30 so i better get going before im late i love you honeysss keep up your hope i love youuu love shiloh

mauretia kelly Wednesday, 10/19/05, 12:05 PM
Hi Kelly, my name is Mauretia Kelly ,we met when you were a tiny baby , and then a few more times when you were very little. It is wonderful to see how you grew up to be such a beautiful young lady. I have been reading your web site daily, as well as keeping you in my prayers.I sure hope you are starting to feel better . Your strength is an inspiration to all of us.Keep up the good work and know there are thousands of people rooting for you . Love, Mauretia

  Wednesday, 10/19/05, 11:31 AM

AC Wednesday, 10/19/05, 10:31 AM
Hi Kel - just trying to keep a message from 'AC' on every page of entries since I noticed I was not on this page (50 entries in less than 3 days!!). No new news on the job hunt - at it every day. Hope you've gotten to listen to the AAR cd I made you a few weeks ago. It's one I've been listening to for a few weeks straight now - don't forget to check out track 5 - it reminds me of how strong you've been - 'right that what is wrong and move along'. Sue's working through another Kelly's Hope shirt order - won't be long until everyone has one! Keep us posted on how things are going - thinking of you all the time....take care of mom...

Rick Spencer Wednesday, 10/19/05, 10:03 AM
Hi Kelly; The Spencer family hope's you and your family know you are constantly in our prayers. I thought of you yesterday when Joe Torre announced he was going to come back next year to manage. How much money did you take from Sean? Do one thing, don't bet him on the Giants. Based on their game against the cowboys it looks like it might be a long year, again. Must be your dad watched the game Sunday, there was a few extra cans in the Faughnans front yard after the game. Again, we love you and you are in our prayers. Rick Spencer

Cheryl Wednesday, 10/19/05, 9:59 AM
Thinking of you and hoping that you are enjoying your friends that are there visiting you today. You have many people that wish they could be there to see you and your Mom. In my thoughts always...Love, Cheryl

Rose Quinn Wednesday, 10/19/05, 8:56 AM
Kelly thinking and praying for you and your devoted and loving family...

Sally Wednesday, 10/19/05, 6:03 AM
Good morning Kelly! Hope today finds you feeling better. I'm happy your friends will be there visiting you....that has to make you happy! Love to your mom and dad and so much to you. All the Hanifin's are thinking of you and praying for you. Stay strong, Kel. You are so amazing!!!

Tina Hendrickson Wednesday, 10/19/05, 5:24 AM
Kelly, I just wanted to say, as I read over the posts to try and keep updated about you, it sounds great that you are eating a bit more and getting some rest. I am sorry that this is the way I had to learn about you, but you really are an amazing person with such an incredible spirit!! You are a sweet and caring person to all of your friends and family it shows in the way they all feel about you. Your parents have to be so proud of the daughter they are raising. They have the gift of knowing now, how strong and wonderful you are, and how many people you have truly touched. I can't for 10 yrs to come and to hear your name and about some new wonderful thing you are doing. That is just the kind of girl you are by the sounds of it. The kind I know will do special things in the future. You take care Kelly! I think of you every day as do so many others. Know that we are all here for you!

susie frank Wednesday, 10/19/05, 5:13 AM
hi kelly thinking of you all the time and so sorry your not having better days you soooo deserve it.they will come, hear your having company today, thats great and its the best medicine there is, so enjoy say hi to mom and dad take care we love you girlfriend and hang in there you can do it xxxooo bill and matt too

Erica Tuesday, 10/18/05, 7:33 PM
Hey Kelly, I don't know if you remember but you went to basketball camp with me a couple of years ago.I go to greene..I'm very sorry to here all what you are going through. I'll pray for you :-( *Erica

nana Tuesday, 10/18/05, 7:26 PM
Hi Kell... I know you had a hard day today.....I pray that the night will give you some comfort and rest....sleep tight...I love you nana

Shiloh Tuesday, 10/18/05, 6:58 PM
Hey keels well im not gunna lie im def jealous that jess gets to go down and see you i miss you a million times to the moon and back! and lemme tell u from what i hear thats pretty far lol but yea so my rooms really messy nd it made me think of your room whenever we all came over before you left and you had so much stuff in ur room from presents but yeppp i miss u and im super tired so im going to bed but i love youuu have fun tomaro with ur friendssss!! love shiloh

Chris, Laura and Aidan Harrington Tuesday, 10/18/05, 6:38 PM
Kelly, oops about last entry- my 2yr.old to blame! My family and I want you to know that we are sending strength through thought and prayer to you and your family. Looked at your pictures-what a beautiful girl you have become! Was thinking the other day of pushing you on the swings in Dave and Cheryls backyard and breaking Tys collarbone. Do you remember that? I bet Tyler does. (HA,HA) We will follow your progress and continue to pray! The Harringtons

Alyssa Hawras Tuesday, 10/18/05, 6:13 PM
Hi Kelly, Just writing you another note. I want to tell you that we pray for you in my CCD class every Thursday, and I pray for you every night. I look up to you, because you have so much courage. You're a wonderful role model for everyone. I know you'll be able to make it through this. And everytime I hear your name, I think of the time you slept over here. It was a blast watching movies upstairs. :)--God Bless You Kelly O'day!! Your in my thoughts and prayers forver<33*Lyssa

Chris, Laura and Aidan Harrington Tuesday, 10/18/05, 6:12 PM
E-mail:  L

Alyssa Tuesday, 10/18/05, 6:08 PM
Hey KELL!! I miss you gurlll!!! BUT tommorow at 5am i get to ride on down to New York City and see your B-E-A-Utiful smile and spend some time with you that i have wanted for for ever!!! I can't wait!! I am sooo soo soo anxious its gunna be hard to sleep! Homecomming wasn't the same without you hun but we deffinitly can make up for it next year.I love you kell, your on my mind every minute and in my prayers on a dialy basis! I know everyone back home misses you soo much!! Its amazing to see how many kelly's hope bracelets are worn! EVERYONE loves you kell! WELL im gunna get to bed which will make the time go past faster till i get to see you babe! G'night babe! I love and miss you!! I can't wait for tommorow!!! XOXO love you bunchess!!

Melissa Stephens Tuesday, 10/18/05, 5:51 PM
Hi Kel - You know I usually talk so much I never have a clue what the score is of any game I attend - Today however was a wonderful day - The JV girls beat CV 1-0 KellyAnn scored. I think of you all the time and pray for you. We miss you and love you! The JV boys beat Tioga Monday - but like I said no idea of the score - alot to a little! Melissa

Lacey Tuesday, 10/18/05, 5:42 PM
Wow kel.. I don't think I have ever cried this much in my life. Thinking about you day and night.. I promise you are in my prayers. The green band of "Kelly's Hope" is around my wrist.. i havn't taken it off since the day i got it. I pray that you will come out of this as healthy as ever. This years hockey season is going to be hard without you. Idk what im going to do at those JC vs Forks games without you. We deff had some great times at those games. *You, Jess, n I.. wow... what the bestest of friends we were*.. deff won't forget them kel and I hope you don't either.. Hang on tight and live strong babygirl.. you will make it through this.. and everyone back here at home is praying for you and keeping you in our daily thoughts.. we love you Kelly Jeanne O'day. <3 always and forever.. Laceyy* keep us updated babygirl!!!

Emily McGowan Tuesday, 10/18/05, 5:30 PM
Hey Kels! I was just reading up on the "latest news" and I see that things arent going to well for you, and that you like to read all these entries so I decided that I would leave you a little note reminding you how much everyone misses you, and believes in you. I know that I, along with many other people in the community, pray for you everyday and we know that you are going to get through this! You amaze me with the amount of courage and stregnth that you have..and I truley believe that god wouldnt have given you this task if he didnt think that you were capable of overcoming it. Good Luck with everything and I will continue to pray for you. COME HOME SOON! <3 and stay strong kel.. i know you can do this (: *eMiLy

alyssa niman Tuesday, 10/18/05, 4:57 PM
Kelly- Stay strong! You can beat this thing! I'm praying for you!!!
E-mail:  alyssa niman @ netscsape. net

Annie Tuesday, 10/18/05, 4:40 PM
Kelly, Your in our thoughts and prayers all the time. Love, Fred, Annie, Jackie, Bobby along with Froggy Freddy from Kentucky

The Gillette's Tuesday, 10/18/05, 4:31 PM
My family and I are always thinking and praying for you, even though you dont know us. We wish you the best of luck and hope you get better real soon so we can get a chance to meet :). Stay strong! -The Gillette family

Jackie V Tuesday, 10/18/05, 3:51 PM
hey kel<3 wow.. on friday, we had a pep rally and alex and meg read your letter to was amazing how even the immiture people shutup and prayed for you, lol!=) everyone couldnt stop saying how you are such a strong person. We all back you 110% All the cheerleaders wear our kelly's hope ribbons on our uniforms<3 Hope everything is going well for you lately..stay strong <3Jackie

Megan Tuesday, 10/18/05, 3:41 PM
heyy hun! just want you to know im thinking and praying for you all the time. i love youuu! stay strong<3

Abbey Felter Tuesday, 10/18/05, 3:28 PM
kelly! I can only remember when we were younger and you alwaysy followed colleen and i around always wanting to hang out. It was almost as if you looked up to us. Now, i have to say i look up to you. You are going through so much more then i could ever handle. You make me want to be a stronger person in everyway! Hang in there, you'll get through everything because you're kelly! We all love and miss you!

Joe Aston Tuesday, 10/18/05, 1:15 PM
just know that my prays are with you kelly and with your family. and imsure you know alot of people beat cancer and i pray you will be one of them good luck kelly JOE

Nancy Wolf Tuesday, 10/18/05, 9:16 AM
Hi Kelly, Just wanted you to let know that I'm thinking of you every day, praying for you, and I love you. Please send my love to your mom. Hugs, xoxo Nancy

Chris Tuesday, 10/18/05, 7:49 AM
Kelly - I have been following your progress and pray for you daily.W/out even knowing you I must say that you are the strongest person - w/ all you have been thru you keep on fighting. I am AMAZED by the love and support our little community has for you - you have touched many lives in such a special way and deserve all the love and prayers pouring your way.Keep up the fight and all of us will continue to keep you in our prayers.

Patty Bruet Tuesday, 10/18/05, 7:49 AM
Hi honey .. I can't begin to tell you how much Allie LOVES the gym bag you made for her!! It is so beautiful and she will carry it with her to all the basketball games because we know it will bring her great luck. You are so thoughtful .. with everything you're going through, you still make sure everyone is being cared for while you're away. You are forever on our minds and in our hearts and we can't wait to see you .. hang in there, my darling, and know that our love is with you always .. Pattay

JESSSSICA Monday, 10/17/05, 7:31 PM
hi baby!! im comming to see u wed with alyssa and kaityy! i cant wait to see my beautiful girl!! haha yeaaaaa u remembre the fair with andy and chris kelly!! hahaha sooo much fun! the " worlds smallest horse " best $20 EVER!! hahaha oh and chris LOVED all the rides we made him go on! haha us tellling him about the dirty dozen...they both are offical dirty dozener's hahaha love you babe!! STAY STRONG!! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU : )

kara Monday, 10/17/05, 6:54 PM
hey Kelly, i was just thinknig about you and i wanted to drop you a little note. Whenever your name comes up i always seem to think of this one specific event between you and me. I know it was forever ago and i wont be suprised if you dont remember ( i have a tendency to remember really old events but then cant remember what i did the day before) ne ways i thought it was about time i relayed my memory. It had to have been at least three years ago when all us girls would do was come to your house and have a sleepover and always watch a scary movie, but i remember one night that it was like me you coll katie riss and cait, i think that was everyone and we were of course deciding upon which scary movie to watch ( all of which i hated) and they all decided to watch jeepers creepers! there was not a chance that i was going to be watching it and i knew it was going to be another night of hanging out on the computer until the movies was over ( im a whimp what can i say) n e ways you came right down there and you were right next to me for the 2 hours of the movie you sat with me downstairs and talked on the computer (iming of course) and looknig at infos and jsut hanging out until the movie was over....then do you remember our brillant plan where we decided that we wanted to scare the girls and we crept so quitely upstairs and we scared the crap out of all of them!! i dont know why but that jsut sticks in my head and all i can do it think about it when i think of you. thanks kels for caring about me so much and making sure i didnt ahve to hang out alone. Were all here back in bing but the one thing in common on all of our minds is you kels and that you are in ours prayers and that we have hope for you! thanks kel for that memory it means alot! keep your hope up and hang in there we all love you so much!!!! miss aqnd love you kelly!!!!

cindy gitchell Monday, 10/17/05, 6:44 PM
hey kelly, Just droppin you a note to let you know i'm thinking about you. I was looking at kelseys 13th birthday pictures, remember her party at the cottage and there you were in the lake swimming and then you were in the row boats having a big old splash fight with the boys. That was such a funny thing to watch. Especially for all the kids who really weren't lake swimmers remember that? the pictures of you are great, always with that big smile. not a day goes by that we don't pray for you and think of you. Prayers are powerful. we love ya kelly. god bless you , Mrs. Gitchell

Tyler Monday, 10/17/05, 6:10 PM
Hey Kel, Just checkin in to see how you were doing...Hope everything gets better very soon... Everyone misses you in school...Would love to hear from you sometime... Give Me a call whenever you want... Love You, Ty

Shiloh Monday, 10/17/05, 5:57 PM
Hey keels if you havent noticed ive been trying to write you everyday even tho you cant talk to me all that often i feel better just being able to know that u saw me say hello for the day and that i love you and miss you so much i wish you felt better i know this has to be rough for you and your family cuz i know its tough for your friends back home... and since u havent been online i figured i would show you what is in my profile for you my kelly oday >>>When every moment gets too hard End of the road can feel so far No matter how much time we're apart I'm always near you All alone and you feel afraid Ill Be there when you call my name You can always depend on me I believe until forever ends I will always be your friend *please dont ever forget this im always here for you i love you VERY much honey and i miss you VERY much i hope to see you soon .... Meg F and i talked about you at Homecoming and some other people lol youll have to talk toher aboutt that im sure ull love it :=P love you babydoll love shiloh

Ashley Monday, 10/17/05, 5:35 PM
Hey kells... I'm thinking about you all the time! At the pep-rally when they began to read your letter i had to run across the gym floor to sit with calr cuz she was all by herself...I tried to hold back my tears and be strong for carl but i feel so bad for all that your going through! You dont deserve it at all.. when you made a direct statement to me i couldnt help but break out in tears...I just wish there was more i could do for you! My birhtday is tomarrow and my only wish is that you get better and they find a cure for you.. thats all i ask for! Theres nothing in the world i want more than that... so try extra hard for me tomarrow to get through this ok! Cuz I, as well as this whole community misses you and wants you home! I'm deffinately coming down to see you asap! If there is anything i can do for you AT all jsut let me know! there is nothnig i wouldnt do! I love you kells, no less than if you were my own sister! and coll too! <3 Ashely PS... even tho the green didnt match my purple dress i stil wore that bracelet around my ankle! I'm ALWAYS supporting and thinking of you! iLy

sue gahwyler Monday, 10/17/05, 5:19 PM
kelly - we just read your update and have been keeping up with your progress through your aunt barb & uncle john. we think of you often and want you to know that you are in our prayers. what might not be working now just might lead you in the right direction to something that does and we are praying that this new treatment will do the trick. keep your head up and know you have the most wonderful support system and everyone is pulling for you. all our love - sue & john

Margeeee (Maggie) Monday, 10/17/05, 4:47 PM
Kel! Well just thought I'd drop by and say Hi! I also thought I'd let ya know that Megan, Molly, and I have been keeping you in our prayers. Everyone from JCizzle says hey and keep your head up cause you're going to get through this, all you need is a little hope. :] Talk to ya soon.

Norma Tallon Monday, 10/17/05, 2:29 PM
Hello Kelly, I am in Peru with my son Mike. He has dubbed this the country of funny hats. Many of the native women wear absolutely fantastic hats on their heads. Some beautiful and some , well, silly. He looks pretty silly himself when he pulls on a woolen cap. We spent 4 days in the jungle. It was very very HOT and humid. A shower was just a way of washing off bug spray. You stay wet even after using a towel. Hang in there girl. We are all rooting from you. Even in the southern hemisphere. Love Norma

Elsie Bosso Killoran Monday, 10/17/05, 1:41 PM
Hello, from old friends and neighbors of Jeanette and Marty Besen from Carle Place, New York. My mother, Elizabeth Bosso, sends her best wishes and prayers for Kelly. We're rooting for you!

diane & Jim Gennarelli Monday, 10/17/05, 12:22 PM
Hi Kelly, Just a little Hello and a hope and prayer that u r feeling better today--I hear u hit a bump in the road-that happens--like I told u before-stay the course, stay as strong as u have been doing, try to eat a little bit more and u will get thru. your cuz in PA Say hi to your Nana for me

alex kermidas Monday, 10/17/05, 12:16 PM
Hey kelly i know we havent talked in a while but i have been thinkin about you a ton. I just wanted to write you a little note saying stay strong and I am praying for you. Things will get better!

nana Monday, 10/17/05, 12:14 PM
Hi Kell.... It was wonderful to hear your voice last sounded good and I really appreciated the call....even though you didn't sing Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!! I will be in to see you on Monday and staying till Wed or Thurs with you. Is there anything special you want? I, as well as everyone else, am awed at the number of people praying for you and clicking into your site....It is astonishing!!! Be strong and always hope....I pray for you all the you lots Nana

SELMA VINCI Monday, 10/17/05, 12:01 PM
Hi Kel, So happy to hear that Rob, Rich and their friends were able to visit with you. I hope they didn't tire you too much. I am planning to come down to the City for the Marathon that Rob, Rich & Terrence are going to run in. I hope you will be home, but if you are still in the City, I definately will be by to see you if it is OK. I am still planning to make you some pasta/meatballs and marble cake when you get back to Binghamton (and you will!!!!) Say Hi to Mom for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. God Bless You. Love, Mima

Mr. LoPiccolo Monday, 10/17/05, 10:07 AM
Hello Kelly, I cannot tell you how often I either think about you or talk about you. You may already know that I live on Treadwell just a few houses away from Megan. I also work in the third grade with Mrs. Jones. You are never out of my thoughts or prayers. You should also know that I can't keep track of how many people ask Mrs. Jones how you are doing. I hear them in the halls and outside during bus duty. I am a HUGE Yankee fan too. I am a season ticket holder and I promise that you can have any ticket you want (I have 4 seats together) for any weekday game next year. I will have a Red Sox game guaranteed as aprt of my package, so if you want that one all you have to do is ask. I'll know more specifics in the spring. Stay strong and know that for every email that is posted there are dozens of people asking how you are. My wife Michelle and our four boys send their best. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Mr. LoPiccolo

Chenango Bridge United Methodist Church Monday, 10/17/05, 6:38 AM
Hi Kelly. I wanted to let you know that our church family has been praying for you for several months now. Your name is mentioned in every service to be put on our prayer list. We have made two "prayer shawl" for you and your mom Debbie. We're going to get them to you this week. The shawls have been knitted and prayed over by many. As you wrap it around you, it will remind you that God is with you every minute, every hour, every day. It will be like God's arms wrapped around you showing you how much He loves you and you will be blessed. God Bless You!

Tess and Kady Falkenberg Monday, 10/17/05, 5:52 AM
Kelly - we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers daily.....tell you mom I (Tess) said hello and that I think of her and your dad and sisters all the time - be strong, there are so many people that love and care about you. Kady, her sister Erika, and I had a great time at the Team Trivia (although we honestly didn't do very well!) Keep smiling...Tess and Kady Falkenberg

Theresa Monday, 10/17/05, 4:57 AM
Hi Kelly, Heard from Aunt Barbara and Nana last nite that you are eating and perhaps feeling a bit better...hope you are enjoying the apple cinnamon yogurts, I am gonna have to try one too! When I came to visit you on Thursday nite, you slept most of the time, but I am glad you were able to get some rest! I will be in Aruba on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but will come to visit you when I get back. Let me know if there is anything you want me to bring you back! Maybe your Mom, Dad or Nana will stay at my apartment as it is completely available to them. Kelly, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! We are all praying very hard for your recovery, even if it will take a bit longer than we thought. see ya soon, love, Theresa

Stephanie Clark Sunday, 10/16/05, 9:37 PM
Hi Kelly! I used to work with your cousin Mike in Gainesville and I havent posted in a while, so I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and I hope that you are feeling okay today! I read the update from the 13th, try to keep your head up! You can beat this, and I hope it gets easier and that you feel better!! You have so many good things ahead of you so just try to keep faith in that you will get better! Ill write back again soon! Stephanie

Colleen Jones Sunday, 10/16/05, 6:15 PM
Kelly our precious beautiful girl, I have visited this site every day and never posted because I felt it was more for your family and friends, but I feel that I have to let you know how much you have effected my life. You don't know me but you do know my son from CV (CM) and you have crept into my heart and soul. I think of you every day and plead with our Father every night to Heal you and get you back to living the life you were meant to be living. I know that prayers are answered and miracles happen every day, and I am positive that yours is just around the corner. So sweet pumpkin stay strong and know that you will conquer this because there are sooo many people in your corner, and He will know that you belong here with your wonderful family and friends that need you so very much in their lives and make the treatments work. From a fellow Irishman to you I know that you will make it and give life one wild ride!!!!Colleen Jones