michelle Sunday, 10/16/05, 5:29 PM
Hello, Kelly. So sorry your news wasn't better, but no one is giving up on you! Keep your faith and remember how many of us are praying for you. the Baron family
E-mail:  mbaron116@hotmail.com

Christy Dunlop Sunday, 10/16/05, 4:59 PM
Hey Kelly. I wanted to tell you that everyone at school is thinking about you, and we can't wait until you're back. You're such an awesome girl, and you're so funny. Even though I wasn't a very good tutor during 8th grade spanish, it doesn't mean we didn't have a good time fooling around and giving you hints on the answers to your quizzes. Haha, see you soon, and stay strong! -Christy

Megan Sunday, 10/16/05, 3:33 PM
Hey Kel how are ya hun. I haven't talked to you in a long time but i have been talking to your mom a little bit. I told your mom Friday, when Meg and Alex were reading your note it took everything i had in me to keep my tears back but towards the end i just burst. Woody and I were both crying and ive only seen Woody cry twice. Your words touched us all Kelly and you inspire more people than you could ever know. =I will always take care of Colcakes and Reilly for you and if you ever need anything i'll be there in a heartbeat. Your family means a lot to me and i love you guys very much. Stay strong and come home soon, we miss you!!!! <3Megan

Andy Hedlund Sunday, 10/16/05, 2:54 PM
Hey Kelly, its Andy again. We just got done with a game, its was 10-2 and we won. I still have your bracelet and it reminds me of you and how strong you are all the time. It made me laugh to think about the "worlds smallest horse" that we saw. It was the best $20 we ever spent. Anyway I don't think Chris will ever go on a ride again after what you made him go on, but thats ok. We're thinking of you! Andy
E-mail:  coaches@hedlundhockey.com

The Adams Family Sunday, 10/16/05, 2:23 PM
Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that we continue to pray for better news for you and your family. You're in our thoughts and prayers daily. The Adams'

Katie Mae <3 Sunday, 10/16/05, 8:15 AM
Heyy hunny! I miss you so incredibly much! Things here just arent the same without you here making us all laugh =] The letter you wrote and that was read during our pep-rally was very heartfelt and brought a tear to many peoples eyes. I hope you can stay strong and keep your faith in yourself and god, as we are doing for you, and as everyone else is doing for you. We love you so much Kelly Jeanne! Please remember that! Love always, Kate Smithh<3

Tina Hendrickson Sunday, 10/16/05, 6:19 AM
Hi Kelly, I am so sorry to hear things have not been getting better any quicker, but they do say, it get's worse before it gets better. Hopefully that was the worst of it and from now on out, every report will just get better for you and your family. I really hope that every single day you start feeling better and better until you are all back to your healthy self again! I can't wait to one day meet you in another year or two, maybe at a function for the police department and say, oh yes, I know exactly who you are!! I look forward to that. Keep fighting this terrible thing and get some rest when you can, it will all be worth it when it's gone.Take care Kelly and tell your parents to take care of themselves also. Tina
E-mail:  TinaMH824@aol.com

Kenzie Saturday, 10/15/05, 9:44 PM
Hey Keel Keel, Well Kelly you're are the bravest and strongest person I know. I love you to pieces and hope you never give up. This whole thing has made a huge impact on my life and many others. I am always here for you and you can count on our family and the Morgans for a good laugh (thinking back to Myrtle 2002! :D) I pray for you everynight and have a special "worry doll" from the spanish teacher, just for you (ill tell you later.) You truley are my hero and i idolize you for have the courage to go through this and never giving up. i love you Kelly Jeanne. i miss you like crazy and i can't wait to see you either here at home or in NYC. xoxo, Kenzie Marie
E-mail:  kenziemarie19@hotmail.com

p lawton Saturday, 10/15/05, 9:33 PM
hi kelly, I just wanted to let you know that i think of you often and keep praying for you! mrs. lawton
E-mail:  Plawton@stny.rr.com

plawton Saturday, 10/15/05, 9:31 PM

p lawton Saturday, 10/15/05, 9:30 PM
E-mail:  Plawton@stny.rr.com

Shaughna Saturday, 10/15/05, 8:42 PM
Hey Kelly! It's me again! Just quickly wanted to let you know that I wear my "Kelly's Hope" bracelet 24/7... I don't know what I would do without it... and what made me think to tell you this, was, well we had a game today and the referee was checking our equipment and stuff and he got to me and he stopped... and he was like "you need to take that bracelet off" and i was like... i know but the game hasn't started yet! so i squeeze every last second into wearing that bracelet that I can! Stay strong Kel... and your courage never ceases to amaze me every day!!! I Love You<3.Shaughna

Shaughna Saturday, 10/15/05, 8:27 PM
Hey Kelly!!!! and Mr. and Mrs. O'Day! First.... let me just say Kel how much I miss you! But I think about you every day... all the time. I love you so much Med-Ay!!! You are sooooo amazingly strong and I know that no matter what you are never going to give up! (haha because I definitely remember our team getting beat wicked bad this year in basketball... but we never gave up then and we had a blast ;-)... haha um especially that first tournament we had? haha maybe we won't talk about that one :P ) but anywaysss! getting to the point, I know that all of these prayers coming from everyone-everywhere will come through! sometimes these things just take a little longer than we would like, but I know they will work! Like you said, we just need to pray LOUDER! My Mom and Dad both say "HI KELLY!" and that they miss seeing you, and to tell your parents hello! Okay well I should get going, it's getting a little late and I need to get up early for church in the morning... I'll be checking back in and writing soon! Know that your always in my (our) prayers andddd I LOVE YOU! Love always, Tall-Ay

Colleen Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:42 PM
Hello all O'Day Family, Just a quick note to let all of you know you are thought of and prayed for daily. What a battle you are fighting and doing it with such courage. I am confident that soon you will have some good news and feel better. A break that is well deserved. I check your website so often and just can't wait to see that things are going better. Laura (my daughter) and I are proudly sporting our kellyshope bracelet here in Texas! Hoping you have a sunny Sunday. The Mattesons
E-mail:  mattesonrc@aol.com

Linda Woodruff Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:40 PM
Dear Kelly and family, I have been thinking about all of you and wishing the best for you. You have all been through some trying times and you have to keep the faith that God sends you. We'll continue to pray for you and hope that you progress with your treatment. Thinking of you, with all our love -- the Woodruff family.
E-mail:  wwwChickster9@hotmail.com

Colleen Hanifin Matteson Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:35 PM
E-mail:  mattesonrc@aol.com

Kathy Diute Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:30 PM
Hi Kelly and Mom & Dad & family, I'm Joani DeFlippo's cousin who wrote once before telling of my Cancer fight. I had both Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Oh, yes....how much fun. Not only one Cancer, but I had to get two different kinds !!!! DON'T TRY IT !!!! HA..HA..HA.. The fight can be hard, but I beg you not to give up. I can well remember times when things looked bleak, that I told a dear friend, " I'm going to give up, I can't take this any longer." That's when they kicked my butt, and I'm thrilled they did. Because now ..." 16 " years later, I've got plenty to be thankful for. You too are going to look back on these days, and say...." yes, it was hard for me and my family....but we made it !!!!! " Please pray to St. Peregrine the patron Saint of Cancer, and St. Theresa of the Little Flower. They will bless and watch over you. I'm praying for you each day. Much love from one Survivor to Another...and that Another... is YOU...KELLY !!!!!!!!! Kathy Diute
E-mail:  manateelover@pa.net

Cindy Cleveland Saturday, 10/15/05, 6:18 PM
Kelly: Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you. I will keep you in my prayers. Cindy
E-mail:  ccleveland@visionsfcu.org

Ellen Saturday, 10/15/05, 5:58 PM
Hi Kelly, I hope today was a better day for you. I gave your web page address to friends of Ryans from U-E. They had already heard about you, and are praying as well. They (of course girls) said they'd send you messages. Be strong babygirl, I know deep in my heart and hearts of many people, you will get through this.... Love you, forever and always. Ellen
E-mail:  esharpe@stny.rr.com

Rahn Lawton Saturday, 10/15/05, 5:54 PM
Hi Kelly, We miss your presence in the choir. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope this message finds you feeling well. Mr. Lawton
E-mail:  rlawton@stny.rr.com

Staiger family Saturday, 10/15/05, 8:19 AM
Hi Kelly, We are always praying for you. We hope today is a better day than yesterday. Take care Kelly and please say hello to your parents. Love, The Staiger family

nana Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:39 AM
Good Morning Kell.... Mom told me of the hard day you had yesterday..I have to admire you for your strength and courage...You are going through so much and you keep on fighting....that's what you have to do...keep fighting and never give up hope....We are all behind you and love you very much. I hope to see you this week.........XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Corrie and Michelle Brundage Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:35 AM
Hi Kelly, How are you? Corrie, Steve and I are going to give your father a book called: Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About By Kevin Truedeau. It's a book that believes there are "natural" cures out there instead of using "drugs" to get you well. Go to these websites: www.naturalcures.com and www.thewhistleblower.com I believe there is a fee to join the websites but we truly believe it WILL help you. Steve Brundage works with your dad so we will make sure you get this book soon. Take care and get well. You're thought about everyday. Love, Steve, Michelle and Corrie Brundage

Mandy Saturday, 10/15/05, 7:02 AM
Hey Kel Idk where to start but I love and miss you, as does everyone else in the whole school. That letter you wrote to us was really nice. Everyone was so quiet and the mood changed totally when Al and Megs read it-that's how I can tell everyone in the whole school misses you. I wish you could somehow go to the homecoming game and dance, because I know you love stuff like that. I'm not going to the dance anyways, but I know everyone there will have you in their minds. I want to say thanks, also, for being so optomistic about this whole thing and always looking at the bright side because that's really important. It also gave me the strength to be optomistic, too. Haha remember on New Years Eve like 2 or 3 years ago we went and bought all that stuff and all that junk food and I took like a thousand pictures of you? I was looking through my pictures last night and you were everywhere haha And then there were all those ones of you and I like before a school dance dressed and ready and being 2 of Charlie's Angels holding pretend guns haha there was liek 3 of those. So it made me, and my mom, and my dad, and my boyfriend think of you double time last night. They all send their love and are hoping and praying all the time just like everyone else. So I guess just stay strong for us all, and for yourself and family. Miss you tons<3
E-mail:  mandybaby8@hotmail.com

Shiloh Saturday, 10/15/05, 6:35 AM
Heyyy keels i just realized that i can text you seeing as how i have a cell phone now *finally right :-P haha well my mom and i were just talking about you and i miss you alot i wish i could see you and my mom made me realize that even tho you cant be with us physically tonite ur still gunna be there im wearing my Kellys hope bracelet tonite ANNDD my dress is green .. i didnt even plan that or think of that! but what a coincidence! stay strong dont ever give up your hope i know i wont! I PROMISE! have a good time hanging out wtih jess tuesday wish i could be there! haha i accidentally click on a ryan cabrera song and was listening to it and thought of YOU! hehe woww that was so much fun hah "get to the back of the LINE!" hah i hope your feeling better today and i will try and call ....last time when i called a guy answered the phone .? i was confused but i will try again !!! i love you sugar! more than anythiing! love always shiloh

Austen Ferranti Friday, 10/14/05, 7:53 PM
Heyy Kelly, At the pep rally today Megan and Alex read your letter to us...it was so good to hear from you!! We all wish you could have been there with us today and pray and think of you often. I also attended the CV vs. Forks game...the balloons were fun to watch and again we wished you could have been with us. Good Luck with all your upcoming treatments and remember to be strong! :) ~Austen

Danielle Rich Friday, 10/14/05, 7:52 PM
Hey Kells, Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and your return home so I can come see you:) I miss You and the team it just isn't the same not seeing your smiling face!! In our prayers always, D. Rich:)p.s. Tell your mom and dad we miss them and pray for them also...

Danielle Friday, 10/14/05, 7:34 PM
hey kelly, i know we dont know eachother and stuff, but i pray for you all the time. I was at the Kelly Day football game and when they read the letter thingy about you, it gave me the shivers. you shouldve seen the balloons it looked sooo amazingly awesome. and then today at the pep rally..your letter made sooo many people cry everyone wants you to get better. good luck we all care about you and are praying for you. love always, Danni

Joe and Amy Payne Friday, 10/14/05, 6:05 PM
Kelly, This is Joe Payne and I live in Tennessee. My wife is a cousin to your dad. My brother was a Federal Agent with the U.S. State Department and he succumbed to cancer in 2000. It is a tragedy that affects almost every family and I am so hopful that your battle will show everyone that with the prayers and hope of so many people that this disease can be whipped. I see your into football. I was a university prospect during my senior year here in our little town in Tennessee but let's just say I got lazy and missed my chance to play college ball. Don't you go getting lazy and forget to fight this thing. That is the most important thing. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Joe and Amy in Tennessee.
E-mail:  joe@joepayne.org

Andy Hedlund Friday, 10/14/05, 5:54 PM
Hey Kelly, Its Andy Hedlund emailing you from Germany. I just thought I'd tell you that I've been checking in on the website to see how you are. You are always in the prayers and thoughts of my wife and I. I am reading Lance Armstrong's book about his life. I came across a quote and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it as much as I did when I read it, he said "To continue to believe in yourself, believing in the doctors, believing in the treatment, believing in whatever I chose to believe in, that was the most important thing, I decided. It had to be." I believe in you and so does everyone else!
E-mail:  coaches@hedlundhockey.com

The Heller family Friday, 10/14/05, 5:35 PM
Dear Kelly, Our family continues to pray for you and your family everyday! Stay strong and feel better soon. Tim, Carol Ann, Kelsey, Kerry and Bryan Heller. P.S. We were at the same Yankee/Boston game you were at back in September and we saw your name on the score board and we cheered for you!
E-mail:  caheller@stny.rr.com

mark Friday, 10/14/05, 5:19 PM
hey from Japan! My sister Ellen tells me of your condition regularly. I hope you will continue to fight the good fight and get well soon. My thoughts are with you and your family.
E-mail:  Kobeguy@excite.com

Jackie Friday, 10/14/05, 5:08 PM
Hello--You're in our thoughts and prayers. May you find peace in your days and strength to carry you through.
E-mail:  jax3663@aol.com

Ryan Sharpe Friday, 10/14/05, 4:40 PM
Hi Kelly, my mom comes home every day talking about you and what is happening in NYC. I pray along with her all the time that you will be strong and get through this. I wear my Kelly's Hope t-shirt all the time to M-E. People are always asking about Kelly and I tell them PROUDLY and ask them for their prayers for you and your family. Like I said before, I can't wait to meet you. Keep the faith Kelly, Love and prayers, Ryan Sharpe
E-mail:  rsharpe@stny.rr.com

Dakotah Friday, 10/14/05, 4:31 PM
Hey kelly, i just wanted to write you and tell you how much i miss you and love you...everyone here misses you like crazy. not a day goes by that i dont think about you and every night before i go to bed i pray for you because i know that you will overcome this and help others... i miss you so much and cant wait until i am able to see you everyday..you mean so much to all of us and we love you!!! i'll will ttyl LOVE ALWAYS <3<3<3
E-mail:  jelake@usadatanet.net

Dakotah Friday, 10/14/05, 4:26 PM
E-mail:  j

alex k Friday, 10/14/05, 3:51 PM
good luck, we're all praying for you.
E-mail:  devilschick13@hotmail.com

alex k Friday, 10/14/05, 3:48 PM
i kno you dont know who i am because im in 7th grade, but we go to the same school. i just wanted to wish you luck in your fight against cancer. Good Luck! ~alex
E-mail:  devilschick13@hotmail.com

Natalie Friday, 10/14/05, 3:41 PM
Hey Kelly, Just want you to know that your in my thoughts everyday and I never take off my Kelly's Hope bracelet. Today at the Pep-rally when Meg read your note, it brought tears to many peoples eyes. Stay strong, your gunna get through this. Love ya, Natalie

Pasquale Family Friday, 10/14/05, 12:48 PM
Kelly...We just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Always keep the faith and believe in yourself because there is a whole community and then some who are doing the same. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and pray that you will soon recieve the good news that you have won, the news that you most deserve.
E-mail:  cpasqual@stny.rr.com

Nancy Chier Friday, 10/14/05, 12:35 PM
Hi Kelly, Hang in there Honey. Remember that you have a ton of people praying for you and I know from experience that prayer is a very powerful thing. Think happy and positive thoughts and keep your chin up.
E-mail:  nchier@binghamton.edu

nana Friday, 10/14/05, 12:26 PM
OOPS....over 20 thousand!!!!!!!!!

Nana Friday, 10/14/05, 12:25 PM
Dear Kell... I hope you had some rest last nite....Theresa said you look as beautiful as ever.....got your favorite yogurt I hear....I never heard of that kind..... keep up your hope ...there are almost 20 thousand people behind you praying!!!!!!!!!I love you....

Alison C. Friday, 10/14/05, 12:21 PM
Hi Kelly. I saw the latest update...well, I just wanted you to know that everyone knows that your cancer is getting worse but your hope/confidence for you and everyone is getting stronger every minute,or second. I am still praying for you. My friends grandmother just died from cancer yesterday, but that doesnt mean that you don't have hope. She was old and god just said it was her time and he didnt want her to suffer any longer (hers was really bad). But I really hope you know that god said your too young to die. You still have a long, great life coming in the future. The cure is getting closer every treatment/dose you take! So keep being very strong like you are right now! Keep your chin up! Still praying, Alison P.S. If you have AIM IM me sometime at FireflyBXB4!:-)
E-mail:  Hard_to_say_the_used_ali@hotmail.com

Alison C. Friday, 10/14/05, 12:16 PM
Hi Kelly. I saw the latest update...well, I just wanted you to know that everyone knows that your cancer is getting worse but your hope/confidence for you and everyone is getting stronger every minute,or second.
E-mail:  Hard_to_say_the_used_ali@hotmail.com

Bill Francis Friday, 10/14/05, 10:28 AM
Hi Kelly, we are all praying for you. Continue to be strong and hang in there. I can't imagine how hard this is, but you show how strong you are by going through this. You have an amazing bunch of friends pulling for you. Hang in there.
E-mail:  williamf9@earthlink.net

Aunt Pat Friday, 10/14/05, 10:18 AM
Hi Kelly, it looks like the news is a little grim now but as long as you have hope and strength to do what it takes, then all of us out there are still praying for that miracle, they do exist. Love, Aunt Pat, Indiana, a
E-mail:  liz3638@comcast.net

aleith Friday, 10/14/05, 8:40 AM
Good Morning Kelly; I am so, so sad about the news. We have to keep the faith that a miracle will happen and that this new combination of chemo and radiation will work. I believe!!!Stay strong sweetheart. Hello to your mom. We Love You. Aleith

The Gill Family Friday, 10/14/05, 8:13 AM
Hi Kelly. Just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We know you're going to get better, it's just a very rough road getting there. In the mean time, we hope you find something to smile about each day and that the doctors use every ounce of their wisdom (combined with our prayers) to make you better!!! Stay Strong!!
E-mail:  CGILL1@stny.rr.com

Aubrey Seal Friday, 10/14/05, 7:33 AM
Hi Kel, My mom talked to your dad on thursday and he told us the news. I'm sorry things aren't as good as we hoped but I know that you will pull through and be strong. All of us here in PA are praying for you and know you will make it. We love and miss you lots! Aubs
E-mail:  aubby26@zoominternet.net
  Friday, 10/14/05, 6:45 AM
This morning when God opened a window to Heaven, He saw me and He asked: "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?" I responded: "Please take care of the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much. The love of God is like the ocean -- you can see its beginning but not its end. " ANGELS EXIST but sometimes, since they don't all have wings, we call them FRIENDS.

Sally Friday, 10/14/05, 6:39 AM
Good morning sweet Kelly.....hope you are feeling a little better today. You are always in our hearts and prayers! Give our love to your mom and dad and know that all the Hanifin's are thinking of you, praying for you and sending their love. You are one amazing young lady....just look at all the lives you have touched! Stay strong Kel.....

Marie Friday, 10/14/05, 6:06 AM
Hey Kel, I was very sorry to hear the results of your scan. I pray that you can keep your spirits up until they can find the right combination of treatment for you. Know that we are all thinking of you and praying for you here at health services!!!! Hugs and kissed, Marie

Tania Albert Friday, 10/14/05, 6:02 AM
Hi Kelly, I am your neighbor at 21 Green Meadow. I know our families do not know each other very well and may have had our differences in the past over stupid things, but we are praying for you every day. Our son Gabriel includes you in his prayers every night before bed. I just wanted you and your family to know how much you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Not a day goes by that we do not think of you or pray for you. Be strong and as difficult as it can be, please have faith.
E-mail:  kayak43@stny.rr.com

Cathy, Morgan & Sammi J Friday, 10/14/05, 5:52 AM
Stay strong, Kelly! Everyone is thinking about you, praying for you, and sending all the good vibes possible! Sammi and I visited your dad about a week ago! I know the scans weren't what you wanted, but that just means you have to fight harder!!! You can do it!!!
E-mail:  catti1011@aol.com

Alisa Friday, 10/14/05, 5:38 AM
Kelly...we love you so much and are praying for you. I know that you have a bright and wonderful future ahead of you and look forward to being a part of it! Love, Alisa, Scott, Emily and Sophia
E-mail:  alisaleach@yahoo.com

susie frank Friday, 10/14/05, 5:13 AM
hi kelly always thinking of you and all you are going thru, stay strong honey you will beat this, keep the faith even when it's so hard too, you are a amazing girl and everyone is with you and praying for you to get better hang in there girlfriend we all love you with all our hearts, have a better day , hi to mom and dad, coll, katie xxxooo

Ray Friday, 10/14/05, 5:11 AM
Kelly, I have never met you, but from reading the comments on this web site, I can tell you are an EXTREMELY strong person. Keep smiling, you have a beautiful one. Everyone @ CF is with you!
E-mail:  ray.austin@baesystems.com

joani Friday, 10/14/05, 4:00 AM
Thinking of you Kelly. I continue to tell people of your story and how amazing you are. They are also praying for you. Joani
E-mail:  jdefilippo@stny.rr.com

Jack Carpenter Friday, 10/14/05, 3:21 AM
Keep up the good fight Kelly, my daily prayers are with you. Love and God's Blessings.
E-mail:  jcarpenter10@stny.rr.com

Colleen Friday, 10/14/05, 1:41 AM
Hey kelly! I miss you guys soo much and i'm sorry i am not there with you. I just sent you a long text message so i hope you got it! but i will say the same things here..I LOVE YOU and your an inspiration to me and to everyone. you WILL get through this because your so strong. Everyone loves you kelly and i PROMISE i will come to NYC to visit you soon. I miss you guys :-( i still have reilly to keep me company though! i just wanted to let you know that i LOVE YOU keelington!!!!! lol you're favorite nickname ;-) miss you so much! "A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart"<3
E-mail:  lilsweetie60@hotmail.com

Betty Anne Murphy Thursday, 10/13/05, 8:50 PM
Hi Kelly I send this note to you with love, prayers and continued good wishes for your strength to overcome this disease. I hear from Theresa that though the treatments leave you tired, you are continuing to fight your way thru. Obviously, you are a very strong person, Kelly, know that you have the love, hope and prayers of so many people - many of us that you don't really even know. Do your best to keep your faith. I am always thinking of you and wishing you only happy and healthy days ahead. Love, Betty Anne
E-mail:  bamurs@aol.com

Brittany Thursday, 10/13/05, 8:19 PM
heyy hott kells!! so today was kellys hope day at school for spirit week. everyone was wearing green and kellys hope shirts. you would love the sweater i wore it matched the bracelet perfect...maybe ill have to let u wear it sometime ;) we took some sweet pictures so well get then to you. so of course all i thought about all day was you, as every other day but the green was just a constant reminder today, and i just have so much to say but im sooo bad with words and i just wish i could express to you how much u mean to me and how proud i am of you. youve became a hero to soo many people...and you just make me wanna be a stronger person. kinda funny to think how us n coll used to always pick on you and u were just like a little pain in the butt sister and now i look up to you sooo much. your an amazing person so keep your head up and dont forget were all prayin for ya! I LOVE YOUUU!!! <3 britt
E-mail:  britterz457@hotmail.com

  Thursday, 10/13/05, 8:06 PM
hott kells..

Dani Regan Thursday, 10/13/05, 6:15 PM
Hello Kelly, My name is Dani Regan. My mom is a teacher in the Harshaw and my brother Paul is in your grade. (Tenth) I hope you get better really soon! I want you to know that we have days in our when we all wear green. The whole school is supporting you and wants you to get better!!! Love, Dani Regan P.S. Happy Halloween!!
E-mail:  regane@cforks.org

jessica Thursday, 10/13/05, 5:37 PM
hey babe..i miss u so much! buttt im prolly commig to see u tuesday!! i cant wait to see my beautiful girl. i miss u i think about u everyday. stay strong. im so proud of you. ur doing so great. i hope ur feeling better and i cant wait to see you babe!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! like shi said homecommings up! andd last year! puttin makeup on budddy! hahahah we had so many good times!! ..i love u so much kelly!! STAY STRONG EVERYONES PRAYING FOR U! my mom loves u and shes thinkin of you tooo!! aunt vicki had her baby!! its a BOY!!! his names nick. he cant wait to meet u! i was telling him all about u!! ha katie jack and emily miss u more then me they say! haha i DONT TINK SO!! butt alrite babe love u lots..always thinkin about you <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!

Matt Francis Thursday, 10/13/05, 4:11 PM
Hey kelly, Whats up? Nothing interesting around here. Everyone says hello and we love you. Stay strong and please stay out of trouble. Tell your mom and dad i say hello and I have gotten alot better at typing and I dont take forever. I miss you being around and hopefully I will see you soon. Love always Matt Francis AKA Frantard
E-mail:  williamf9@earthlink.net

Matt Francis Thursday, 10/13/05, 4:10 PM
Hey kelly, Whats up? Nothing interesting around here. Everyone says hello and we love you. Stay strong and please stay out of trouble. Tell your mom and dad i say hello and I have gotten alot better at typing and I dont take forever. I miss you being around and hopefully I will see you soon. Love always
E-mail:  williamf9@earthlink.net

Michele Thursday, 10/13/05, 2:36 PM
Kelly, You don't know me but my kids go to CF and at parent pickup today EVERYONE was wearing GREEN!!!!!!!! Teachers, students (even little ones in Harshaw) and parents too! Stay strong and BELIEVE.
E-mail:  Perry048@aol.com

Amber Thursday, 10/13/05, 2:34 PM
Hey Kelly I know we have really not gotten the chance to talk but every sunday my church lifts you up...me and my family (sabo's) would like to say that we hope you get better and come back so we can get a chance to know you as well as other people. I know we will get that chance Amber and the Sabos
E-mail:  princesssabo11590@yahoo.com

Nana Thursday, 10/13/05, 1:19 PM
Hi Kell......I hope you had a better day today. I know it seems as though each day gets harder instead of easier....but we must pray and hope. You are such a strong girl.....it amazes me!!! I don't know where you get your strength from..maybe Papa....he was always strong and had a great desire to live even after his heart problems...and he did live for almost 30 years after his first heart attack. He had the stamina and the WILL...he made it and so will you!!!!!!!! I love you

Shiloh Thursday, 10/13/05, 11:49 AM
Hey keels! Life has been so hectic right now for me im so sorry i havent gotten to write to you! I miss you soooo much i have thought SOOO much about you this week since homecoming is this saturday .... i have pictures from last year hanging out at the rink and puttting make up all of buddy haha thoes were some fun times! i hope you can come home and feel well enough to have some more great memories to never forget! I have good news tho I have a JOB! haha it stinks tho im so tired of it ... i work at Grandes WOOP WOOOP haha if i had my licence keels i would come down and see you i miss you so much i just wish that you could be home ... i hope hospital food isnt as yuckie as they say it is! K.J you are so strong im so proud of you and so amazed by you for going through all of this. I love you so much you are one of my bestest friends and always will be dont ever forget that okay! no matter WHAT! promise me that! hah OH yeah one more thing hah im in Smitty J's global class *switched out of AP* and wow haha its so much fun.... not as much note passing like last year! you should have seen him the other day it was teacher student swap clothing day and he had on sweat bands and two polos with poped collars and a foehawk haha it was hilarias i hope someone took a picture! I wish you were here or i were there i love you honey but i gotta go to work get better quick so i can see ur loverly smile :) tehehe love shiloh

Emily McGowan Thursday, 10/13/05, 11:49 AM
Kellllyy! I know that we never really talked much, but I ask coll how you are doing almost everyday and my family and I pray for you everyday becuase we know that someday you are going to win this battle. I look at your website almost everyday also, and everytime i do it brings tears to my eyes. You have made me realize how precious life really is and how fast it can be turned around. I want you to know that I think you are a wonderful person, and a very VERY very strong girl and im so proud of the progress you have made. I know that latest news wasnt the greatest, but its just another battle god is giving you to win! YOu are an amazing person, and never lose HOPE! GOod Luck with everything (: .. you are a wonderful role model ! <3*eMiLy p.s* our soccer team has started to wear your braclets around our ankles, and those who do.. wont play a game without them! <3
E-mail:  Ememe469@hotmail.com

AC Thursday, 10/13/05, 11:06 AM
Hi Kel - I know that Sue has been keeping in daily contact with your mom. Sorry the latest news was not what anyone wanted to hear. I remain encouraged knowing that the doctors continue to provide treatments and have options for fighting the problems. Hopefully you will see positive results from the upcoming chemo/radiation. Its time to turn this thing around! Hey, if EJ's JV soccer team can be unbeaten in their last 4 games after loosing 9 of their first 11, anything is possible!!!! Stay strong, stay positive - everyone is praying for you.
E-mail:  Ajones6@stny.rr.com

Ellen Thursday, 10/13/05, 10:10 AM
Hi Kelly, we're all praying really hard for you. Stay strong and keep the faith. Things have to get better for you. Love you forever and always. Ellen & Ryan
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

Dennis Redner Junior Thursday, 10/13/05, 9:35 AM
I hope you get well soon Kelly.

Uncle Dan Thursday, 10/13/05, 5:58 AM
Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you all the time and praying hard. Hang in there and stay tough. Wish we we lived closer to you... Love, Uncle Dan

susie frank Thursday, 10/13/05, 5:16 AM
hi kelly we are thinking of you and praying for you, your have to stay strong and never ever give up, keep positive honey, you are the most amazing girl i know, matthew told me that this friday it is kelly oday day.at school everyone is thinking of you and praying for you hang in there and stay strong as you are we love you so much girlfriend take care and say hi to mom and dad xxoo bill and matt too

Nikki Wednesday, 10/12/05, 7:59 PM
Just a little note to let you know that we all have you in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep positive! We love you, Nikki and family
E-mail:  npalombi420@aol.com

Alli Wednesday, 10/12/05, 7:42 PM
Hi Kelly! Just checking in...it's Alli, your student nurse from last week at MSKCC. Hope you're feeling okay, better at least. Wasn't Laguna great this week?! But our poor NY Yankees. All the best. Alli
E-mail:  allisonjoytucker@yahoo.com

Ashley Wednesday, 10/12/05, 6:44 PM
Hey hott kells! I miss youu!!!... Me, my mom, and britt were gunna come to the city on sunday to see you.. but your mom told us that you were supposed to be coming home that tuesday so we decided to let you get outta there and we would see you when you got home.. unfortunately you didnt get to come home!! I know things are getting hard down there and its hard not to give up.. but its so important that you stay stong. This has really made me realize how much you and your whole family mean to me.. you have always been my second family and my home away from home! Colleen has been so strong and im so proud of her. I miss you and debbie too!! So I'm praying so hard that you get better and can come home! And, I'll deffinately make an effort to come down there and see you! Tell Debbie were all rootin for Colleen for homecoming queen! She deserves it, she can always put a smile on everyones face! I love you all and you guys mean a lot to me.. I just want you to know that! You are beatiful and you have so much life ahead of you..Stay positive and keep beleiving kells, wishes do come true! I love you <3 Ashley

christine Wednesday, 10/12/05, 5:33 PM
Oh Kelly, I love you so much and I know how disappointed you are but YOU NEED to hang in there. I know you are one of the strongest people I know. Don't EVER think anything but good! I swear the mind and attitude are your best defense---and I know you know all about DEFENSE! See you very soon. Love you.

Nana Wednesday, 10/12/05, 5:05 PM
Dear Kell I'm sorry that the news today wasn't the best....but you MUST keep praying and keep strong in your heart...so many people are praying for you and so many people love you...I'm so sorry that I cannot be with you right now....but as soon as I feel better and it's safe for you....I will be there. I love you very much ..

Cassie Wednesday, 10/12/05, 5:00 PM
Hey Kelly, my mom just told me the latest news about you and all's i have to say it wow... You're gonna get through this.. you can do anythingggg that you set your mind to! I can't wait for you to get better and come home. You're always on my mind and I'm always thinking and praying about you. STAY STRONG!!!

megannn Wednesday, 10/12/05, 4:33 PM
kelly jeanne!! i just heard about the news from jess..im sorrrryyy hun. you can't let it get to you. keep staying strong, you've made it this far. never give up, never lose hope! I LOVE YOOUU.!!<3 im praying*
E-mail:  bballsweetie3@hotmail.com

kristy topa Wednesday, 10/12/05, 4:16 PM
hey kelly....i was talking to jessica fendick today and i heard some news,i'm soo sorry. i can imagine how hard this all must be for you but you have come soo far and you are so strong and brave. you can make it through this. you have so many people praying for you 24/7. never give up kel you can do this. we love you and are always praying for you. <3kristy
E-mail:  swoosh858@yahoo.com

jessssica! Wednesday, 10/12/05, 4:07 PM
hey babe, i jsut heard the news today...im so sorry..but u still gottta be strong..no matter what im here for u babe!! YOU CAN DO THIS JUST STAY STRONG I LOVE YOU BEST FRIENDD!!! HANG IN THERE!! UR STRONG U CAN DO THIS BABY!! I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Redner Junior Wednesday, 10/12/05, 4:05 PM
E-mail:  don't have one

Lynn Yetsko Wednesday, 10/12/05, 3:55 PM
Hey Kelly & Mom... Thinking of ALL of you. I hear Health Services kicked butt at the trivia contest (OK, maybe not..we may not be too bright, but we are very cute!!!!) Even for old ladies! You were represented by lots of Vestal athletes at the Breast Cancer Walk last weekend. We are all keeping you in our hearts and minds and willing you strength for your battle. Tell Dad, Katie & Colleen that they are in our thoughts always. It was a pleasure to alter Katie's prom gowns, I look forward to assisting with the rest of the O'Day girls!! Rest, conserve your strength and fight girl, lots of people love you. Lynn Yetsko
E-mail:  Needlelynn@aol.com

katie gitchell Wednesday, 10/12/05, 2:35 PM
hey kelly its katie gitch well tomorrow high school is doing a kelly hope spirit day for you and me and kelso thought it was a good idea to mention it to mr.burke, so tomorrow the middle school is gunna be wearing your T-shirts and bracelets and anything green they can get there hands on! i'm praying every day and cant stop thinking about you were doing fund raisers and such at school and were always at your benifits im hoping your getting better and better every day<3love always<3 katie gitchell
E-mail:  littlegitch123

Mrs. Moschak Wednesday, 10/12/05, 8:46 AM
Hi Kelly, A lot of talk about wearing green for you tomorrow. You have so many friends here. Hope you are having a good day. You remain in our prayers. Many blessings, Mrs. Moschak
E-mail:  moschakv@cforks.org

Sally G Wednesday, 10/12/05, 8:37 AM
Hey Kelly, We had fun at the team trivia contest on Fri! There were tons of people there , everyone thinking of you and your family and hoping they could help out in some way. Out team did pretty well, but would have done better if they had listened to Moi! They'll never learn. I'm sorry you're not getting home this week--your Moms friends at work had hoped to come up for a visit. Tim and I will be in NY the 19th and 20th, so we'll come visit you there. Remember that we all love you and pray for you everyday!

cindy gitchell Wednesday, 10/12/05, 8:14 AM
hey kelly, We have been thinkng and praying for you and just wanted to let you know it. We were at the CF/CV game and it was so wonderful to see and feel all the love and support from everybody kelly, there are so many people praying and thinking of you. you hang in there, and we will all help in any way we can. god bless you kelly, love ya mrs, gitchell
E-mail:  cgitchell@stny.rr.com

cindy gitchell Wednesday, 10/12/05, 8:02 AM
E-mail:  cgitchell@stny.rr.com

Lauren H. Tuesday, 10/11/05, 7:19 PM
HOTTT KELS: I pray for you always Kelly dont you worry you have just about the entire world backing you and we all know you can do it. i know youll make it through because those who believe, achieve. Im sure its extremely difficult to always stay so positive but your doing a great job so always keep hope and have faith in your doctors. You'll get through this. Goodluck and I hope to see you up and well soon! --Lauren
E-mail:  snickers477@hotmail.com

Melissa! Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:34 PM
Miss Kelly... how are ya darlin? i miss seein you at lunch.. things just arent the same! im soo proud of how strong your being. One of my new favorite items of clothing is my Kelly's Hope Shirt... i wear it alot! Im prayin for you!! <3

  Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:32 PM

jessica Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:27 PM
hey babe sorry i havnt sent u anything in a while! things have been so busy! i miss you alot..homecomming is commmming up! member last year!! it just wont be the same as last year!! we had FUNNN! im thinking about you babe, cant wait for u to come home..or when i can se u! LOVE U BABBY!! GET BETTTER AND STAY STRONG!!!!!!!

Ann Marie Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:04 PM
Kelly, Hi Kel,sorry I haven't written lately,things have been so busy here. The Light the Night walk was awesome last Thursday..between 40-50 people walking in your honor..in addition to the rest of the people on Mary's Angels team. I gave your Dad the banner the kids made that we walked behind. Friday was Team Trivia night,which was a blast!! This Thursday is Kelly's Hope Day at the High School for Spirit Week!! Oh yea...the ballons and all the green at the CV/CF Football game were great. CV Middle School wore green the day before the game in your honor. So Kel..know that people all over our great community are "showing their love" and support for you...we hope and pray that you can feel our love. Let us be the shoulder you can lean on during these tough times..you are not alone..we are all with you all the time.... Ann Marie
E-mail:  fogin@aol.com

  Tuesday, 10/11/05, 5:18 PM
Chenango Forks students!!! Thursday is Kellys H.O.P.E. day for Spirit Week at school!!! Don't forget to wear your Kellys H.O.P.E. shirts, bracelets, bandannas and anything that is Kelly's famous color GREEN!!!! Kelly could use all the support, so show everyone Thursday you're a believer and wear her color!!! We love you Kelly!! I'm thinking of you everyday and you're doing an amazing job! Everyone is supporting you and cheering you on Kel! We know you can do it!!! SUPPORT KELLY THIS THURSDAY!! WEAR YOUR GREEN!!!

Meagan Tuesday, 10/11/05, 2:48 PM
Hey Kelly, You don't know me but I know Colleen. I ask her how you're doing alot. Stay strong and I'm sure you will get through this rough time in your life. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And to Mr. and Mrs. O'Day and the rest of the family as well Meagan

Corrie Brundage Tuesday, 10/11/05, 11:39 AM
Hi Kelly I was just thinking of you and wanted to say hi.I hope your having a nice day.Have you heard the Yankkes lost the game.Im so mad they get to the WORLD SERIES!Im praying for you.Your friend Corrie ps write back if you can.
E-mail:  batonbabecgb at KOL.com

Nana Tuesday, 10/11/05, 9:00 AM
Dear Kell.... Sorry I haven't emailed you in a few days...I was away. Mom told me all about your goings on.....I am sorry I cannot come to see you this week....I have a very sore throat and don't feel well. I wouldn't want you to have any more problems than you already have.....I miss you and wish I could come. Stay strong and God knows with all the people behind you HE has to help you....I love you. Nana P.S. I will call you later. I just spoke to Mom and you were sleeping.

Cheryl Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:22 AM
Hey Kel, you made Megan's day yesterday by calling her. It was so nice of you to remember her on her special day. After all, you are her favorite God sister! Shhh, don't tell your sisters... She didn't seem to be to upset about not getting an easy bake oven(again). It was great to talk to your Mom. Hugs to you both! We love you! Cheryl

Mike Tuesday, 10/11/05, 6:18 AM
Kelly, my second post. I first posted a few days ago. Just wanted to let you know that while I was at the CF/Windsor football game at Windsor on Saturday - what a game! - I was sitting top row on the Windsor side for a better view of the game...after some Windsor people found out I was "the enemy" (I was very quiet, I'm surprised they figured it out) some of them asked me if I knew you and how you were doing. One was at the benefit the other night. Just wanted you to know that...that people from communities far and wide are thinking of you and care.
E-mail:  ducksoup@quackquack.net

Jackie Stapleton Tuesday, 10/11/05, 4:31 AM
Hi Kelly! Just a quick note to say hello... we are all thinking about you and praying for you & your family. Hope this finds you smiling! Love, Jackie S.
E-mail:  JStapleton11@aol.com

Ashley Monday, 10/10/05, 7:41 PM
Hi Kelly i hope u get better i only knew you for a short while but get better soon
E-mail:  fairyjewels437@aol.com

Brittani Hopkins Monday, 10/10/05, 4:30 PM
heyy, i know we havnt talked in a while..but i was just checkin to see how you were..and i hope you get better soon! <3brittani*
E-mail:  lil_bernie_15@yahoo.com

Marie Monday, 10/10/05, 1:56 PM
Hi Kel, just a quick note to say hello, thinking of you daily. The trivia was fun on Fri, although I was of no use to my team--wish you could have been there. I hear you may be coming home in a few, hopefully we can get up there to see you!!! Hugs and Kisses---Marie Oh, Joseph just got braces today, you should see how proud he is, it would make you smile!!

Señora Byrnes Monday, 10/10/05, 1:24 PM
Hola Lola, I was buying my gum supply yesterday and said a little prayer for you in the grocery store. I am pretty sure I heard God smile and give a little chuckle :) I hope you have a good week!!! Thinking of you, Sra. Byrnes

Judy Rose Monday, 10/10/05, 11:36 AM
HI Kelly and family, Just a quick word to let you know I am thinking of you. Also, my prayers are with you Kelly for wisdom for doctors to aide in your comfort level. Well take care, and I love ya (even though we haven't met!) Judy (work with your momma)
E-mail:  SunJudy@stny.rr.com

The Carl Family Monday, 10/10/05, 9:33 AM
Hi Kelly and Family - Thinking of you! The Carl's

my name s KADY FALKENBERG Monday, 10/10/05, 7:38 AM
Hi there cutttie! Just wondering how your doing. Im sure your doing greatt because you are one toughh cookie my dear. And in case you didnt know - - yeah rightt - - the yankeees beat the angels last nightt and are going to kill them again just for you. yep i talked to derek jeter and he says the homerun hes going to hit tomnight is for you! but shhh dont tell! well, i must go but stay strong and keep smiling.. were all praying for you! love yyouuuu! <3Kadyy p.s. Rob cant wait to meet you : D

susie frank Monday, 10/10/05, 5:11 AM
hi kelly just thinking of you as usually, hope you have a good week. stay stong girlfriend we are all pulling for you, you are the most amazing person there is, you can beat this, we love you lots honey hang in there bill and matt too

Uncle D Sunday, 10/9/05, 9:15 PM
Hi Kelly, Just a quick note to say hello and let you know we're thinking about you every day. Hope you're feeling better this week. Wish we were closer so we could provide more support. Take care, continue to be strong, and keep the faith. Love, Uncle Dan

Tyler Sunday, 10/9/05, 7:42 PM
Hey Kel... Just Checkin to see how you were... Hpoe your feelin better... Always Prayin for you... Love, Ty

Aunt B Sunday, 10/9/05, 5:09 PM
Hey Kel! I'm still amazed at the number of people who sign in to this site. You are one lucky girl. I hope tomorrow brings sunshine in your day. Thinking of you always. I love you.

Katie Sunday, 10/9/05, 2:15 PM
Hey kel, it was nice talking to you today on the phone and i'm so excited to come see you in the city in a few days!! maybe you'll find your hottie in the hospital before then so i can meet him.. or maybe we'll just need to roam the hospital together and find some new men :) haha i love you so much and i'll see you soon. keep smiling and keep your strength up sweetheart<3
E-mail:  oday@oswego.edu

Amanda George Sunday, 10/9/05, 12:32 PM
Hi again! You don't kno me but Im in the 7th grade. Hope your doing ok. I check your site everyday for any updates. Stay Strong and hope for the best!! Love, *Amanda* :):):)

Alyssa B. Sunday, 10/9/05, 12:01 PM
Hey Kell hope your doing good! I have a story for you! Friday night we had a meet against SV and they have this no jewlery rule. So i get up on the block and start my 100 breast got a best time and got 2nd place until they DQed me for having my Kelly's Hope bracelet on! I was so happy to be disqualified for that and it was soo worth it!! stay strong babe! we all love you!! Alyssa Lynne
E-mail:  boughner@frontiernet.net

Jenna Lawrence Sunday, 10/9/05, 8:00 AM
Hi Kelly, I heard that you like the Binghamton Senators so i got you something. If someone could email me back and tell me where to send it that would be great! I hope that you are feeling ok and my thoughts are with you. Jenna
E-mail:  Jennanenna423@yahoo.com

  Sunday, 10/9/05, 7:44 AM

  Saturday, 10/8/05, 5:32 PM

Corrie Brundage Saturday, 10/8/05, 4:18 PM
Hi Kelly how are you doing? I was just thinking of you and wanted to say hi.Hey did you hear that the Yannkees lost but they were suppose to be playing tonight but they got rained out.I think they are playing tomorrow.I hope they win.I hope your feeling better.when you get this please write back. Your friend,Corrie
E-mail:  batonbabe cgb at KOL.com

Megan Molter Saturday, 10/8/05, 1:34 PM
heyyy hun, just thinking about you. i hope everything is going good down in nyc<3stay strong..love youuu!
E-mail:  bballsweetie3@hotmail.com

  Saturday, 10/8/05, 1:31 PM

christine Saturday, 10/8/05, 11:15 AM
Het Kel, Hope you are doing better. Didn't talk yesterday and am concerned that your Mom must be missing my voice. I will call later. I miss and love you and pray for you always. Love, Christine

Amanda Menichelli Saturday, 10/8/05, 6:54 AM
Hey kelly!! i hope your doing well and i just wanted to let you know that i've been praying for you :):)! *amanda menichelli
E-mail:  xoxomanda42xoxo@yahoo.com

Amanda George Friday, 10/7/05, 7:36 PM
I know you don't know me but I go to CF. Everyone is supporting you!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!!!! Stay Strong Kelly!! And Hope for the Best! :):):):):)

Corrie Michelle Steve Brundage Friday, 10/7/05, 7:16 PM
Hi Kelly just thinking of you.Hope you are doing well.your always in our thoughts.Love Corrie Michelle and Steve.

  Friday, 10/7/05, 7:12 PM

Bobby Stapleton Friday, 10/7/05, 3:33 PM
Kelly- I hope my coworkers gave you a great ride. Our family is constantly thinking about you! God bless, and keep your chin up Kel! You are an O' Day, you can handle anything! Bob S.
E-mail:  RNS83@aol.com

Corrie Brundage Friday, 10/7/05, 2:58 PM
Hi my name is Corrie Brundage Im 10 and my dad works with yours.I went to your benefit at the ice rink I had alot of fun.I hope you get better soon.I know that your a big Yankees fan I really dont think there that good but the only reason I like them is becouse my dad loves them. Your friend, Corrie
E-mail:  batonbabecgb at KOL.com

susie frank Friday, 10/7/05, 11:11 AM
hi kelly just thinking about you and hoping your having a better day. say hi to mom and dad. hang in there girlfriend. your the strongest person i know and you can do this we miss you hope to see you soon take care honey and we all are here for you stay strong as your are love ya lots xxoo bill and matthew too

Hailey Byrd Friday, 10/7/05, 10:49 AM
Hey kelly its hailey byrd from Chenango Forks school im hopinh u get well very soon
E-mail:  CFHottStuff@aim.com

Alyssa H. Friday, 10/7/05, 10:22 AM
Hey Kellyyy. This is Bre's little sister, Alyssa. I just wanted to tell you that I pray for you and you'll be able to make it through this!! I keep my braclet on, and i haven't taken it off yet. (It's a good thing i can wear it in tennis.) Well, hope to hear from you soon! Bre told my mom that maybe well be in NYC at the same time! were going down there for bre's 16th. well, talk to you later, and know your in mine, and a ton of other peoples prayers. <3love<3 Alyssa Hawras<33
E-mail:  akhletters@aol.com

Diane G. Friday, 10/7/05, 9:33 AM
Hi again Kelly, Hugs to u and your mom and dad and your Nana-always thinking about u--you will beat this-just stay the course. your cuz in PA, Diane G and family
E-mail:  fabhomes2@aol.com

Michaela Transue Friday, 10/7/05, 7:41 AM
E-mail:  mtsporty13@aol.com

Keenan and Hannah Conrad Friday, 10/7/05, 7:34 AM
Kelly was our babysiter and we hope she gets through this we love you!!!
E-mail:  Keenebeen44@yahoo.com

Mikala King Thursday, 10/6/05, 7:03 PM
Hi Kelly, you dont know me but i go to Chenango Valley. Last week our middle school had a day in your honor where almost all of us wore green shirts. I just wanted you to know that even though we dont all know you and you go to CV we still believe and have faith in you! Stay strong Kelly <3 Mikala

Mike Thursday, 10/6/05, 6:29 PM
Hi Kelly :-) You don't know me, I'm just a grayed-out Forks grad from the 70s who first heard of your battle at the first home football game this season. Just wanted to stop by and let you know you have been in my thoughts since that day and I'm hoping you get much better soon so you can be back in school and get homework and exciting stuff like that! :-) And yes, the balloons were GREAT! (figures...the one game I didn't bring my camera to.)
E-mail:  ducksoup@quackquack.net

alyssa niman Thursday, 10/6/05, 5:51 PM
Kelly- Hi,my name is Alyssa. You don't know me, but I've seen you in the halls before. I am in the eighth grade at forks. I was really upset when I heard you had cancer. You can win your battle!!!!! I know you can! I have been trying to help you out in little ways.I made cookies and sold them in my home ec class. I also have been praying for you every saturday at Temple Concord. I know you can do this Kelly !!!!! I know you can pull through!!!!! You will always be in my prayers! Love, Alyssa
E-mail:  alyssaniman@netscape.net

Ellen Thursday, 10/6/05, 5:05 PM
Hi Kelly, prayers and well wishes are with you and your family always. Be strong baby girl, I know it's easier said than done, but you can do this. Love you always and forever...... Ellen & Ryan
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

Marlene Thursday, 10/6/05, 4:42 PM
Kelly, Just wanted to say I have been praying for you.Hang in there
E-mail:  mpacer@twcny.rr.com

amanda and nicole brewer Thursday, 10/6/05, 3:43 PM
hey kelly we know that we don't know you that well butu you have been on our minds lattly. We know that you'll stay strong and bet this thing. School just not the same without you in the halls you were all ways so nice to us, you made us feel welcome when we first got their. Kell stay strong and we miss you.
E-mail:  brewer1@mail.com

Meg (Faughnan) Thursday, 10/6/05, 2:36 PM
Hello love, Hope your day is going well. I miss you so much. Open gym seems different without you there. I miss playing basketball with you. Stay strong and don't forget to never lose hope. Can't wait till you come home so we can eat some more chicken wings and watch Harry Potter movies. He's just so hott!! I've been praying for you a lot. Lexi and I camped out last weekend and we had a special prayer for you before we went to bed. It was very nice. Once again, I miss you so much love. I hope you're feeling better. Be strong. I love you Kelly. Never forget that. Love Always, Megg*
E-mail:  megandawn22@hotmail.com

Vanessa Moppert Thursday, 10/6/05, 1:43 PM
Hey kelly, I know we havent talked to much the past couple of month but u have been on my mind so much. im always thinking about how ur doing and hoping that everyday ur getting better. I would greatly apprecaite it if i could have ur address so i can send u flowers and a card or something, which i have been wanting to do for quite awhile now and have not gotten ur address so that has been quite hard. well i hope u are doing well and i want u to know that im always here for u and i love u and u will always be in my heart forever and always!...you are an amazing and strong girl and i know u and ur family can make it through anything u put ur minds to..i love u and ur family, GOD BLESS YOU!!! Love, Vanessa
E-mail:  hollister445@yahoo.com

steven and michelle brundage Thursday, 10/6/05, 5:25 AM
E-mail:  brundo14@aol.com

Alisa Thursday, 10/6/05, 4:58 AM
Hey Kelly...Just wanted you to know that, as aways, we are thinking of you and praying for you every day. Emily is always asking when she will be able to see and play w/ you again. She also talks a lot about her "crazy Uncle Mike" and "Aunt Debbie"! Kelly, we love you and your family so much and only want the very best for all of you!! Hugs and Kisses!! Alisa, Scott, Emily Grace and Sophia Belle
E-mail:  AlisaLeach@yahoo.com

Brittany Wednesday, 10/5/05, 5:35 PM
hey hott kells, i havent talked to ya in a while..but i just wanted to let ya know that im thinkin about ya all the time n prayin for ya! also, im not sure if u know this yet but many girls on our soccer team wear kellys hope bracelets around our ankles at our soccer games to support you, because were not allowed to wear them on our wrists..they seem to be good luck! not to mention they look great with our navy socks! ;) But i know what your goin through is not easy, but just remember how many people care about you, at the football game all the support just brought tears to my eyes, i cant describe how many people love n care about you kells --so stay strong n just remember your not in this alone, im here for you along with everyone else! I love you so much! your my hero! <3 Britt
E-mail:  britterz457@hotmail.com
Taylor Hendrickson Wednesday, 10/5/05, 3:36 PM
Hey Kelly!!! My dad, Larry Hendrickson, works with your dad! I cant wait for the next update on how uv been!! I hope you get well very very soon!!!!! Much Hope, Taylor

Louise Callahan Wednesday, 10/5/05, 10:45 AM
Hi Kelly - Just a quick note to say hi from the Callahan's. Hope you are feeling stronger every day!! We think of you all the time and are praying for you!! What about those Yankees last night in L.A.!! They were amazing. Try and stay up and watch them tonight(10:p.m.). I think you bring them good luck!! Take care Kelly!! Louise
E-mail:  lcal329@yahoo.com

megan Wednesday, 10/5/05, 9:02 AM
kellllyyyy( : i just wanted to let you know im still thinking about you and praying for you all the time. everythihg will be okay in the end, if it isnt't okay then its not the end! i love youuu kelly jeanne! stay strong<3
E-mail:  bballsweetie3@hotmail.com

Lynette Menichelli Wednesday, 10/5/05, 7:59 AM
Kelly honey-Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know your nieghbors up the hill still have you very much in our thoughts and prayers. I am sorry you ended up in NYC earlier than expected, but I am happy to hear you're feeling better. You are one amazing young lady. Your strength and courage is an inspiration to us all. You take care lots of love to you and your family. Lynette
E-mail:  lmenichelli@jcschools.stier.org

Maura Tuesday, 10/4/05, 5:17 PM
Hey Kel, Just want to say Hi and we love you! Stay strong. XOXO Love Maura and Bob
E-mail:  maurao@peoplepc.com

Tess Tuesday, 10/4/05, 9:52 AM
Kelly and family - just wanted to let you know that our family is thinking of you and praying for you daily....Kelly, keep smiling - you have a beautiful and inspiring smile - The Falkenbergs
E-mail:  tandkfalk@stny.rr.com

Cheryl Tuesday, 10/4/05, 6:45 AM
Hope you are feeling better today. You have sooooooooooo many people that Love you and are praying for you. Stay strong, you'll get through this! Love ya Kel! Cheryl

Uncle Dan Tuesday, 10/4/05, 5:54 AM
Kelly, With all the messages posted to date, it's hard to say something that hasn't been said before so I won't even try. Just know we are thinking of you and praying for you and we won't stop. Hang in there and stay strong. We love you. Uncle Dan

Pastor Al Gelder Tuesday, 10/4/05, 5:12 AM
Kelly, You keep fighting and we'll keep praying!!Lots of others are praying for you too. Pastor Gelder Valley Church
E-mail:  valleycrc@msn.com

susie frank Tuesday, 10/4/05, 5:00 AM
hi kelly it was so good to hear from your mom glad your looking better we think of you everyday. hope you can come home soon. stay strong and everyone is thinking of you take care love ya lots bill and matt too

Mrs. Moschak Tuesday, 10/4/05, 4:58 AM
Good morning, Hope this day will find joy,happiness and strength. The balloon launch in your honor was beautiful. Wish you could have seen it but, know that many prayers and good wishes contiue for you and your family. Many blessings, Mrs. Moschak
E-mail:  moschakv@cforks.org

Andrea Monday, 10/3/05, 6:43 PM
Hey Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that I continue to think about you often, and that I am amazed at your strength and determination....keep battling. Rest and get better, hopefully you will be able to come back home shortly and maybe you and I can watch the YANKEES domainate the playoffs together. I am also going to need some of your expert basketball knowlegde to help me gear up for the season. Take Care
E-mail:  abogart@stny.rr.com

Becky Monday, 10/3/05, 6:28 PM
Hey Kelly, it is me becky, i hope you get better soon, good luck, i hope to see you soon. Always praying for you, and thinking about you, i hope you you are feeling better soon. Cant wait to see you again.
E-mail:  www.munkymainiac8@stny.rr.com

Tyler Monday, 10/3/05, 4:34 PM
Hey Kel, Ty Here..Just checkin to see how u were...Im always thinkin n prayin for u... Come home very soon so i can see you again...Hang in there... ILU Love, Ty

Ellen Monday, 10/3/05, 3:35 PM
Hi Kelly, just to let you know again how much we're pulling for you and praying for you. And Sally was right about getting good laughs at the benefit on friday, but MY team will outsmart those appletini's. Because I'll make sure they get plenty before the questions begins.. God Bless you Kelly and stay strong.... Love you and prays to you and your family. Ellen & Ryan
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

sally Monday, 10/3/05, 11:34 AM
Hi Kelly. I am writing from work where it is finally quiet thanks to RoshHashanah. We're all gearing up for the big team trivia contest on Fri nite! I think we will have 3 teams from Health Services, and tho my teammates all profess to being pathetic when it comes to trivia, I'm sure we will all have fun laughing at each other. We wish that you could be there. We miss you, and think about you all the time. Love to you and the rest of the family. Sally

Mom Monday, 10/3/05, 8:26 AM
Hello everyone - Well, Kel and I are back at Sloane, unfortunately. She got very dehydrated and the local docs thought she would be better off in NYC so we came down via ambulance (not a fun ride) on Friday. Her blood counts have been very low, so she got a blood transfusion yesterday - she is a little more colorful today - pink cheeks now - but continues to have nausea and vomiting, so they need to work on those issues before she can resume the IL2 treatment at Columbia on the 10th or the 17th. She is extremely happy the Yanks won, and Sean owes her $10 bucks which she wants asap!! (the bet was changed to this game Kel said). We continue to be amazed at the support from our friends, family, neighboors, school and the community. Sounds like the CF/CV football game was beautiful with all the balloons for Kel and we were so sorry we could not be there.We could not get through this without everyone's love and support; the words "thank you" somehow just don't seem enough, but we truly are grateful and do thank you all from the bottom of our hearts...........Much Love, Mike, Deb, Kelly, Colleen, & Katie..............
E-mail:  doday@stny.rr.com.

christine curley Monday, 10/3/05, 8:21 AM
Mornin' Kelly, Talked to your Mom last night and you were getting some extra "pumped up cells". I hope it went well and that you are better today. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you. Chris and Bill
E-mail:  sisy@yahoo.com

Cassie Sunday, 10/2/05, 7:10 PM
Hey Kelly, I hope you're doing well today :) Saturdays game was amazing... I so wish that you could've been there to see all the balloons go up! It looked sooo cool. Just want you to know that you're always on my mind and I pray every night that you get better! Miss you lots and can't wait for you to get better so you can play basketball again.. I miss you on the court! -Cassie*

AC Sunday, 10/2/05, 5:49 PM
What a game, what a day - Kelly Day! Timing just has not been good for you - having to miss the benefit and then the game in your honor. I was not lucky enough to get a balloon to launch but they looked great as they raised up into the sky above the trees and way up until they were out of sight. I was hoping that at least one would find you for you to see. This transfusion thing - sounds hopeful - just the trick to get your strength back - now I know why I donated blood for so many years. I have not lately - not since being out of work. Now it gets me thinking about not waiting until I get back to work - just think, there could have been a chance of you getting AC blood! You'll get through this just like always (I think that your mom is the one now that needs the hardcore drugs - with those migraines) - take care of her...... We'll see you back home real soon
E-mail:  Ajones6@stny.rr.com

Aleith Lord Sunday, 10/2/05, 4:49 PM
Hey Kelly; Just talked to your mom, I am so sorry that you are not feeling any better. Maybe after you receive the red juice you will feel great! The day yesterday was perfect. The sky was crystal clear and a beautiful blue color. I could not see the balloons as they were floating into the air, but I heard it was an awesome sight. I read something to you, so here it is: Kelly, All of your friends have gathered today to show you how proud we are of you and support you in your continued fight. Here is a poem just for you: Your Kindness is always overwhelming, the Enthusiasm that you exhibit to fight this battle is exemplary, your Laughter is contagious, and we are Lucky to call you friend, sister, and daughter, so we take this time to Yell------WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Now let us send all of our prayer, represented by these balloons, to show that we love you Kelly and are behind you 110%. Keep up the good work and we love you!!!! Mrs. Lord
E-mail:  alord@binghamton.edu

katie huston Sunday, 10/2/05, 4:44 PM
hey kelly i don't know if you rember me from the bball camp at cf two summers ago with laura. i hope you feel better i have been wearing the kelly's hope braclet everyday i even got mad at someone because i had to take it off at a soccer game. i have been praying for you day and night hoping that you will get better well i have to go feel better.

Pattie Wisseman Sunday, 10/2/05, 2:35 PM
From Pattie, Mike, Amber and Brian Wisseman Fay and Bill Richardson's daughter, son-in-law and grandkids!
E-mail:  pwizz617@msn.com

Tina Sunday, 10/2/05, 6:05 AM
Kelly, Sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. At least they can make you feel better there. I hope with all of the fighting you are doing, that soon, you are 100% well!! I can't wait for THAT update!! Big {{{HUGS}}} to you Kelly! Everyone is thinking of you all the time and can't wait to read about YOU going to the football games again. You and your family all take care. Tina
E-mail:  TinaMH824@aol.com

Lacey Saturday, 10/1/05, 9:42 PM
Kelly, I know it's been a long time since we have talked. Last seasons hockey games.. You, Jess n I at the games.. idk what a better time i could have had. I heard about your cancer and it braught me to tears. I miss you kel. You're going to make it through this.. your friends and family are all here for you as well as i am. staystrong and keep the courage in you. everything is going to be okay. I love you kel. hang in there babee! <3 always lacey* *your bracelet remains on my wrist *Kellys Hope*
E-mail:  baby33goalie@yahoo.com

kelsey and jessica Saturday, 10/1/05, 8:21 PM
hii baby its just me n " the bitch " haha we miss you so much keels..i talked to ur daddy on the phone today at the football game!! he wanted a update on the game!! whcih me did amazinn!! the green balloons were amazing..i was with coll for some of it..i was so happy to see al the people there for you..the balloons it was amazing..of course ur lovely girls all cried<33 but its cuz we miss u so much!! so GET BETTER MY LOVEEE!!!!!! u gotta stay strong babe!! we miss ur silly self!!WE love u more then life istelf! stay postive <3333 COMMING TO SEE U SOOON!! : ) LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!!

Lisa D. Saturday, 10/1/05, 7:31 PM
Hi Kelly... this is really random and you probably dont remember me but we hung out on new years like 2 years ago at the Polar Cap(with kristy & Carrie n the girls), and i remember you kept falling alot and making everyone laugh =P So anyways i've been checking back to this site alot and i'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling 'yucky'. But i just wanted to let you know, i have a cousin who is about 14 yrs old and had bone cancer. She was constantly in and out of the hospital just like you for a year or two and was weak at times, but after alot of prayer but she DID beat her cancer. Hopefully that gives you a little bit of hope and inspiration, and just know you're in my thoughts & prayers :) -Lisa
E-mail:  lderitis89@yahoo.com

kristy topa Saturday, 10/1/05, 3:33 PM
hey kel...i went to the CV vs CF game today..aka Kelly Day..so many people went and showed there love and support for you. It was amazing seeing all the green and the balloons flying threw the air. you have so many people behind you and praying for you at all times,we wish you could have been at the game too. but you are fighting so hard to get threw this and you WILL do it. you're in our prayers always <3kristy
E-mail:  swoosh858@yahoo.com

Jessica Testani Saturday, 10/1/05, 2:25 PM
Kelly, I know you and I have never really spoken much, but let me tell you I have spoken about you with some amazing people, from all the forks girls<3, to all the cv people. Everyone is thinking about you so much, and praying all the time.Went to the game today, of course sat on the FORKS side with all my girls<3 but the game was AMAZING, because so many people were there supporting you, with so many of us together god HAD to have heard us, and trust me, he'll get a bright interuption of balloons once all of the ones we let off today showing our love for you, get to him in heaven. Ashley Morgan and I went around the CV fans and sold Kelly's Hope Bracelets, and the two of us should go into advertising we sold them all so quick!I talked with Coll for a while at the game , shes a sweetheart and I pray for her and your family constantly.I talked to Coll,Mrs.Faughnen, and Mrs. Morgan about getting bracelets to sell at CV in Student Council so we can make sure EVERYONES supporting a green bracelet by the end of this fight! It's a new trend,your not in style if your not wearing one, honestly!. Alright well I think I've shown you my horrible habbit of talking forever and going on and on!Anyway, with all the support you have, and all these prayers I promise god hears us, stay strong!(also, I will admit to being "A Beleiver" in a past "signing of the guest book" pretty obvious once you look at the length of that one to! <3 Much Love And Prayers-Jess

Alisa Saturday, 10/1/05, 1:03 PM
Kelly...I spoke w/ Colleen this morning and she told me that you and your mom went back to the hospital. We are so sorry...we were really looking forward to seeing you today. When I told Emily we were not going to Binghamton because you had to go back to the hospital, she said "well we can drive to the hospital to see her". I wish we could. When you are home and feeling up to it, we will make a special trip to Binghamton. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Love, Alisa and the Gang
E-mail:  alisaleach@yahoo.com

n Saturday, 10/1/05, 10:49 AM
Dear Kell... I'm so sorry that you had to go back to the hospital so soon.....But I know it is the place to be....even though you must be sick of it by now...I can't even imagine how you must feel, never having gone through this myself but I do know you have to trust that God knows what he is doing and stick to your guns and beat this!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire your courage so much.....love ya nana

Kate Saturday, 10/1/05, 7:14 AM
kelly jeanne i love you with all my heart babydoll!! i hope everythings going good and i'll come see u in the hospital bc you probably want a visitor :) love you sweetttiee!! =]

Ashley B. Saturday, 10/1/05, 6:03 AM
Kelly ~ Hope you got my card, in the mail! Send my an e-mail..I'm dying to hear from you kell bell! <3 you sweetie, Ash Broderick <33

Ellen Friday, 9/30/05, 7:41 PM
Hi Kelly, sorry today didn't work out as well as we all had wished for. They'll take good care of you and get you're old butt hidrated again and back home. WE love you lots and are praying non stop!!!!! Be strong for you are!!!! love you always and forever................ Ellen & Ryan
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

LC Friday, 9/30/05, 2:50 PM
Hey pumpkin pie....umm i hope youre feeling well enough to come to the game tomorow if not ill give you a call or something after i hope to see you and.......i love you i love you i love you..........I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!:) <3lc

Shelly Friday, 9/30/05, 7:03 AM
Welcome home again Kelly! The O'Neill's will be at the football game on Saturday equipped in our "Kelly gear" along with all your other supporters. You sure do have alot of people who love and care for you and your family. We are proud of how you are handling everything you have been going through. Keep the love and strength in your heart Kelly! "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me." - Philippians 4:13
E-mail:  onei7@aol.com

Kara Thursday, 9/29/05, 8:44 PM
Kelly! so glad to hear that your home again! ill be at the big game this weekend and hope to see you there! get plenty of rest and know that your always in our prayers!!!!
E-mail:  gitch2826@hotmail.com

Liz Heller Thursday, 9/29/05, 5:28 PM
Hey Kelly! Glad to hear your home and doing good.. I'll be at the Kelly Day game (cv vs cf) and ill be getting a shirt and everything:-) stay strong!
E-mail:  basketball05s@aol.com

Alison C Thursday, 9/29/05, 2:19 PM
Hello, you dont know me..hehe.. but Mrs. Faughnan told me about the struggle your going through. (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong) But I feel really bad for you and I really hope you feel better soon, just keep your head up and everything will be fine! I am bringing $5.00 to school on wednesday, so I can buy a bracelet to help you out, I am sorry if you think that I am weird or something becuase you dont know me, but Mrs. Faughnan is really nice and I felt really bad when she showed me the site at school today..so I went to the site and decided to leave a comment...Have a great day, and remember to keep your chin up! --Alison--
E-mail:  hard_to_say_the_used_ali@hotmail.com

megan p Thursday, 9/29/05, 2:03 PM
hi kelly can't wait to give you a BIG hug! keep being strong. I think about you every day and never take off my kelly's hope band. <3 love you, meg!!!!

megan p Thursday, 9/29/05, 2:00 PM
hi kelly can't wait to give you a BIG hug! keep being strong. I think about you every day and never take off my kelly's hope band. <3 love you, meg!!!!

Nana Thursday, 9/29/05, 10:43 AM
Hi Kell....Just spoke to Mom and she said you were sleeping.....I'm glad you are getting some rest...I know that is impossible in the hospital!!!!!! I know that you want to be strong enough to go thru the next session at Columbia and I am sure you will make it.....have a nice day.........lol nana

Ellen Thursday, 9/29/05, 8:57 AM
Hi Kelly, I bet you are glad to be home. I am very proud of you, you are such a strong person, and you are such an inspiration to us all. Don't overdo it these next few days, you just get your rest, and take advantage of everyone waiting on you!!! God bless you and love you. Ellen
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

Aleith Thursday, 9/29/05, 7:55 AM
Good Morning Kelly; I am so glad to hear that you are home. It was good to hear that you are improving this morning. Hope that you and your family are able to be there on Saturday. I am so proud of you. You received so many treatments. You are so strong and brave. Keep strong. Love, Mrs. Lord

The Adams' Thursday, 9/29/05, 4:20 AM
So glad you're home. Hope every day gets better for you. Hope to see you Saturday. You're in our prayers every day. Our best to Deb and Mike and your sisters also. TYhe Adams'
E-mail:  dmcsra@gmail.com

Scott Thursday, 9/29/05, 3:11 AM
Kelly Can't wait to see you on Sat. We will be leaving Rochester after my Computer class around 2:00 and should arrive around 5:00. Hope you are starting to feel better and are able to start the next round on the 10th. We are praying up here and you have all our support up here. We'll see you in a couple of days. Stay strong, stay positive and most of all on the good days just have fun.
E-mail:  alisaleach@yahoo.com

kristy topa Wednesday, 9/28/05, 5:13 PM
hey kelly! i'm glad to hear that you are home. i'm excited for the forks vs cv football game this weekend..aka Kelly Day. They'll be a great turn out and I know me and all my friends wanna buy a shirt and everything:). I hope to see you at the game!..Stay strong and keep fighting. <3kristy (:
E-mail:  swoosh858@yahoo.com

AC Wednesday, 9/28/05, 8:01 AM
Great to have you home - sounds like slow going but I'm sure that you will improve every day. 'Kelly Day' (could've even been 'Kelly O Day') sounds great this Saturday. Hoping you're well enough to get to see the community support. I'll be breaking out the famous 'chicken cooker bandana' for the occasion while wearing my one of a kind Kelly's Hope cut off shirt. It will surely be an inspiration to the team (like Fuzz doesn't inspire/motivate them enough!!). Stay strong - I think of you often - especially when I hear the AAR song 'Move Along' (track 5). I'll make sure that you get a copy of the CD I have made up mostly of their songs.
E-mail:  Ajones6@stny.rr.com

Mirabito Family Wednesday, 9/28/05, 7:23 AM
Hi Kelly, We are so happy you are home. You fought hard last week - which shows you have the determination to beat this. Get plenty of R & R ! Hope to see you soon. With thoughts & prayers, The Mirabito's
E-mail:  njmirabito@stny.rr.com

Nana Wednesday, 9/28/05, 5:31 AM
Good Morning Kell.... Hope last night was a better night and I wish for today to be a better day!!!!!!You had a tough fight last week...but you made it!! keep up your strength and courage...lol Nana
Carl Family Wednesday, 9/28/05, 5:05 AM
Kelly - We're glad to hear you are home - I'm sure it's great to be there! Rest and get stronger! Love and prayers - The Carl's

Ashley Collingwood Wednesday, 9/28/05, 5:03 AM
Bless you
E-mail:  mizspazz0514@yahoo.com

Ellen Tuesday, 9/27/05, 7:41 PM
Hi Kelly, We are very glad you are home. And also so proud of you for last week. You are such a strong and inspirational person. Take care and God Bless You. Ellen & Ry
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu

Anna & Steph Tuesday, 9/27/05, 5:51 PM
So very glad that you are home after what we have heard you had one hell of a fight this past week! AND WON!!!!!! You Go Girl! Stay STRONG! Love, Steph and Anna
E-mail:  amastronar@stny.rr.com

Señora Byrnes Tuesday, 9/27/05, 5:50 PM
Hola Lola, Welcome home!!! Chica, you are super fuerte!!!! We miss you and are all praying for a speedy recovery.

Lisa & Rachel Berk Tuesday, 9/27/05, 5:23 PM
We are following Kelly in her fight to get well. We pray that she is moving in the right direction and that the cancer will be defeated soon. Best wishes! we're with you all the way.

aunt b Tuesday, 9/27/05, 4:50 PM
Kel -- hope we can talk tomorrow. i know you're beat. well, you won round 1 -- unanimous decision! lyl

megan Tuesday, 9/27/05, 12:23 PM
kelly jeanne youre home!!!!( : im sooo happy youre doing so well. keep staying strong babe<3 i love youuuuu.
E-mail:  bballsweetie3@hotmail.com

  Tuesday, 9/27/05, 11:10 AM
Welcome home! We hope to see you soon! Love, Cheryl, Ty & Meg

susie frank Tuesday, 9/27/05, 9:33 AM
hi kelly so glad to hear your home, nothing like home ,did your dad give you the hug last nite? i can't wait to see you i'm getting over a cold so we'll have to wait, i'm(we) are soooo proud of you,you are so strong and such a precious girl you will beat this i just know it take care girlfriend we love you sooo much and think of you every day bill and matt tooo xxoo

Mom Monday, 9/26/05, 6:41 PM
Hey Baby Girl: Well, you did it!! You reached 12 doses of IL2, a number that only a handful of patients have ever reached, according to the doc. I am soooo very proud of you. To see what you went thru this week, and to see you say "I want another dose" was just so amazing. You are forever my hero, my inspiration, and my baby girl. I love you!!!!! XXXOOOXXX......Mom.... P.S. I'll get you that cream of broccoli soup this week, ok??
E-mail:  doday@stny.rr.com

Ann Marie Monday, 9/26/05, 6:14 PM
Kelly, It was so good to see you at home tonight laying on the couch. You are on your way to feeling better and better. The girls and I will be up to see you tomorrow. Feel better!!!! Love, Ann Marie
E-mail:  fogin@aol.com

Rose Quinn Monday, 9/26/05, 3:32 PM
E-mail:  jquinn3@optonline.net

Kelsie Monday, 9/26/05, 3:25 PM
Hi Kelly! I'm Kelsie, Bob's daughter. We didn't get to meet when you came to town but I've heard a lot about you from Maura. Well, I just wanted to say stay stong and keep fighting- you're an inspiration to all of us and you're always in my thoughts and prayers. Bets wishes and God bless! Love, Kelsie
E-mail:  babyblueyes1524@hotmail.com

Kaity Monday, 9/26/05, 12:27 PM
Hey kel...im glad to hear that your doing good w/ the treatments...stay strong sweetie...i miss you : ( i haven't heard from you in a few days...i hope everything is goood and that i get to see you soon! i love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

Laurie G. Monday, 9/26/05, 11:58 AM
Hi Kelly, Congratulations on reaching the Gold Club Status. You are such a fighter!!! You're well on your way and there's nothing stopping you now!!! Maybe that healing prayer is working. Hope you and your parents are on your way home. It's rainy here now, so bring back some sunshine. Love, Laurie
E-mail:  lgildea@stny.rr.com

Laurie G. Monday, 9/26/05, 11:54 AM

dianeG Monday, 9/26/05, 11:51 AM
Bravo, Bravisimo Kel, Show that Cancer just whos boss! L. your cuz in PA
E-mail:  fabhomes2@aol.com

Tina Bommarito Monday, 9/26/05, 7:25 AM
Hey Kelly, I just received an email on your progress and I am so proud of you! You are a very brave girl with such positive energy around you. Keep it up and be strong for the next round. We are all praying for you and we love you....take care Love the Bommarito's
E-mail:  Tina.Bommarito@ryanbeck.com

Tina Bommarito Monday, 9/26/05, 7:22 AM
Hey Kelly,
E-mail:  Tina.Bommarito@ryanbeck.com

pearlie hillriegel Monday, 9/26/05, 6:53 AM
my prayers are with you every day. god bless you. a friend Pearlie

Cheryl Monday, 9/26/05, 6:06 AM
Kel, Glad to hear that you are being so strong! EVERYONE is so proud of you. I'm sure you can't wait to be home. Everyone is missing you and your Mom and Dad. Yes, I said your Dad too! I'm sure his boy Reilly especially. In my thoughts and prayers everyday... I love ya kid, Cheryl

susie frank Monday, 9/26/05, 5:26 AM
hi kelly hope your pain is easing and you will be home soon, we all are here for you and stay strong and keep up the faith, it will get better. we love ya girlfriend hang in there you can do it bill and matt too xxoo

D.rich Monday, 9/26/05, 2:05 AM
Hey Kell, when you come home I am coming to visit you when your up to it, there's someone i want you to meet!!:) He really wants to meet you too! Always in our thoughts and prayers!!! <33333 always D.Rich

Ellen Sunday, 9/25/05, 8:07 PM
Hey Kelly - just wanted to let you know that the last message from Laura Shay - she was the opening act for Jared Campbell at SUNY Anderson Center. Her voice was unbelievable. I bought her CD's so you can listen to her when you get home. Our prayers will always be with you!!! Can't wait to take you shopping and lunch. Hurry home. Ellen

Laura Shay Sunday, 9/25/05, 7:20 PM
Kelly, My name is Laura, and I recently played a show in Binghamton which your mother attended. I heard about your story, and I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine how you must feel, but please know that you are special and truly loved! I expect to see you at the next show! All my love to you, honey. Stay strong girl! Laura
E-mail:  laura@laurashay.com

Lorraine Bruster Sunday, 9/25/05, 5:08 PM
Kelly,Deb,and Mike, I have been thinking about you constantly. The girls from H.S. have been keeping me informed on how you are doing. I am so impressed by your courage and strength!!(all of you) It seems like EVERYWHERE I go I run into someone with your braclet on kel. You are loved by, and have touched so many people. Brianna asks about you everyday !! love you. hope to see you all soon.
E-mail:  Dbruster@stny.rr.com

Nana Sunday, 9/25/05, 1:09 PM
Hi Kell.... It's wonderful that you were able, physically and mentally and let's not forget emotionally, to endure these 12 "Gold Club" treatments. Bravo for you!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you will be home for awhile to rest and prepare for the next battle...I am sure you will also go through that with flying colors in spite of the side effects....Have a safe trip home....I love you!!!!!!!!

AC Sunday, 9/25/05, 9:42 AM
Congrats on reaching Gold Club status! It proves that you have the strength to stand up to anything. That is amazing. Now let your mental strength and our prayers do the rest - to get you through 'till your next treatment. You're being very brave - realizing the effects these treatments have on the body - hopefully yours will be minimal. It's encouraging to us all knowing that you are pushing the doctors to provide you with the maximum treatment allowed. You are giving yourself every opportunity to turn this around - stay strong. We'll be sure to see you when you return home.
E-mail:  Ajones6@stny.rr.com

LC Saturday, 9/24/05, 7:48 PM
Kel....youre so hott...what can i say....but i havent been blinded by your hottness in a while sooo thatll probably have to happen soon cause my eyes are getting dark....hahaha and OMG our soccer team played JC the other night...eww and i saw HIM :0 soo i need to see you soon cause my eyes are pretty stressed out meow :P LOVE YOU KEL:D:D

Jen Dayton Saturday, 9/24/05, 7:19 PM
Hi Kelly, You really didn't know me to well...i am Lex Morgan's friend i saw you a couple times here and there. You are talked about a lot in church and you are in our prayers! Hope you get tons better! :) Love, Jen and Family

Jen Dayton Saturday, 9/24/05, 7:14 PM
Hi Kelly, You really didn't know me to well...i am Lex Morgan's friend i saw you a couple times here and there. You are talked about a lot and church and you are in our prayers! Hope you get tons better! :) Love, Jen and Family

Bill & Fay Richardson Saturday, 9/24/05, 6:58 PM
Hi Kelly, this is your cousins, Bill and Fay Richardson. We heard about your illness and want you to know that our thoughts are with you at this time. Never forget the power of prayer, it keeps you strong and helps you get through the tough times. Deb and Mike, you and your family will remain in our prayers. You will beat this!! Love, Bill and Fay Richardson and Family.
E-mail:  beachbumfay17@msn.com

E-mail:  DCdancergal@aol.com

Liz Heller Thursday, 9/22/05, 5:32 PM
Hey Kelly! i hope your chemo is going good and that your an inspiration of hope and determination to all of us who are praying for you.. continue to show your strength and come through this :) <3 always Liz
E-mail:  basketball05s@aol.com

LC Thursday, 9/22/05, 4:37 PM
Kell....havent talked to you in a while i know this week was tough...but its going to get better right? now theres no where to go but up:) soo yeah that was pretty corny but i love you and i have that tape from the benefit at the PC its pretty funny ill get it to you ASAP!! promise...soo ill see you soon i love you baby! <3 one of your favs....LC
E-mail:  LC2029@aol.com

Ellen Thursday, 9/22/05, 3:21 PM
Hi Kelly, well one more day and your week will be over. I know you are anxious to get home soon. You are so much prayed for and loved. You are such a strong person, you are an inspiration to all of us. We love you and pray for you with all of our hearts. Take Care of yourself, and hope to see you soon.... Ellen & Ry, tell mom and dad we said hello.
E-mail:  esharpe@binghamton.edu