Kelly's Hope Benefit - August 27, 2005, Chenango Ice Rink
Wow, what a party this was.  Hundreds of people attended the benefit at Chenango Ice Rink.  Classmates and neighbors, relatives and friends all spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the sun.  All the calculations are not yet complete, but here are some interesting facts about the benefit:
- The Chicken BBQ was a big success.  410 chicken halves were prepared and sold.  A try-out for the Binghamton Jr Senator's was being held in the Ice Rink, and the Jr Senator's purchased 100 chickens for the kids and parents.  A crew was sent to Giant market about 5:00 to buy 100 more chicken halves to meet the demand.  The 'chefs' not only cooked a delicious meal, but were part of the entertainment as well (see below).
- A Karaoke machine was available, and several people took a turn to entertain the crowd.  The Chefs made a challenge for $150 to be collected, and when the goal was met they took the stage for a stirring, emotional version of "Man, I feel like a Woman".  The heat of the bbq pit may have been getting to a few of them.
- A large number of people took advantage of the ice rink to go skating, a nice break on a warm and humid day.  One minor accident led to Max Ginty ending up with 9 stitches above his eye, but he was back to the party before it was over to show off his new scar.
- Many tickets were sold for the basket raffles and 50-50.  There were some really nice baskets and prizes up for grabs.  The winner of the 50-50 drawing Jan Felter donated her winnings to the cause.
- Many CF classmates showed up, including approximately 1/2 of the Varsity and JV Football players. 

In addition to those businesses and individuals listed in the box above, a special Thank You goes out to all those who helped plan, organize, set up, sell tickets, prepare and serve food, prepare raffle baskets, clean up, and all the other jobs required to make this benefit a success. 

I have posted about 70 pictures of the event on a photo sharing site, it is accessible by clicking here or on the button below.  This site will allow you to view pictures at a larger size, and you can also download them from here.  The site has a print ordering option, which I have not tried but that appears to be reasonably priced.  If you have pictures of the benfit you'd like added to this photo album, please e-mail them using the 'Contact Us' link.

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Special Thanks to the following Businesses & Donors who helped make the benefit possible:

Chenango Ice Rink
Maines Paper & Food
Burns Tent Rental
Rocco J Testani
A.V. Mincolla
Davy's Last Chance Saloon
Taylor Rental
Son's of Italy
Jr. Bing. Senators
Chris Kilmer
Binghamton Univ
Neil Guiles
Southern Tier Block
Ladybug Karoake