January 3, 2006
Arrangements have been made for the funeral services for Kelly.  A Funeral Mass will be offered Friday, January 9th, 10:00 AM at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, 9 Leroy Street, Binghamton.
Friends may call at the J. A. McCormack Funeral Home, 141 Main Street, Binghamton, Thursday, January 8th, from 3:00 - 7:00 PM. Those wishing, kindly consider memorial contributions to a Chenango Forks Scholarship fund, to be established.
Click here for Kelly's Obituary, in the Binghamton Press.
Click here for a map that shows the location of the Funeral Home and Church.

January 2, 2006
It is with a deep sadness that we announce that Kelly O'Day passed away Monday, January 2nd, at approximately 10:00 PM, in Wilson Hospital.   With her family by her side, she broke free of the pain and suffering of this world, and went to her eternal home, where we will meet again some day.  Determined, courageous, and a fighter to the end, may her life be an inspiration to all those she has touched in these past months.
Information regarding services will be posted on this site as soon as they are available.  The Guest Book link is available to send your messages for the family, and to share your memories of Kelly. 

December 30, 2005
Kelly was home for Christmas Eve, and spent some of Christmas Day at home as well, but was taken back to the hospital later in the day due to some trouble she was having breathing.  She was re-admitted to Wilson hospital, and is in the Oncology ward there.  Doctor's believe her breathing problems were caused by the latest Chemo treatment she had received, and they are giving her some breathing assistance.  Her white blood count is very low, and she is still battling an infection and on antibiotics, so the O'Days are requesting no visitors at this time.  
While she was home on Christmas Eve, Kelly was able to give Mike and Deb presents she had picked out for them.  I'm sure these are very meaningful gifts for them at this time.
Please keep Kelly and the family in your prayers.  Pray that some way might be found to fight back the infections and cancer.  Pray that Kelly might find comfort from the pain she is in, and that the entire family continues to find strength and courage from Kelly.
Happy New Year Kelly!

On a separate note, Kelly's IBM laptop has developed problems and will no longer power on.  If anyone with any knowledge of hardware thinks they could help, please use the 'Contact Us' link to let me know.

December 23, 2005
We are very happy to say that Kelly is coming home Christmas Eve!! She is as strong as she can be for now, but still gets tired very easily, as her blood counts are down.  The O'Days are looking forward to spending a much needed, very quiet Christmas with the family, and want to make it as peaceful as possible for Kelly.  The O'Days ask that everyone please call before visiting, as there are times when Kelly is really not able to see anyone.   Visit's are great, but they can be very overwhelming and exhausting for Kelly, and she needs to maintain her strength.  Also, if anyone is sick, even with just a cough, they cannot visit and expose Kelly to those potential germs.  The O'Days hope everyone understands the need to protect Kelly in this way.  In lieu of a visit or call, please post a Christmas greeting for Kelly on the Kellyshope  message board.
The O'Day family passes along their wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.  Please continue to keep Kelly and the entire family in your thoughts and prayers.  In this holiday season when we celebrate the birth of Christ, remember that He came into this world for our sake.  Pray that Kelly and the family might find comfort, strength, and perseverance in the knowledge of His love for us all.
Merry Christmas Kelly.

December 10, 2005
The following update was provided by Deb O'Day (clicking on underlined sections gives more info):
Kel was home for a day last week and got to see her room all decked out with a beautiful Christmas tree and green lights thanks to our wonderful friends and neighbors. She loved it, especially the huge basketball painted on her wall by Sierra with her name and #15.  The house was also decorated, inside and out - many, many thanks to everyone who helped out and made our house look so festive.  Unfortunately, Kel had to go back in the hospital - Wilson - the next day, and has been there since.  A new tumor was found in her hip joint, which is causing a lot of pain, so she has begun radiation to the area. She will have a total of 5 treatments, and hopefully, this will help with her pain. She is eating well, very well, at this time, and hopefully will get stronger everyday. We thank everyone for their continued support and love - it is never ending and helps us get through this most difficult time.
Thanks to the Chenango Forks JV Basketball Boys for their support by wearing green shoelaces  for Kel.  Thanks to Mrs. Testani and crew for making the armbands that the  CF Basketball Girls wear during the games .   Thanks to the Seton Catholic basketball community for honoring Kel, and also to the Chenango Valley basketball girls, who all wore green ribbons in their hair at the game Friday night - it was heartwarming to see, and such a touching gesture. Kelly loves you all, and would be right out there on that court if she could.  Please continue to pray for her.  Thanks to the CF hockey players for supporting Kel by wearing a sticker on their helmets with her initials and a green ribbon of hope.
Kel had a visit from the entire Binghamton University Women's Basketball team and coach today in the hospital - she loved talking with all the players and they gave her some cool stuff too!! And Denny Hamel, the  Binghamton Senators hockey player came to see her and brought her flowers!!
Please keep Kelly and the O'Day family in your daily prayers.  Pray that the most recent tumor might be reduced by the radiation treatments.  Give thanks that Kelly is able to eat better than she has been, and pray that the food might provide her strength.   Pray that God might bring comfort and renewed energy to Kelly to help her keep fighting, and that the O'Days might maintain faith and hope for Kelly.

November 27, 2005
The following update was provided by Deb O'Day:
Kelly was transferred to the oncology floor on Wed - has a beautiful private room with a  view. She continues to have fevers and the doctors still cannot find any infection. We are anxiously awaiting to see the infection control doctor tomorrow - it really is not a good thing to be stuck in a hospital on a holiday weekend we have learned!!  Anyway, Kelly was interviewed by WBNG TV last week and the program will air this Wed Nov 30th at 6pm on channel 12 (2)Wbng with Matt Hobbs, the sports reporter.
Please keep Kelly in your prayers as she continues to battle the infection she is fighting.  Pray that the Specialist might find a way to get it under control so that Kelly can return to her treatments.  Also continue to remember the entire O'Day family as they too struggle with the frustration and anxiety of Kelly's illness.  Pray that God might bring comfort and renewed energy to Kelly to help her keep fighting. 

November 16, 2005
Kelly is currently in the Pediatric Ward of Wilson Hospital in Johnson City.  She has developed a blood infection in the Mediport site (a tube used to administer medication).  It's been identified as bacterial strep, and is being treated with antibiotics.   It is hoped that Kelly will only need to be in the hospital a couple of days, until the infection is controlled. 
Please keep Kelly in your prayers as she recovers from this latest ailment.  Pray that the infection is successfully controlled and Kelly can return home soon.  Remember to pray for the entire O'Day family as they help to comfort Kelly and keep her spirits up.

November 15, 2005
The following update was provided by Deb O'Day:
Kelly is home, trying to get stronger. some days she is good, others not so good.  Today we went to the doctor - she sees Dr. Harris locally at Broome Oncology, who is absolutely wonderful!!!!  She has a fever so he started her on an antibiotic.  He postponed her chemo until Thursday, so she has to lay low the next few days - with limited visitors.   We're still waiting for the results of a blood test she had last week to determine if she has a certain antibody that she needs in order to be able to get the next treatment at NCI in Maryland.  We should know by the end of this week - keep your fingers crossed please!!  Kelly went to basketball practice a few times. she was interviewed on the court by WBNG TV, and the story should air some time next week - that was pretty exciting for her!! Our friends and family continue to be amazing in their support and we thank them so very much.
Please keep Kelly and the entire O'Day family in your prayers daily.   Pray specifically for Kelly's body to develop the right antibodies to enable treatment to continue, and for her to develop strength for  when the next treatments begin.   Pray that the fever she has developed will be controlled, and for the doctors to make wise decisions in plotting her course of treatment.
And remember to watch for her interview on WBNG-TV!!

October 30, 2005
The following update was provided by Deb O'Day:
Kel and I always look forward to the new pictures and daily postings. The ongoing love and support continues to amaze us, and we thank everyone so much. Thanks to all those who attended the mass at St. Pat's also. We heard that it was very beautiful.
Kelly has been a trooper these last few weeks, undergoing many tests and procedures.  She had another blood transfusion yesterday, so she is looking pretty rosy now. The main issue has been trying to get her nausea and vomiting under control, as well as her pain, and this has been very challenging for the doctors here. Nothing seems to work. She is losing weight fast, and they may end up putting in a feeding tube on Monday in order for her to get adequate nutrition.  Also, she had chemotherapy yesterday, and has tolerated it well so far.  Radiation to the spinal tumor is scheduled for November 4th, and we are hoping to come home after that. We need to get her healthier to go get her next treatment. Kelly got a baseball signed by her favorite player Derek Jeter!! That definately brought a huge smile to her face. She has proudly shown it off to anyone who comes in her room!!  Some of her friends from home visited today, and it really lifted her spirits...
Your thoughts and prayers continue to be a blessing to the O'Days as Kelly continues her fight.  Please keep Kelly and the entire family in your prayers daily.   Pray specifically for healing in the areas that doctors are targeting, and pray also that Kelly might find comfort from the pain, and all the side-effects of the treatment. 

October 13, 2005
Kelly continues to be at Sloan Kettering in NYC, and on Tuesday she underwent a PET scan to assess the status of her cancer.  Unfortunately, the scan showed that the cancer has spread since the last scan was taken.  Her doctors are now setting another strategy for treatment, basically deciding to discontinue the Interleukin-2 treatments, and moving to a course of combined radiation and chemo treatments.  Some patients are found to be much more responsive to traditional chemotherapy when they are removed from the IL-2 treatments, and obviously that is what they are looking to happen with Kelly.   She will remain at Sloan for the near future to receive her next course of treatment and for observation. 
The O'Days wish to thank everyone who participated in the Team Trivia event to benefit Kelly.  It was the highest attendance level ever for events hosted by GBAR, and it raised $6000 for  Kelly.
Many people who have visited Kelly have commented how much she  appreciates and looks forward to visiting this website, and reading the messages that are posted here.  As I write this entry, there are 758 posts to the Guestbook, I encourage everyone who visits to make an entry, even if you have done so before,  and let her know she is in your thoughts and prayers.   To post to the guestbook, look for the Guest Book icon at the bottom of the main screen, and click on the 'Sign In' button.
Please keep Kelly and the O'Day family in your prayers.  Pray that despite news that wasn't what she had hoped for, Kelly might still be able to maintain her faith, strength, and determination.  Pray that the doctors might be able to find the right combination of treatments to control and reduce the cancer.  Pray that some of the pain and nausea Kelly is experiencing might lesson.   Pray that the O'Days might be able to find some peace and comfort to help Kelly continue her fight.

October 3, 2005
The following update was posted by Deb O'Day (Kelly's Mom) in the guestbook.  I am reposting it here, just in case you missed it there.
Hello everyone - Well, Kel and I are back at Sloane, unfortunately. She got very dehydrated and the local docs thought she would be better off in NYC so we came down via ambulance (not a fun ride) on Friday. Her blood counts have been very low, so she got a blood transfusion yesterday - she is a little more colorful today - pink cheeks now - but continues to have nausea and vomiting, so they need to work on those issues before she can resume the IL2 treatment at Columbia on the 10th or the 17th. She is extremely happy the Yanks won, and Sean owes her $10 bucks which she wants asap!! (the bet was changed to this game Kel said). We continue to be amazed at the support from our friends, family, neighbors, school and the community. Sounds like the CF/CV football game was beautiful with all the balloons for Kel and we were so sorry we could not be there.We could not get through this without everyone's love and support; the words "thank you" somehow just don't seem enough, but we truly are grateful and do thank you all from the bottom of our hearts...........Much Love, Mike, Deb, Kelly, Colleen, & Katie..............
Please remember Kelly in your prayers as she continues her fight.  Pray that the transfusion she received will help to stabilize her blood counts and help her to feel better.  Pray that she would feel the love and support of all those that are thinking of her and praying for her.

September 27, 2005
Kelly returned home from NYC last night.  She completed the 12th Interleukin-2 treatments in this series, which is a tremendous feat of courage and strength.  The treatments have her feeling 'yucky' and weak, but that is expected with these treatments.  She will remain at home until the 10th of October, when she will return to NYC to start the next round of treatments, given her indicator levels are at an appropriate level.  If they aren't, she will wait one more week and return to NYC on the 17th. 
This Saturday's Varsity Football game against CV will also be 'Kelly Day'.  To show your support for Kelly, everyone who attends is asked to wear green, and your "Kelly's Hope" bracelets or T-shirts, if you have them.   Green balloons will be handed out, and bracelets and t-shirts will also be on sale.  Come out and show your support for Kelly!
Please remember to keep Kelly in your prayers as she struggles with the side effects of her treatments.  Pray that she would feel strength and confidence, and that the treatments might do the job they are intended for and attack the cancer cells.

September 24, 2005
Kelly remains in NYC, where she is continuing with Interleukin-2 treatments.  Chemotherapy is administered in IV 'bags', and Kelly will be receiving her 12th 'bag' with this treatment.  This is a target level that Doctor's set (evidently called the Gold Club), but that not all patient's are able to reach due to the difficult side-effects of the treatments.  Kelly's doctors are very proud of her for being strong enough physically and emotionally to get to this level.  Her white blood cell count is low, but still high enough to enable treatment to continue, which is good news.   Once this latest treatment is complete, Kelly and family hope to return Monday.  She will take a few weeks off from treatments, and then return to NYC again to start the 2nd round.
Kelly continues to show incredible strength and bravery, no doubt buoyed by everyone's thoughts and prayers.  Please continue to remember Kelly in your prayers as she struggles with the side-effects of her treatment.   Pray for her strength, courage, and faith to continue to grow.  Pray that the treatment administered might do it's job successfully and attack the cancer in Kelly's body.  Also continue to pray for the O'Day family as they support Kelly. 

September 14, 2005
Kelly returned home today to spend the weekend.  She will rest up and get ready to return to NYC Sunday, with the plan being to start the first Interleukin-2 treatments on Monday.
Please keep Kelly in your thoughts and prayers as she spends some time at home the next few days.  Pray for her strength and courage to increase as she prepares to face the next challenge.  

September 13, 2005
Kelly met with Dr. Kaufman at New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia University Medical Center, where they will pursue a course of Interleukin-2 treatments.  This is an intense treatment with a 5 day course, 2-3 weeks off, and then a 2nd round.  After 2 rounds they will run another set of scans to assess progress.   Kelly's white blood cell count needs to increase before they can start the treatments.  O'Days are considering a return home this weekend, but Kelly is eager to stay in NYC and get started with treatments.  Her attitude is upbeat and she is ready to move on to this next course of treatment.
Kelly's faith and determination should be an encouragement to us all.  Her desire for us to pray louder is your invitation to take the time to pray for her at every opportunity.  Web site statistics show that the approx. 11,600 site visits to date include hits from across the USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, and Asia.  With people in all those places praying, we can really crank up the volume! Invest your love for Kelly in prayer.  Pray for her to find courage and strength as she faces the challenge of a new set of treatments.  Pray for her to maintain an upbeat outlook, and for her white cell count to return to a level that she can begin treatments.  Also remember the O'Day family, and pray that they find a peace in this time of tension and turmoil.

September 12, 2005
Results of the scans taken over the weekend were not what we had all hoped for.  Doctors are exploring new treatment options.  Meanwhile, Kelly's white cell counts are currently too low for any new  treatments to begin, so they will lie low in NYC this week until the levels stabilize. 
The O'Days wanted to pass along a report on the past weekends activities.  Lori and Chas Morgan spent the weekend with them in NYC.  The score of the Yankee game evidently influenced them in such a way that one of them (allegedly Chas) was caught violating an open container law.  Mike finally had to resort to flashing... his badge in order to keep Chas out of the NYC big house.  Mike again had to resort to flashing... his badge when Chas accidentally allowed a parking meter to run dry on a NYC street and was facing a $110 parking ticket.  Somewhere along the way, they managed to meet Yogi Berra, who I'm sure had some fine words of wisdom for them.
Kelly and the O'Day family pass along special thanks to everyone for their on-going support, prayers, etc.  Mike walked several miles to St. Patrick's cathedral to light a candle for Kelly.  We need to continue to make the same kind of commitment to Kelly with our own prayers and support.  After reviewing the scans, Kelly remarked 'I guess Gods not hearing us, we need to pray louder!'.   One voice yelling alone can be loud, but the cumulative affect of hundreds or thousands of voices at once is the easiest way to make the loudest noise.  Everyone please continue to remember Kelly and her family in your prayers.  Pray for a healing grace, and for the doctors to find the right treatment.  Pray for continued strength and courage for Kelly.

September 6, 2005
Kelly was released from the hospital on Sept 2nd, and stayed with her Aunt in New Jersey for a few days.  She returned home today (the 6th) in time to see the Girls JV soccer game against Seton.   She will be returning to NYC on the 9th, and will be in Yankee Stadium on the 10th to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox.  On Sunday the 11th she will go through a new set of scans, and then will consult with Dr. Chapman on the 12th.  Tuesday, Sept 13th will be the start of Round 3 of treatments, which will be determined by the outcome of the scans.
Please continue to remember Kelly and her family in your prayers.  Pray for God's healing grace to be revealed in the scans, and that the treatments might be proving to be successful.  Pray for guidance and wisdom for Doctors as they chart the next course of treatments.  Pray for the family as they go through the stressful time of waiting for results and next steps.  Above all, pray for Kelly to continue to be strong and brave in the face of all that faces her.

August 30, 2005
For those of you who may not have seen it in the guestbook, here is the latest update, posted by Kelly herself:
good morning, it is 10:15 On tuesday the update is my dad (mike) will be coming home today while me and my mom (debbie) stay in nyc. i am unable to come home yet because of being sick and not having a BM (yes leos dad will love i included that in here) i wanna thank a lot of ppl who have done so much for me. starting with the binghamton police department. my benifit in july was incredible. special thanks to the curleys i love you guys. next id like to thannk bobbi jo n scott soule you guys truly are like my 2nd parents haha and i appreciate and love what u did for me. this is gonna be a long hard road but i can do it. finally my friends, stay strong im doing this cuz of you! i love you all:) thanks
Please continue to remember Kelly and her family in your prayers. Pray that Kelly will continue to be brave and strong despite some of the physical issues brought on by her treatments.  She's staying strong for us, we need to keep praying for her!

August 25, 2005
Kelly and Family made it safely to NYC Monday, and Kelly started her new round of treatments on Tuesday.  What she received last trip was a Bio-Chemo, a mixture of 5 different drugs which Doctors decided was too intense for her based on the after affects she suffered, so they have switched to a more conventional CVT treatment.  Kelly is feeling fatigued and nauseous, but is still regularly checking her messages on the website.  The plan is for a 4 day stay at Sloane, but they have decided not to rush back to Binghamton after the difficulties of the last treatment, and will stay in NYC for at least a day or two more.  Kelly enjoyed a visit in the hospital from Nana and Aunt Barb, but she doesn't seem too pleased to be sharing a room with an 'older' woman who likes to leave the TV on all night. 
Ann Marie Faughnan has donated her hair to "Locks of Love", and is now sporting a new 'do in honor of Kelly.  We hope to have a picture to include on this site soon!
Please continue to remember Kelly and her family in your prayers. Pray that this new set of treatments will work to shrink the cancer, that Doctors will be guided to make the right decisions, that Kelly will find strength, comfort, and encouragement, and that the family may find some peace and maintain the positive attitude needed to help Kelly through the treatments.

August 20, 2005
Ann Marie Faughnan reports that Kelly walked to their house for a visit (see her post in the Guest book on Saturday), and that she looked great!  The messages posted in the Guest Book are a real enjoyment to Kelly, and according to her Mom they are also good exercise, as they 'get her off the couch' to go downstairs to the computer to read them.  She is definitely impressed by the number of hits on this website, as well as the Guest Book entries.  Kelly and the family will be leaving for NYC Monday morning for an afternoon appointment, and then she will  be admitted for her next round of chemo, which will be Tuesday through Saturday.  Unfortunately, it looks like she won't be back in town in time for the Benefit at Chenango Ice Rink on the 27th, but her thoughts will be with all of us that are there.  I got the chance to talk to Kelly this afternoon, and it was a great visit.  We talked all about the first scrimmage today for the Varsity and JV football teams, she was real interested in how everybody did.  We also talked about some ideas for the website, some of which I will be adding in the coming weeks.  One item we agreed on is a photo album, so if anyone has any favorite photos they'd like to share, please use the "Contact Us" link to send them via e-mail. 
Kelly now has a laptop computer, so hopefully no more problems staying in touch while she's in the hospital in NYC.  Keep watching for her on IM!

August 17, 2005
This is the first report on Kelly's progress to be posted to this website.  The past days have been spent trying to get treatment side effects and medications under control.  Kelly is feeling better, and her bloodwork has returned to a normal range.  This means she will be able to travel to Sloan-Kettering on August 22nd for her next round of treatments, which will occur during the 23rd to 27th. 

Prayer is a powerful force in our world.  Please pray that the  treatments given will do the work intended, that Doctors will be guided to make the right decisions, that Kelly will face the next round of treatments with faith and determination, and that the family may find some peace and maintain the positive attitude needed to help Kelly through the treatments.