Susan Kollar Tuesday, 9/13/05, 8:35 PM
Kelly, We are sending our love and prayers to you and your family. We think about you a lot and wish we could make things better. Chris keeps us updated on your progress. Stay strong - and we will stay strong in our prayers and love. Tony, Susie, Maureen and Eric Kolla

Ryan Sharpe Tuesday, 9/13/05, 7:49 PM
Hi Kelly, I am glad today went better. My mom fills me in about your progress all the time as well as this great web page. She is so worried about you. But we all know how strong you are. Just by all the people signing in, you are so popular. I can't wait to meet you in person. Ryan Sharpe
KC Hawkes Tuesday, 9/13/05, 6:47 PM
kelly<333!! hey i was soo happy to see you the other day at the soccer game.!! Stay strong and don't loose hope<3 im praying for you

Linda Plows Tuesday, 9/13/05, 5:11 PM
Hi Kelly...Just wanted to let you know we are still praying and pulling for you and please make sure you keep your chin up and we will pray louder up here for you also.....keep are beautiful!! :)
Mike and Carol Lynch Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:43 PM
Kelly, Our congregation at Lynnwood Reformed Church in Guilderland NY continues to pray for your continued strength and courage and your successful treatment and recovery. With all of this prayer, the support of your great family and friends and your determination and strength, we are sure that you will beat this. We think about you every day. Carol and Mike Lynch
Lynn Yetsko Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:31 PM
Hey Kelly, I just forgot....maybe you guys would have met Derek if your Mom had flashed her boob (OK, you guys that don't know the story, just ignore this, it's a BU Health Service thing!). Of course Yogi was probably interested because he has bifocals (everything looks better up close!) Your Dad is too busy flashing his badge to notice Mom's flashing!
Ann Marie Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:18 PM
Kels, It was great talking to you yesterday and today. I will call school tomorrow to get some work for you. I am so happy you guys liked Dr. Kaufman.The Interluken 2 treatment sounds promising..I know you can't wait to get started!! Your attiude is awesome. Stay strong and know we are all here praying LOUDLY for you. Love, Ann Marie and the gang
Lynn Yetsko Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:17 PM
"Great changes may not happen right away, but with even the difficult, they become easy" ...(Bill Blackman) Kelly....You will never know how many Vestal kids are wearing your bracelets!! I am the crazy lady who works with your Mom and has not only altered Katie's prom gowns, but I've repaired LOTS of Reilly's(?)"chewing on the pillow" disasters! That's OK, my dogs are even worse!...OK I lie, maybe not. My daughter Brianna is a junior at Vestal, and she can't say enough about your support there! Hang in there girl!! You have lots of friends all over the community that are there for you. Brianna has never met you, but she wears your bracelet proudly, because she knows the power of all of our prayers!! Love to Mom and Dad. Lynn
Colleen & Stew Anklin Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:17 PM
Kelly: We are friends of your "Uncle Bob" and Aunt Maura. We ran into them this past weekend at the Irish Fest in Syr (imagine that???? Hmmmm). They were filling us in on your story and we felt we had to drop you a note to say that you are in our prayers. You are young and strong - and beautiful I might add - and that is certainly a positive in situations such as yours. Besides, knowing your Aunt Maura, it must mean that you are full of spunk and determination. Even though "Uncle Bob" is not related, I bet a bit of his humor and good looks will rub off in some small way as well. Sounds like you are surounded by love and prayers which can only mean good things. Take good care, enjoy your friends and family, and we hope to meet you someday down the road. Colleen and Stew

Kristy Topa Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:11 PM
hey kellyyy..i was sorry to hear about the news the other day but don't give up,pray for the best and that the next treatment will turn everything around! i admire how brave you are,stay strong and don't stop believing!<3<3
Ellen Sharpe Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:09 PM
Kelly, my prayers are with you and your family today and always. You will get through this! Your parents, family and friends won't have it any other way. I may just have to get out my karokee machine and make sure GOD hears me... Of course, then I'll have to sing my gloria gaynor song, for you "I will survive." Because you are a survivor... Prayers, hugs and kisses go out to you all. Love, Ellen and Ryan

me Tuesday, 9/13/05, 3:54 PM
hey. im praying for you as many others are
Lori Tuesday, 9/13/05, 3:16 PM
Hot Kels, I'm so glad today was a better day. I know you can get through this next treatment, even tho it will be very tough. You always face everything with so much courage. You have so many freinds and family praying for you everyday. When one door closes another one opens. Hopefully this treatment will be the right one. Spending the weekend in NY was great! I'm sorry about Derek, but i think your dad got a thrill out of meeting Yogi haha. Your dad probably never had to use his badge so much in one weekend. But Chaz is gone so he can finally put it away. But it is always handy to have when Chaz is around. I also got a big thrill last night when I was at the girls soccer game and my phone rang..... and it was the new york yankees!!!!! I almost fell off the bleachers lol. But at least I have their phone # so I'll keep on working on the Derek thing!! Maybe if i bug them enough????????????????? Well get strong so you can start your new treatment. Love from all the Morgans'
Susan Gahwyler Tuesday, 9/13/05, 3:12 PM
Hi kelly - Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and hope you are feeling well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong!! Susan
Megan Molter Tuesday, 9/13/05, 2:51 PM
kelly jeanne.!! i know the news you got wasnt what you wanted to hear but i know youre strong and i know you can do this. dont give up, dont lose hope, you have sooooo many people that care a lot about you and that are praying for you. i love you hun! stay strong.<3
Mima Tuesday, 9/13/05, 1:38 PM
Hi Kel, Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Ann Marie is keeping me up to date on any news. Please keep the faith although sometimes it is very difficult to do so. Give Mom & Dad a hug for me and here is a big one for you OOOOOOOO. Take care & God Bless. Love, Mima
Sally H. Tuesday, 9/13/05, 1:02 PM
Hi Kelly, Deb & Tweeter...I can't even imagine what you must be going through....the roller coaster of emotions. You keep fighting Kel and we'll keep praying. I've never met anyone with the strength and courage that you have!! You are truly an amazing young lady! Keep your chin up...brighter days are ahead. Know our love and prayers and thoughts are with you all.
susie frank Tuesday, 9/13/05, 12:34 PM
kelly what wonderful news.we are so happy to hear .our prayers are being answered,Dr. Kaufman will be able to help you even more. so honey hang in there .you have to we are all pulling for you sweety. take care and hi to mom and dad. we love you lots.xxxooo

Aleith Tuesday, 9/13/05, 12:30 PM
Hello Kelly; Yesterday we were all very sad and teary eyed about the news. But,,,,TODAY, what terrific news. We are praying for you everyday. Like your Nana said, I guess God is doing this in his own time. I wish that he could move a little faster. I am so happy for you and your mom and dad. What a day! Hang in there and keep smiling that beautiful smile. I can see your beautiful smile right now. Take care of yourself. We love you. God Bless. Mrs. Lord
Nana Tuesday, 9/13/05, 11:42 AM
Hi Kell...... Just spoke to Mom and she told me all about your visit with Dr. Kaufman...sounds very encouraging..I'm sure he made you feel better...I know that God is listening and he will CURE YOU.. but I guess He wants to do it in His own time...never give up hope...I will not!!!!!!!!! Love always...Nana
christine curley Tuesday, 9/13/05, 11:28 AM
Just hung up from hearing your beautiful voice. We are all so happy to hear some encouraging news! I know how thrilled you all are. Everyone here at the VA is so happy and sends you many good wishes. I already told you how "hot" the guys think you are! hang in there kiddo. Better days are coming!!! we love you!!
Missy Hope Tuesday, 9/13/05, 8:38 AM
Dear Kelly - We are friends of Allie and Corey, Patty and Marty Bruet. We live in Massachusetts and we have been thinking about you and praying for you all summer! We have a Kelly's Hope wristband too! We're happy that we can check your website now to see how you're doing because I was asking Patty for regular updates before. It looks like you have a ton of friends and people who love you. You are an inspiration to US and to many others, I'm sure, in a way you might not even realize! Praying that you feel as well as possible all the time! Love, Joe, Missy and Will (6) Hope, North Attleboro, MA
Tina Bommarito Tuesday, 9/13/05, 8:22 AM
Hey Kelly...I am sorry to hear that things are not going as planned....unfortunatley these things can take alittle longer than expected....Keep you spirits up because positive enegry is very important. I will continue to pray for you, always! Be strong! Love Tina xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
Tina Bommarito Tuesday, 9/13/05, 8:20 AM
KG Tuesday, 9/13/05, 7:59 AM
Kelly-As I think about the pain and suffering you and your family are going through it brings back memories of Laurie's (LG) illness. For weeks and months there was nothing but bad news resulting from all the scans, MRI's, blood tests, procedures, etc... performed on her. But in the end, through great medical care and especially through prayer, things turned around. The message is that with patience, perseverence and never ending faith, positive things will eventually happen. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.
Marie Tuesday, 9/13/05, 7:39 AM
Kelly, Mike, Deb, I was so disapointed to hear the results of the scans. I wish I could be there to give you a foot rub Kel, and to help you. We're all gonna pray harder!!!! Stay strong---all of you. XO Murray, Joseph, Scott, Criston, and James
Theresa Tuesday, 9/13/05, 7:27 AM
Hi Kelly, sorry to hear about yesterday's results, none of us wanted them and we are all bummed about it, but we will all continue to pray hard and loud for you!! God sometimes gives us the longer, more winding road to follow, but I know deep down you will get there, it may just take a little longer...keep your chin up and fight even harder than you have, you can do it and we are all there cheering you on! love, theresa

Kathy Tronovitch Tuesday, 9/13/05, 7:15 AM
Kelly, We think and talk about you often and check with the Faughnan's and Morgan's about your progress. Even if the days seem bleak at the moment I am confident that brighter days are ahead. I am just amazed at the love, support, and prayers that are being sent your way. You must be a wonderful girl to have all of these blessings. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are added to the many many others. Hoping and praying for your strength to continue and that you will be happy and healthy very soon. Rob, Kathy, Ryan and Katie Tronovitch. PS.Rob was part of the original "Mothercluckers" and I have to tell you it was a sight! And as much as we are hoping for your health to return, I CAN NOT allow him to sing the National Anthem at the football game! The rest of the family still needs to keep their dignity even if he has none!! He can hum along from his seat!!! Tell your parents hello and if they need anything we are here.
Alisa Tuesday, 9/13/05, 5:58 AM
Kelly, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Emily Grace is always talking about you and looks forward to playing w/ you again soon! I love and miss you very much! Alisa (Scott, Emily Grace and Sophia Belle too!)
Sra. Byrnes Tuesday, 9/13/05, 5:54 AM
Hola Lola, Stay stong!!! I know you can beat this. You have a great attitude and we will pray louder for you. The whole community is behind you. We miss you!! Jenny came to see me at the beginning of 7th period yesterday. :)
Lynette Menichelli Tuesday, 9/13/05, 4:07 AM
Hello Kelly-Here's a message from your nieghbors up the hill-the Menichelli's: We WILL pray louder for you and we continue to hold you dearly in our thoughts. We will pray God will lead the doctors to find the right treatment to help you fight this. So you went to Yankee Stadium? My parents used to take us to games when I was your age. We saw Catfish Hunter, Thurman Munson, and my favorite Reggie Jackson. Of course I could kick myself now for not getting any autographs! Reggie was sooo cool-but he didn't like signing autographs. I am sure you and your family and friends had as much fun (or even more!) than we did years ago. You take care of yourself, stay strong, and we will make sure God hears us today, honey. Lynette
Shaughna Szymanski Monday, 9/12/05, 7:00 PM
Hey Kelly! Tall-Ay here ;-) Just wanted to let you know that we all miss you so much! Keep your head up and stay strong, because I know you can AND WILL beat this! We all need you! (Especially because Tall- Ay and Shor-Tay would just not be complete without our Med-Ay!!!) My mom and dad both say "Hi!" and we are keeping you in our prayers all the time. Well I hope you can read this soon and know that you are always on our mind. I know you have the power in you and everyone else knows that too, and you are going to show everyone what you are made of! I can't wait to talk to you, and remember... I'm always here for you! Even if you just want to talk about the football game (where Forks definitely kicked our butts! ;) or whatever and anything at all! haha I will be more than glad just to listen... haha oh boy! I think I have written enough here, well I just wanted to check in and I feel bad that I haven't written on here in awhile. Oh and before I forget! I have a picture that I want to get to you! Maybe I'll mail it... because getting mail is always fun, right?! haha well I'm sure you will enjoy the picture... and I will be talking to you later! I LOOOOOVE YOUU MED*AY SOOO VERY MUCH! <3,always... TallAy!
Sally G. Monday, 9/12/05, 6:42 PM
Hey Kelly, You are always in our thoughts--dont give up--you are so important to so many people! Imagine, almost 11,000 hits on this site--you are truly loved . Elizabeth keeps asking about you, and wants you to come back and babysit. She loves you, as we all do! Sally, Timmy, Kara and Lingey
Aunt Barbara Monday, 9/12/05, 5:25 PM
Kel--whatever, whenever, wherever. and don't ever forget it! anytime, anywhere, anyhow (?). i love u! keep ur head high. we all believe u will beat it! i love u. <3

A*Bru Monday, 9/12/05, 5:14 PM
Hey Kel..I kno that you are really upset and sad but u cant give up cutie..just keeping fighting and i kno u can do it!! I miss you and cant wait 2 see you :):) Love Alwayss Al*
Cassie Monday, 9/12/05, 4:54 PM
Hey Kel, Well today wasn't so great, was it? Just know that I'm always thinking about you. You'll fight this.. I know you will... things get worse before they get better and they will get better! Keep your head high and keep smiling :)
#21 Monday, 9/12/05, 4:13 PM
Kellyy! i miss youuu. Keep your hopes up and the courage you have and you'll make it through anything :) you know i'm always here for you know matter what. Get better so you can come home soon cause we all miss you and want to see you! i love you baby doll! Good Luck love always, megg
susie frank Monday, 9/12/05, 4:12 PM
hi kelly i'm so sorry about the news today honey but you have to hang in there it HAS to get better we all (bill and of course matthew) are all praying for you and we never take our braclets off. so your always with us. stay strong girlfriend .its the hardest thing to do. can't amage what its like but we are here for you and always will be. we love you kelly so hang on honey,please!! say hi to mom and dad and katie and coleen. can't wait to give you a hug. take care love ya xxxooo
Nana Monday, 9/12/05, 3:49 PM
Dear KEll.... I know the news today was disheartening but you have to keep fighting and we all have to keep praying...God will hear us sooner or later!!! I know he will............we need you Kell...keep fighting...........I love you Nana
Katie Curley Monday, 9/12/05, 3:23 PM
Hi there Kelly- I was checking in to see how things are going. I wanted you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Your bravery is an inspiration.

Uncle Bob Monday, 9/12/05, 12:56 PM
Kelly: I know the news today was frustrating, to say the least. Changing medications very often happens, so do not get discouraged. You must keep the strength of your convictions that you will beat this and you will. We are all pulling for you and praying for you and your family. Stay strong. Love, Uncle Bob

Nancy Wolf Monday, 9/12/05, 12:48 PM
Hi Kelly, I want to let you know that I'm thinking of you alot. You've got a big place in my heart. Please tell your mom to feel free to call my brother, Dr. David Wolf, for anything, even in the middle of the night! if she needs to consult him (aren't sisters wonderful.) His home phone is 212-972-7364. Your mom has his office number for other hours. Hugs, xoxo, Nancy Wolf
E-mail:  nwolf@binghamton
christine curley Monday, 9/12/05, 12:24 PM
Ok Kelly-I just was your Mom's note about "how hot is yogi" please don't tell me she has the hots for Yogi Berra!!!! She is really heart up!
Chris and Bill Monday, 9/12/05, 12:22 PM
Hey, We love you guys and you are all in our prayers and thoughts. Hang in there Kelly. You are one of the strongest people we know! Love and hugs, Chris,Bill and Allison
Meg Monday, 9/12/05, 12:13 PM
Kelly, I love you so much and I'm truly amazed and inspired but your never ending courage. You make me want to be so much stronger and I know you can beat this. Stay strong, and don't worry about school. You're not missing much, trust me! I hope to talk to you soon. I love you KJ. Meg

Marlene Pacer Monday, 9/12/05, 11:41 AM
Kelly, Girl you hang there,I think and pray for you all the time,I would so love to meet you some time.You are one heck of a strong girl,Hang in there Marlene Pacer
Maura Monday, 9/12/05, 11:30 AM
Kelly, Stay strong, we are all praying for you. Love you, Aunt Maura
Monday, 9/12/05, 11:13 AM
Kel, Stay strong! We all love you!!! Cheryl, Ty & Meg

Mom Monday, 9/12/05, 11:01 AM
Hey baby girl: You showed amazing courage today in the doctor's office - you know exactly what has to be done, no matter how hard it will be - and that's what you told the doctor you wanted. So we will keep plugging along until we find what works. Dad and I will be with you all the way, as will your sisters, and ALL OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.....we all love you so much!!!P.S. How hot was that Yogi??!!
Lori Coogan Monday, 9/12/05, 10:11 AM
Kelly - Your extreme strong will to fight this is exactly what will get you through this. Stay stronger than that cancer inside and you WILL win!!!! We are saying lots of prayers too. Love you, Your cousin Lori
Uncle Dan Monday, 9/12/05, 4:40 AM
Kelly, As many people are right now, we are praying for encouraging news this morning. Know that you and your family are in our thoughts as we all start this day. Continue to stay strong. Love, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dan, and Danielle

Ellen Monday, 9/12/05, 4:38 AM
Hi Kelly, we're praying for you, so stay strong and tell your mom and dad too. I know it'll be good news today. I can just feel it. Love you and prayers always. Ellen and Ryan

chris and bill Sunday, 9/11/05, 4:44 PM
Hi Kelly, We know you had the scans today and we are praying very hard for you. You stay tough and keep good thoughts in your head. Sorry you had to leave the game. They won today for you though. Talk soon. We love you. The Curleys

chris and bill Sunday, 9/11/05, 4:44 PM
Hi Kelly, We know you had the scans today and we are praying very hard for you. You stay tough and keep good thoughts in your head. Sorry you had to leave the game. They won today for you though. Talk soon. We love you. The Curleys

Morgan White Sunday, 9/11/05, 3:40 PM
Hey Kelly, and Kelly's family, I know we never really hung out much but I'm just letting you know that my family and I are praying and hoping for the best. I really miss you in school and I cant express how much I want for you to get better.Get better soon so I can see a smiling face again. And to your family, stay strong, many of us are praying with you too.

SieRaaaaaaaaaaa (: Sunday, 9/11/05, 10:24 AM
*Hey Kellyyy..Good Luck W. Everything Today Im Hoping Everything Goes Good As Im Sure Alot Of Other People Are Also..Ur Missed Alot In School..But As Long As U Fight It Itll B All Good...But Come Back Soon..I Love You & Miss You..<3Sieraaa!*

Allie Sunday, 9/11/05, 8:59 AM
Hey Kel..Goood Luck 2Day with all ur scans n everything...stay strong hunn..dont lose faith!! i miss you n i love u:) I kno you will do fine n im praying that the scans show that the chemo is workinggg;) Bye Hunn...Allie

Nana Sunday, 9/11/05, 8:29 AM
Good Morning Kell.........Just got back from church with b/j/v/j/j....the whole church was praying for you....I pray for good luck with the scans....see you soon. love ya lots.................. Nana P.S. Hope you had a good time yesterday!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Marlene Pacer Sunday, 9/11/05, 4:57 AM
Kelly, I just wanted to say good luck today with your scans.I'll be praying for you. Marlene

Brooke R. Saturday, 9/10/05, 5:46 PM
Dear Kelly, I don't know you, and you don't know me, but we go to the same school. I heard about you from my friends and decided to visit your website. Remember to be strong and stay positive!

Ellen Sharpe Saturday, 9/10/05, 4:17 PM
Hi Kelly, hope you had a fun time at the game. And didn't bake in the sun too much. CF won in football today, I'm very sad about that! But Ryan and I got to see all the great people of Chenango Forks whom we've met at the benefits. We're praying for you every minute! You are so lucky to have so many people love you and care for you. I love your Nana's notes. Everyone should be so lucky to have someone like her in their life! Love you and GOD BLESS YOU. Ellen

Lexiii Saturday, 9/10/05, 3:17 PM
Kelly that stinks the yanks lost....Jeter musta been too busy checkin you out when he missed that grounder! LUCKY hhaha well I hope you had fun anyways (idk how you couldnt with jeter and arod)! love yahsss <3

BOBBI JO & SCOTT Saturday, 9/10/05, 9:50 AM
E-mail:  SAS3698@YAHOO.COM

Nana Saturday, 9/10/05, 7:50 AM
Good Morning Kel.... Hope u had a good night and today is a perfect day for the game....have a great time....and remember I am always praying for you.....see u soon.....Love Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

susie frank Saturday, 9/10/05, 5:01 AM
hi kelly have a great time at the game.glad you were able to spend time with your friends.sometimes that is the best medicine in the world. tell mom thanks for the special card. stay strong you can get thru this everyone is with you thru this.and we all love you soooo much . your one special girl. the first time i meet you i felt a special bond, and its for ever thru the good and the hang tough girlfriend take care see you soon xxoo

Therese Staiger Saturday, 9/10/05, 4:52 AM
Hi Kelly, Michelle was so excited to see you at the soccer game . You are such an inspiration. Have fun at the game and good luck next week. We are always sending positive thoughts your way. Please say hello to your parents for me. Love, Therese Staiger

Kathy and Brad Phillips Saturday, 9/10/05, 4:13 AM
Hi Kell! Thinking of you this morning. Hope you're doing well. From the emails of your neighbors, it sounds like you are. Your room sounds lovely - pink and green are great together. I'll bet Yankee stadium and the game was just awesome. I don't even really like baseball but we had a great time when we went there a few years back. I have come across some pictures I will send you of parties at Skate Estate and the Lake and etc. John thought they were great of you - there's one where you're jumping into the lake with the group and you're the only one looking at the camera! Then another where you're playing the "Best Friend's Game" and you have a wonderful expression on your face!!! We are so intrigued with "Leo's Dad" and the Mothercluckers. We were so sorry to miss the party at the Polar Cap. Sarah and John had to start school. I know you were unable to attend also, Kel. We would buy tickets to see the Mothercluckers perform again. Would you like to see them too? Brad, John, Sarah and I think and pray for you, your mom and dad and sisters everyday as are all your neighbors, friends and relatives who read this - did you see how many hits this site has had?! We love you!!! Brad, Kathy, Sarah and John X0X0X0X0

Ellen Sharpe Saturday, 9/10/05, 3:53 AM
Kelly, Have fun today. Too bad you'll miss M-E beat CF..... lol that was from Ryan. Like I said, don't hesitate to give Derek my number, he may have misplaced it last time I gave it to him...... Be strong and I'll see you soon... Love ya, Ellen

Maria Urda Friday, 9/9/05, 8:45 PM
Hey Kellllly! I was so glad I got to see you at the soccer look great! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time seeing the Yankees beat the red sox!!(and seeing *<3*derek jeter*<3* of course)! Hang in there...praying for you everyday! Love, Maria*

Kristy Topa Friday, 9/9/05, 1:59 PM
Hey Kelly..I think I've checked your website everyday since it has been made,I hope you have fun at the Yankees game,Derek Jeter is quite the babe ;).Haha..Good luck in NYC. Us CV Kids are always thinking about you and praying for you everyday!!!!! Stay strong and get well soon!!!Hope to see you soonnnn!:) Love youu,Kristy<3

Theresa Friday, 9/9/05, 9:19 AM
Hey Kelly, heard you had a couple of good days at Aunt Barb's and Uncle John's earlier and also at home with your mom, dad and colleen!! that's great news! i understand you are headed back into nyc to the ballgame, the weather should be real nice, hope you have a great time and i will see you next week! love, theresa

Sally G Friday, 9/9/05, 8:04 AM
Hey Kelly, What a beautiful weekend to go to Yankee stadium--you should have a great time! Will Brian and Ann be there? If so, say hi. Tell your father to have fun, but not TOO much fun! Hopefully the Yanks will win, but if not it will still be worth seeing that cute little Derek Jeter. Lorraine finished her 1st day of work and is already complaining about her sore butt--of course she'd have a pain in her butt if she was still here too, but for a different reason! Good luck on Sunday--we are all praying for you. love from Kara, Elizabeth, Timmy, Lucy, and Moi jeter

diane G Friday, 9/9/05, 7:33 AM
hi Kelly, just a note to say hi ! we here in PA think of u and your family often and are praying for the WINNING side (yours!)in this battle. your cuz in pa, diane gennarelli and family

Patty Bruet Friday, 9/9/05, 7:26 AM
Hello my love .. it was great seeing you home this past week and talking to you this morning. Allie is very sad she wasn't able to be with all of you at Grande last night; I hope you got to see her before you left for NYC. You will have such fun tomorrow at the game .. we'll be looking for you!! I hope for your sake the Yankees win (and deep down I think Allie hopes the same thing!!!). Please know you'll be in my thoughts constantly and I'll be checking in with your mom and dad on a daily basis!! Tell your mom we'll take good care of Colleen while you're gone. Hang in there sweetness and stay strong!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Pattay

Mrs. Gitchell Friday, 9/9/05, 7:23 AM
Hi kelly, so glad you were able to come home and spend time with kelsey and all the girls. you are in our thoughts and prayers and we know how strong you are. keep thinking positive and know how loved you are by so many people. see you when you get home. have fun at the yankee game. we like them too! love the gitchells

Leo's Dad Friday, 9/9/05, 5:43 AM
KJ- Well you know my lack of fondness for the Bankees by now. My 2 favorite teams are the Red Sox and anyone who is playing the Bankees. How could I ever root for those bums? However, in honor of your attending the game Saturday between my beloved Bosox and the Bronx Jerks, I will silently cheer for your team so it can be a perfect day for you. You deserve it. However, make it clear to your old man that he is out of the equation. This is just for you. Let it be known though, that this will be the last dispensation of this type that I will offer. If the overpriced New York Bankees are lucky enough to make it into the playoffs they are on their own. By the way, the $10 bet still stands. And wouldn't you be surprised if The Mothercluckers sang the national anthem before the game?

Uncle Dan and Family Thursday, 9/8/05, 9:17 PM
Hi Kelly, Just a note to tell you that our thoughts and prayers are always with you. This site continues to amaze me. It seems to not only be a source of comfort for you but for the writers as well. I know I am glad I can communicate my thoughts to you whenever I want to. Well, anyway, enjoy the game on Saturday. We hope you'll come visit when you can. Stay tough! Love, Kim, Dan, and Danielle

Sandy Rega Thursday, 9/8/05, 7:08 PM
hii kelly.. i was just thinking about you, and hoping you were feeling better. Its been a while, but I hope to see you soon! Keep Fighting. My thoughts and prayers are with u always. Sandy

Uncle John Thursday, 9/8/05, 6:25 PM
Kelly- how's it going? Are you getting your daily massages? I been out of practice the last few days. I'm glad mom and dad let you stay with us this past weekend. I know it must have been hard for them to not have you there. You are in my thoughts constantly. I spoke to an account of mine who has had cancer and she said that every calorie you have should count. Only the good foods- got it? And that you should try eating a little bit at a time throughout the day, maybe like 5 times. That could help with your meds. By the way- I mentioned to the guys at work that you had me watch "The Notebook" and I received some interesting comments that I cannot write about. Any other girl flicks you want to recommend? Ciao for now! U.J.

John Michael Thursday, 9/8/05, 4:58 PM
Hey Kelly. Just thing about you. I keep you in my prayers and i know you will get better. Stay strong and keep fighting!

  Thursday, 9/8/05, 1:26 PM
Kelly just wanted you to know that every time this song plays on the radio i think of you. this song is called skin by Rascal Flatts. Sarah Beth is scared to death To hear what the doctor will say She hasn't been well Since the day that she fell And the bruise, it just won't go away So she sits and see waits with her mother and dad and Flips through an old magazine Til the nurse with the smile Stands at the door And says will you please come with me Sarah Beth is scared to death Cause the doctor just told her the news Between the red cells and white Something's not right But we're gonna take care of you Six chances in ten it won't come back again With the therapy were gonna try It's just been approved It's the strongest there is I think we caught it in time Sarah Beth closes her eyes and She dreams she's dancing Around and around without any cares And her very first love is holding her close And the soft wind is blowing her hair Sarah Beth is scared to death As she sits holding her mom Cause it would be a mistake For someone to take A girl with no hair to the prom For, just this morning right there on her pillow Was the cruellest of any surprise And she cried when she gathered it all in her hands The proof that she couldn't deny Sarah Beth closes her eyes and She dreams she's dancing Around and around without any cares and her very first love was holding her close and the soft wind is blowing her hair It's quarter to seven That boy's at the door And her daddy ushers him in And when he takes off his cap They all start to cry Cause this morning where his hair had been Softly, she touches just skin They go dancing around and around Without any cares And her very first true love is holding her close For a moment she isn't scared. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, hope you get better soon,and Good luck in NYC.

Diane Leard Thursday, 9/8/05, 10:38 AM
Kelly & Family, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Diane

Sally H. Thursday, 9/8/05, 9:25 AM
Hi Kelly! I am so happy to see that you are home and getting around! We are all praying for you every is so amazing the number of people whose lives you have touched. Keep that wonderful strength and are unbelievable!! Give your mom and dad a hug for are in our thoughts always! love, Sally

RonC Thursday, 9/8/05, 7:17 AM
Kelly, I've uploaded the pics of the JV football game from Melissa. You can see them at . I will put a link on the picture page also, but I don't have access to do that right now. Any other CF sports pics anyone wants to add can be sent to Go Yankees! Ron Crawford

nesebj Thursday, 9/8/05, 7:14 AM
Good Morning Kell.... Heard you had a pretty good night...way to go.....have a great day and know that I am thinking of you and praying for you.... love always Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxx xxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo

Cheryl Thursday, 9/8/05, 6:15 AM
Ty was glad to see you at the Soccer game. He said that you looked GREAT! I saw your room the other day, I love it! I'm sure your Mom and Dad are glad you are home. If I don't get to see you before you leave, have a great time at the ball game. I know that your Dad sure will! Love ya Kel!!! Cheryl

Aunt Barbara Thursday, 9/8/05, 5:59 AM
Hey Kel! The kids really miss you. They liked having you around. I hope you're feeling well. Remember, you are in control. I love you!

the Hilden Family Wednesday, 9/7/05, 7:49 PM
Hi Kelly, I am thinking of you tonight and praying for you. As an Oncology Nurse I have seen how strong you need to be. I pray for you to be that strong and see much better days. You absolutely deserve a healthy and happy future honey!!!! Hang in there and embrace those around you when you need them. I've been told by many people that have struggled with cancer that keeping a journal of your private thoughts can sometimes be really helpful. Give my best to your family and keep the faith!! Love and prayers, Tracey Hilden and family xoxo

Ellen Sharpe Wednesday, 9/7/05, 7:32 PM
Hi Kelly, I am so glad you are home. We got to see your mom today. She looks great! Oh and when you're at the game on Saturday, Derek might be asking about me,,, tell him I'm still waiting for him... I know he wants me bad, I'm just being patient!! You know men! Anyways, I'm praying these next few days will be a breeze for you. You are a very strong person, and all of our prayers are with you and your family... Love to you all. Ellen

Mrs. Mirabito Wednesday, 9/7/05, 7:30 PM
Hi Kelly! So glad to hear you are back in CF. We all miss you very much. That is great you were able to go to the soccer game. I bet everyone enjoyed seeing you there. We saw your parents on Sat. night. It was nice to see them. You have great taste in jewelry. Your mom's necklace is beautiful. It looks so nice on her. How exciting you are going to see the Yankees play the Red Sox this weekend. It is a nice stadium. A little different than B-Mets stadium. I am sure you, mom, dad and Carl(as Rickey says!!) will have a great time. I hope you get good news next week. Remember the book -- The Little Red Caboose(I think that is the name of it??) "I think I can - I think I can"? well we all KNOW YOU CAN - BEAT THIS!!!! Enjoy the rest of the week with your family & friends. You are in our prayers. The Mirabito Family

Louise Callahan Wednesday, 9/7/05, 1:26 PM
Hi Kelly, So glad to hear that you are home!! I am Julie's mom and she was so happy to see you on line last night! Hope you have a good time at the Yankee game, it should be a great game. We are very big Yankee fans and will be watching on T.V. When I read your web site I am so amazed by all the friends you have. Your C.F. neighbors and family are truly wonderful people! You must really inspire them, I can tell because the love they have for you is so obvious even to someone who doesn't know all of you. My family is also making trips to Sloan with my Dad. We have found great doctors and many caring people there and also much hope. My family prays for you every day and hope you will feel better soon. Love, The Callahan's

Sra. Gregrow Wednesday, 9/7/05, 11:58 AM
Hola Conchita, I hope that you are feeling better! Thinking of you, Sra. Gregrow

susie frank Wednesday, 9/7/05, 11:28 AM
hi kelly just wanted to say hello to ya girlfriend and matthew said he saw you yesterday at the girls soccor game i'm so glad you can have some fun and be with your friends. It must have felt soooo goood.How is your new room,pretty i bet. injoy your time with your friends. and remember stay tough and strong you can do this. your one very special girl. and we will never give up. hope to see you soon take care and we love you lots hang in there ok

Scott Leach Wednesday, 9/7/05, 10:31 AM
Hey Kel, Hope you are doing well. Emily loved her visit with you. I'm glad that you were able to make it home and spend some time with your friends at the soccer game. Hey have a great time at the RED SOX/yankee game. GO SOX'S!!!!!! Hello to the family also. Our prayers and support are with you. As Jimmy Valvano (?), the former coach of NC St. basketball team, said " Don't give up. Never give up." Stay strong kid. Love, The Leach gang.

AC Wednesday, 9/7/05, 9:37 AM
Glad to see you at the soccer game yesterday - you inspired a shut out win for the JV girls! Hope to see you before you head back to the city - you've gotta be excited about going to the Yankee/Red Sox game. We were able to get there a few years back - against the Red Sox as well - and it is an awesome place. Really electric. Take a camera - you may get lucky and get close ups of your favorite players. Make sure you have dad buy you one of everything (not to worry, they take credit cards!!). Sue will be looking for you in the stands (I don't usually watch the Yankees - still a Mets fan myself)

Nana Wednesday, 9/7/05, 5:50 AM
Good Morning Kelly... How great that u were able to go to the game.....I'm glad you r feeling better. Have a great day and know that my prayers and thoughts are with you.... love ya..... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx000000000000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael LoPiccolo Wednesday, 9/7/05, 4:52 AM
Kelly, I don't expect you to remember me, but I was a special education teacher when you were in the 7th grade. I know you were in the math class that I supported. Anyway, you have been in my thoughts for months. I spoke at length with Sue Jones yesterday and decided to write today. There are a lot of people praying for your quick recovery. Please give me a call when you get back at 648- 3631. I am confident that I can get some movie passes for you and your friends/family. Remain strong. Mr. LoPiccolo

Marlene Pacer Wednesday, 9/7/05, 3:54 AM
Kelly, You have a great time at the up coming Red socks games.You are in my prayer's Kelly,Stay strong and God will come threw for you.You have so many people out there that are praying for you.God Bless Marlene Pacer
E-mail:  mpacer@twcny.rr.rcom

Pastor Al Gelder Tuesday, 9/6/05, 7:59 PM
Kelly, Just read the latest update. Hope you are enjoying a few days at home and with your friends. Sorry you won't be able to be at the Fall Festival Sunday but we'll all be thinking about you getting new scans and praying that they show the chemo is working. We'll pray that you can be strong again for the next round of treatments too. You are a strong person to go thorough this. I'm thanking God for giving you strength. Pastor Al Gelder Valley Church

Nana Tuesday, 9/6/05, 4:09 PM
Dear Kelly I'm so happy u made it home okay. I hear u like your new room. I miss you already.....take care and I will see you soon. Love Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Tina Bommarito Tuesday, 9/6/05, 2:02 PM
Hi Kelly, Hope your doing well after this last week....I am praying everyday for you so don't let me down. I had a party for Salvatore this past Sunday and we raised some money...hopefully you will be receiving some mail from them. Well try to get better soon and always keep your chin up high!!!!! Love you Tina xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Aubrey Seal Tuesday, 9/6/05, 2:01 PM
Kelly, I just wanted to say Hi and tell you how sorry I am that I can't be around through this hard time. We tried to make it to the benefit but couldn't get the dates in time to make the plans. We are hoping to all take a trip up sometime this winter so hopefully I'll be able to see you then. I miss you so much and wish more then anything I could still be living there by your side. The Seal family wishes you best of luck, and all know you'll pull through! Love and miss ya lots! Aubrey

Dan Malcolm Tuesday, 9/6/05, 12:38 PM
Kelly, I work with your Aunt( Maura O Day ). I just wanted to say how much you mean to her. She has nothing but great things to say about you and keeps us updated on your progress. You sound like one determined young woman. Staying positive is better than any medicine or treatment that any doctor can give you. Cool braclets by the way, wearing one right now. How do you like NYC? I just went there myself for the first time. What a great city. Stay positive. Best of luck and get better already. Feel free to email me if you like. -Dan Malcolm

Jesssssica Tuesday, 9/6/05, 11:14 AM
HIII KEEEEEEEEELS!! im so happy ur mom i missed u like a tonz!!get bettet sooon babe!! i miss haning out with u! I LOVE YOU TONZ XOXOXOXOXOXOOX

susie frank Tuesday, 9/6/05, 8:23 AM
hi kelly just to check in with you to see how your doing,always thinking of you girlfriend stay strong you can do this we are all with you sweety hang on we love and miss you. can't wait to see your new room, take care love ya lots and see you soon

Michelle,Colin,and Maddi Staiger Tuesday, 9/6/05, 8:20 AM
Kelly, We are think and praying for you each day. Stay strong and you will get thorugh this!! So many people beleive in you Kelly...we miss you. <3 Love, MIchelle, Colin, and Maddi

susie frank Tuesday, 9/6/05, 8:20 AM
hi kelly

Liz Fox Tuesday, 9/6/05, 6:56 AM
I have never met Kelly but i have heard amazing things about you and your strength....i just want to let you know that im thinking of you and sending you my strenght through some prayers! stay strong i know you're gonna beat this. you have a lot of people pulling for you! good luck with everything and i'll be thinking of you! i wont be able to make the next fundraiser because i'm actually at my freshman year of college but i'll be sending my best wishes!! --Liz Fox

BRIAN MCMAHON Tuesday, 9/6/05, 12:01 AM
Just following up. My son, Andrew (Jack's Mannequin) asked me to inquire how Kelly is progressing. He underwent his own stem cell transplant two weeks ago tomorrow, and he wants to let Kelly know that he is thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery.

Megan Monday, 9/5/05, 8:56 PM
heyyy hun, i was just thinkin bout you and want you to know i miss you:( get better soon and come home so we hang outtt! i love you sweetie, always in my prayers. stay strong*...<3megan

Ellie Sharpe Monday, 9/5/05, 7:23 PM
Hi Kelly, how are things at your aunt Barbs. Kids driving you crazy yet??? They can't possibly, they are toooooo cute. I can't wait to see the pink room. You know when I was 13 I painted everything I could get a hold of pink.... Ryan says hello, and is praying as well. Get well soon and hurry back to us. Don't spoil those kids too much, or your aunt will decide to keep you forever..... Love you lots, and prayers always. Ellie

Rose Quinn Monday, 9/5/05, 7:11 PM
Hi Kelly, I was on the beach yesterday with your Aunt Ann and Uncle Brian w/ all the crew...I noticed the great green bracelets and asked about them. I am a cancer survivor, breast cancer actually......since 1999... stay strong, keep smiling, and most of all...don't ever lose faith!!! Please know that you are in my prayers.. love, Rose son's name is Kelly!!

Kristy Topa Monday, 9/5/05, 6:47 PM
Hey Kelly. I hope everything's going good with your treatments and what not. I just thought you should know that CV won there first football game since like 2 years ago on Friday!! hahaha wow we're not cool like CF.;) lol Well I hope you come back to Bing. soon,we definatly need to hang out or something:). Stay strong&let me know if you need anything. Your in our prayers. Love always,Kristy

Susan Byrnes Monday, 9/5/05, 8:55 AM
Hola Lola, Thanks for posting another update for us all. It is great to hear from you. This website is great for catching up on all sorts of Forks scoop too. With the price of gas, I have been trying to make only one trip a week to Binghamton. Living in Cortland has been great this summer, but the winter commute might be adventurous to say the least:) I think I will appreciate snow days more than ever this year. Sean is almost done with the academy. 8 weeks to go!!! He is looking forward to being on the road. We are all looking forward to you coming home. It will be great to see you!!! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, The Byrnes

Susan Ford Monday, 9/5/05, 8:54 AM
Hola Lola, Thanks for posting another update for us all. It is great to hear from you. This website is great for catching up on all sorts of Forks scoop too. With the price of gas, I have been trying to make only one trip a week to Binghamton. Living in Cortland has been great this summer, but the winter commute might be adventurous to say the least:) I think I will appreciate snow days more than ever this year. Sean is almost done with the academy. 8 weeks to go!!! He is looking forward to being on the road. We are all looking forward to you coming home. It will be great to see you!!! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, The Byrnes

AC Sunday, 9/4/05, 4:32 PM
Hi Kel - just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking about you. Weather is cooler at night and should be great for you when you come home. I just burned a CD with almost all All American Rejects - let me know if you want a copy (since you enjoyed the other cd) and I'll get it to you. They are playing at the NYC Hard Rock opening celebration next week - we had plans to go (Sue's brother is the GM) but you have to be 21 and we wanted to bring Meg and Erik - oh well. Glad to see that your friends are keeping you up on Forks sports/scores. Just to add - jv boys soccer is 0-2 but showed a lot more heart, hustle, and improvement during their 2nd game (a 4-2 loss to CV). Talk to you/see you soon. AC

sam Sunday, 9/4/05, 3:49 PM
hey ummm i don't kno u but i go to windsor i am in 7th grade and my name is sam. i saw a link to this site in my friends profile and i looked at it and i just wanted to wish u luck. if this is one of her family members reading this please let her see it. i really hope that u can fight this battle. if u would like to contact me my e-mail is i will tlk to u soon ~*SaM

Kaityyy(: Sunday, 9/4/05, 1:41 PM
Heyy sweetie...i was just letting you know i miss you & can't wait for you to come home cuz i wanna see youuu(: maybe ill bring some kid w/ me :-0 hahaha...that is if you want...well i love you hang in there... <3Always KSquared

The Curley's Sunday, 9/4/05, 10:42 AM
Kelly - it's MK, Mike, Andrea and Michele Curley - the other Curley's. We just wanted to say hi and let you know that not a day goes by when we don't say a prayer and think of you. You are such a strong young lady and we are so proud of you. We love you and will keep on sending all our prayers your way! Love - the other Curley's
E-mail:  mkobcur@yahoo. com

Taylor Sunday, 9/4/05, 10:00 AM
Hi Kelly, I don't know you personally but you play for the flyers and so do I. I want you to know that you have my families support along with our friends. I hope you are recovering and you are feeling better.:)-Taylor

Mom Sunday, 9/4/05, 9:14 AM
Hi Kelz: It was so hard for me to leave you in NJ but I know you are in good hands. I miss you terribly. Reilly came to greet me at the door - he's wearing a green bandana around his neck in your honor!! Col looks great - she misses you lots and can't wait to see you soon. Your new room is lookin hott - boy, is it PINK!! We'll try to get some mint green in there too. Jason has a new baby brother - Justin Michael - 9 lbs. 2 oz., born on Aug. 29th - I know you can't wait to see him next door, right?? Well, I am gonna go start cleaning up around this house. I can tell it needs it BAD!! haha - you lots.....MOM xxxoooxxx

Melissa Stephens Sunday, 9/4/05, 8:58 AM
Hi Kelly - here is a JV football update for you - what a game! Yesterday was the first JV game and it was a battle and in the end we have a W 14-10! All the boys played GREAT. Jake threw to Clint and they connected for a touch down. He also threw to Garrett who caught the ball. Max, Joey and Nick ran the ball like crazy- Tom Vorrees and Paul Regan were awesome on the line and 9th grader Noah Davis clothes lined a player from JC. There were many great plays by lots of the kids and since we did not have a roster yet - I am mentioning those I know from last years numbers. I took lots of pictures of the game and am giving the CD to Mr. Crawford who will upload the pictures so you can see them, he is away so this won't happen till Tuesday. Next week we are away at ME and the varsity is home. In addition to the JV football game I also went and watch your friends play JV soccer at SV on Friday. Melissa is great in goal, Sierra, Kelliann and Alexandra played really well as did Allie. The girls won I think 7-0 - you know me I talked most of the game and may have missed some goals! We are thinking of you! Melissa

Maura Sunday, 9/4/05, 7:39 AM
Good Morning Kel, Just wanted to say Hi and to let you know we are thinking of you. Tell Aunt Barbara and Uncle John we say hello. Love, Aunt Maura and "Uncle Bob"

Lynette Menichelli Sunday, 9/4/05, 5:58 AM
Hi Kelly-wanted to let you know your nieghbors up the hill are still praying for you and you are in our thoughts. Stay strong-you're an amazing young lady. We wish you all the best and good health. Amanda is also thinking of you and praying hard for you, too. You take care-we all love you. Lynette

Lance Corporal Andrew McMullen Saturday, 9/3/05, 7:39 PM
hey kelly..i'm andrew sarah lefevers fiance' who works with your cousin mike in florida...sarah told me about you and i told all of the guys iw ork with here in 29 palms california..and ALL of the 800 Marines here in 3rd Light Armored Recon Battalion want to say hello and and that we are prayin for you here in the states an also in iraq and okinawa Japan..god bless you inspire us all

Katie Saturday, 9/3/05, 5:59 PM
I know Maura and I just wanted to let you know that we are all praying for a safe recovery. I really hope you're able to become better. This website is such a great thing; it must be great to know you're getting so much support. -Katie

jonesy Saturday, 9/3/05, 2:33 PM
kel, I was so sorry to hear that you were not coming home with your mom,I was hoping you would like my suggestion of coming home for just a couple of days and then going to aunt barbara's.My hands are all rested up and ready to massage,but they still will be whenever you get home.Great football game today,we won,no tailgating at bruets either they are at a wedding.Hope you have a great time at aunt barbara's, don't overdue anything, just chill and relax.can't wait to see you,oh-grandma barbara says to say hi,she doesn't own a computer nor has she typed in 30plus years,but she always asks about you and your folks and told me to tell you she says hello and keep strong,. love you and miss you,jonesy

laurie gildea Saturday, 9/3/05, 9:06 AM
Hi Kelly, Glad to hear that you will be home soon. Fall is in the air here and even the trees leaves are beginning to change color. Boy I hate summer to end, but we do have a beautiful fall and I'm glad you will be home to enjoy it. Tell your mom Happy Belated Birthday from the Gildea's. Saw your dad Tues. night and he filled me in on you. He also told me about the fantastic Yankees/Red Sox game you will be going to. Maybe we'll see you guys on TV. Take care and can't wait to see you and your mom when you get home. Love, Laurie Gildea P.S. What a fantastic birthday you gave to your mom - - the best present would be for you to win this battle (which you are destined to do!!!!!) Keep the faith! Also the Bensley's from North Carolina and the Melita's from Texas are checking on you now through your website. They are praying really hard for you!

Christine Conlon Saturday, 9/3/05, 6:48 AM
Our prayers will always be with you. Stay strong and know that you are loved by friends and family in St.Louis. Love to all, Christine

D rich Friday, 9/2/05, 9:07 PM
Hey Kell, How are you girly???? When you come home and when you feel up too it i am coming over and we are so going to have a movie night or something...... Hope all is well...

Kathy, Rod, Brad Smith Friday, 9/2/05, 7:06 PM
E-mail:  Luvgolf99@netzerocom

Ellen Friday, 9/2/05, 3:16 PM
Kelly, glad you got out of the hospital, and hope you don't ever have to stay there again, huh? Have a great time with your Aunt and wonderful cousins. They are cute! Hope your days will be getting better and better. You are an amazing and strong young lady! Get home soon. Love you, Ellen Sharpe

Megan Friday, 9/2/05, 7:35 AM
hi kelly jeanne!! i miss you sweetie. get better and come home soon! youre strong, you can do this. i know you can! if youre sad and down just think back to the good old times when we were little playing cyo bball..those baller plays got them everytime( ; im thinkin of you hun. i love yoouuuuu!

kelly Friday, 9/2/05, 7:11 AM
hello. its me again. its friday 9/2 and yesturday was my moms birthday and i got her 2 dozen pink roses,an icecream cake, a necklace from tiffianys, and 2 gallons of her fav icecream mint chocolate chip from baskin robbons its safe to say people love me here and i have great connections! my mom and i are going to NJ today and staying at my aunts tonight. tomorrow my dad is comin half way 2 the crossings and he and my mom will be home. i have decided to stay in nj with my aunt for a few extra days. bye for now. love you all!<33

Cheryl Friday, 9/2/05, 6:34 AM
Morning Kel, Saw your Dad yesterday, WOW, way to pull off the birthday gifts for Mom! I have one waiting for her as well. Oh, and also your scratch- offs. Glad to here that you are being so strong, keep it up! We are all so proud of you!!! Ok, back to work before the Boss catches me(ha ha). Love ya, Cheryl

Karyn Hudgens Friday, 9/2/05, 4:38 AM
Hi Kelly, My name is Karyn and I am a friend of your cousin Barbara Norris. She has told me all about you and your brave struggle. I have been checking your website for updates and I am glad to see that you are doing better as of yesterday and I'm sure that you will be on your way home very shortly. I look forward to joining Barbara to your next benefit. I can't wait to meet you. You are truly a beautiful young lady and a great inspiration to all of us. God Bless you, my prayers are with you.

Rossini Thursday, 9/1/05, 8:45 PM
Hi Kelly, Christopher and I really enjoyed looking at the photos. What great pictures of u and the kids. We are busy right now getting ready for school.Christopher will be going 3 days a week. We are praying for you. We hope that this round of chemo goes better than the last one. We are thinking of you! Linda,Anthony,Christopher and Allie Rossini

Colleen<3 Thursday, 9/1/05, 8:29 PM
Hey kelly! I was in the middle of writing this and reilly got into some garbage so i had to go chase him down haha i know you miss him bein a little pain in the butt! I am so glad that you and mom are coming home soon cuz i miss you both alot! sorry i didnt answer ur call today but i didn't have service where i was. When you come home i'll be sure to watch movies with you and hang out with you alot. I'm getting out of school early everyday so ican come home and spend time with you. I'll take you wherever you want to go if you ever need to go out..I'm always here for you! i love youu and have i hope you sleep well tonight -<3 your sis, Colleen

Theresa Thursday, 9/1/05, 7:56 PM
hey Kelly, heard from nana that you are going home tomorrow, that is great news!! hope you are feeling better today and i will see you soon again in nyc! hang in there, i know you can do it!!!! love, theresa

Andrea Thursday, 9/1/05, 6:58 PM
Hey Kelly....Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you as well as my family. Keep fighting, before you know it you will be home, and we will be on driving lesson number 2!!! Tell your mom that I said happy birthday.

Ashley Thursday, 9/1/05, 5:56 PM
Kelllssss... your pops is here right now chillen with my dad (aka his boyfriend) Just wishin you and your mom were home too... we miss you!! I'm glad your writing back.. Im sorry if i might have upset you with my last message, i had no intentions to, I just wanted you to know that i straightened that out.. but hey if it got you to start writing then thats not a bad thing ;0) everyone loves to hear from you.. Well i hope your feeling better and im sure ill be seeing you in a few days! I know your cant wait to get home and see my smiley face!! Tell DEBBIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me.. love you hott kells!

Lor Dawg Thursday, 9/1/05, 3:51 PM
Hot Kells, Its so nice to see entries from you. We all love hearing from you. This web site is a great way to get the scoop on everything. We missed the benefit on saturday because we had to take Trev to school at LeMoyne. Can you believe it??? We are so sorry we missed all the entertainment! Sounds like it was quite the event. So let me get this straight, they raised money to make the chicken cookers STOP singing???? haha! What a great group of friends you and your parents have. We miss you tons and can't wait for all of you to be home. Love to you and your mom. I'll make sure chaz takes care of his boyfriend. He has really missed him.

Uncle Dan Thursday, 9/1/05, 3:12 PM
Kelly, Been out of town for a few days. Can't believe all the messages posted since Sunday. It took me half an hour to catch up. Loved your messages. Stay brave and strong. We're always thinking of you. Happy birthday to Deb. Love, Uncle Dan

Ellen Thursday, 9/1/05, 2:57 PM
Hi Kelly, hope all is well today. Tell mama I said Happy Birthday too. My prayers are with you always. Get home soon, I hear your new bedroom is awsom. Ellen

Ann Marie Thursday, 9/1/05, 2:41 PM
Kelly, What awesome gifts for your Mom--flowers,Baskin Robbins ice cream cake and jewelry from Tiffany's...WOW!!! You have always been so thoughtful. Give her a Birthday kiss and hug from the Faughnan's...we can't wait to see you both!! Love, Ann Marie

Sandy Rega Thursday, 9/1/05, 12:40 PM
hii kelly its sandy (aunt barbs neighbor).. i know there are a lot of people out there who are fighting and praying for you, but you have more strength than any of us put together -- keep fighting and stay strong we know you can pull through. God Bless You and your family, and we're all here for you! Love, Sandy

Aunt Ann Thursday, 9/1/05, 12:29 PM
HI Kelly, Just checking in to say hi and wish your Mom a Happy Birthday, please give her a big hug from me. Hope you are feeling better! Love, Auntie Annie

susie frank Thursday, 9/1/05, 9:49 AM
deb happy birthday. we miss you at bu. its not the same without you. see you soon take care the francis'

susie frank Thursday, 9/1/05, 9:46 AM
hi kelly, hope your day is better.i'm so glad your being strong.i know you can do it. you have a wonderful support group, and a strong family who are with you all the way. see you soon, take care girlfriend. love you lots xxxooo susie frank

susie frank Thursday, 9/1/05, 9:43 AM
hi kelly,

Cecelia Doyle Thursday, 9/1/05, 9:24 AM
I am a friend of Theresa Bartolomeo and wanted you to know that you now have a new friend - ME!!!!! Hope I get to meet you in person.

Cheryl Thursday, 9/1/05, 8:16 AM
Hey Kel, This message is really for your Mom. Happy Birthday Deb (40 something). Thinking of you today and always. Everyone looking forward to you coming home. Hang in there! My prayers are with you. Love, Cheryl p.s. oh Kel, be extra special (I know you will) to your Mom today! Love ya Kel!!!

Mr. Pepples Thursday, 9/1/05, 8:00 AM
Kelly, My family and I are thinking of you and wishing you the best. You WILL get through this. Continue to be strong and get well soon. Jason, Kathleen, Abigail, & Olivia Pepples

Erinn Thursday, 9/1/05, 7:50 AM
Hi there Kelly - You don't know me, but I work with your Aunt Maura (she's awesome!). She has told me about how great you are, and this terrible challenge you are facing. Just wanted to put in a note to tell you that lots of people are thinking about you and praying for you. Wishing you all the best ... Erinn

Patty Bruet Thursday, 9/1/05, 6:26 AM
Hey doll .. please make sure to give your mom an extra hug and kiss from me today for her birthday! Hope you're doing ok .. I miss you sooooooo much!! Last night your dad drove by and honked the horn (oh, and left us a present in the front yard .. hmmmm .. wonder what that was???!!!) and Allie was all excited because she thought it was you in the van. Unfortunately, it was only your dad ..!! So please come home soon .. I know two very anxious kids and their parents who can't wait to see you!! Hang in there honey .. I LOVE YOU!!!! Pattay xo xo

E-mail:  SAS3698@YAHOO.COM

Uncle John Wednesday, 8/31/05, 6:34 PM
Hey Kelly, it was great seeing you last night. You looked real good. I'm glad Aunt Barb and I were able to have a romantic dinner together with you and mom. :) Did you try the tea?? and did it work? (I'll get an update from mom.) Everyone here always asks about you. I know you will be out soon- so just hang tough for a little bit more. We'll see you shortly- Love, Uncle John (kids can't wait)

The Carl Family Wednesday, 8/31/05, 5:13 PM
Hi Kelly - Like everyone, our family is praying for you and hope you are home with your family soon. We talk about you a lot around here and are inspired by your strength and the strength of your family. Stay strong and God bless you! Frank, Tami, Sara and Mitchell

Your FaVoRiTe sister :) Wednesday, 8/31/05, 4:58 PM
Yes, it's your favorite sister again! Just wanted to say hi and that I love you very very much. I had a great time at your benefit, I was really glad that Adam and I could come home for it. There are so many people who love you and are praying for you constantly, don't forget that. I hope you get to leave NYC soon.. I know Reilly misses you, and my room - oops, i mean YOUR new room is looking pretty hott all decked out in my favorite color!! I love you and i'll talk to you soon<3 xoxoxoxo

Kaity Wednesday, 8/31/05, 4:19 PM
Heyy KSquared...i miss youu sweetie!! i hope things are going good in NYC..i can't wait till you come home!!...hang in there'll get better...just wanted to let you know i was thinking of you and i love you...<333 alwaysss KSquared

Ellen Wednesday, 8/31/05, 4:07 PM
Hi Kelly, Hope today was a good day. I think of you every minute and pray for you and your family. I hope you'll be home soon. Ry still wants to meet you. So hurry home. May God's angels keep you safe and healthy. Love you, see you soon. Ellen

Lexiiii Wednesday, 8/31/05, 4:05 PM
kelllll-sorry i havent really wrote to you or anything i try to avoid things that make me think...but i saw smith wrote soo..haha aww i miss you so much and im praying for you every night! and i know i havent been to see you either im so sorry im an aweful friend but ill be over to visit as soon as you come back! so come home soon babe! i love you...

katie Wednesday, 8/31/05, 12:54 PM
hi kelly. uhm i dont know you or anything but i saw this website in a friends profile. i know alot of my friends are praying for you, and so am i. good luck and keep your head up. your so lucky to have so many people caring about you.<3

SUSIE FRANK Wednesday, 8/31/05, 12:50 PM

SUSIE FRANK Wednesday, 8/31/05, 12:09 PM

SUSIE FRANK Wednesday, 8/31/05, 12:07 PM

Judy Rose Wednesday, 8/31/05, 11:30 AM
HI Kelly honey, I work with your Mom! I do not believe we have met. Just want to let you know I am thinking of you and I pray for God's strength to come into your heart to provide guidance and love as each day happens! Love, Judy

Aunt Barbara Wednesday, 8/31/05, 11:11 AM
Hey girl! Great to see you yesterday. The kids are waitinggggggggggggggg! Let's go. I've installed cameras in your new room so I know if you've really walked after each meal or not! You better! Thinking of you allllll the time! Joseph is ready for you to help him walk. Let's go girl. I love you. Talk to you later.:) <3

Julianne Wednesday, 8/31/05, 11:02 AM
Hi Kelly! I'm a friend of Teresa Bartolomeo. I just wanted to drop you a line and wish you well and let you know that I have included your name on the prayer listing of my Church. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, I have a form of muscular dystrophy called polymyositis. I was diagnosed 7 years ago after my son was born. The prayers and well wishes came pouring in and with each one I grew stronger and stronger inside. It was amazing and it meant so much to know that so many people were there wishing me well - as I am sure you will find out as well. Best wishes to you as you fight this illness - my prayers are with you. All the best, Julianne

Tami Carl Wednesday, 8/31/05, 10:37 AM
Kelly - I was driving to pick Mitchell up from football practice and a song came on that made me think of you. If you get a chance, go to I'm sure you aren't a big country music fan, but it's a really nice song! Take care and all the best to you and your family. The Carl's

Jack Carpenter Wednesday, 8/31/05, 10:35 AM
I have never met you and only know about you, through St. Christopher's Church and my daughter, Christine Rittenburg. We have been through what your family is now experiencing. Just reading your comments, I know that you are a fighter and will do everthing to beat this problem you are faced with. Keep up the good fight. Love and God Bless.

Jack Carpenter Wednesday, 8/31/05, 10:30 AM

Colleen Wednesday, 8/31/05, 7:58 AM
Hey kelly! I miss you and mom so much :'( I wish i could be there with you. Thank you for letting dad come home for a little while to be with me because i was getting least i still have reilly though ;-) I hope that you are feeling better and i will call you shortly. Come home soon!!! I LOVE YOU SIS!<3

diane gennarelli Wednesday, 8/31/05, 7:53 AM
Hi Kelly, Its your long lost much older cousin from PA again -- just a note to say Hi! and wishing you all the best and stay strong and know that you WILL get well -- Say Hi to your Nan for me and your mom and your aunt Barb. PS your initials befit you--I didn't realize your were a knock out! ( i just recently saw all of your photos on this wonderful website!)Love, Diane and family

Melissa Wednesday, 8/31/05, 7:50 AM
Hey Kelly! It's Melissa Miller, I jsut wanted to let you know that we all miss you a bunch, and I'm gonna miss seeing you everyday in homeroom, so come back soon! I'm keeping you in my prayers, Love, Melissa

Patty Bruet Wednesday, 8/31/05, 7:08 AM
Hello my love .. today is Wednesday and I have definitely been out of the loop with all these messages the past few days!! I absolutely LOVED seeing yours on here .. thank you for doing that because I know everyone appreciates hearing from you and it just shows us all how strong and courageous you are!! I cracked up at the benefit synopsis from Laurie G, Ann Marie, AC, and of course, Leo's Dad .. haaaaaaa!!! Oh Kel .. I can't wait for you to see the video .. you are going to CRACK UP!!! I will definitely get you a signed CD from the Mother Cluckers when it comes out .. they are H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!! Allie just called to tell me their soccer game is cancelled today .. we're getting some rain from Katrina and needless to say, Allie is NOT happy!! I'm sure she's over it by now, sitting in front of the computer, or laying on the couch watching TV .....!! Ok doll, so it looks like you won't be home for awhile .. I so wish I could be there with you but please know that all the Bruet's are thinking about you EVERY MINUTE and I can't wait for you to get home so I can give you a big hug and smooch!! I LOVE YOU (hugs and kisses to you, too Deb)!!!! Pattay

Mrs. Mirabito Wednesday, 8/31/05, 7:04 AM
Hi Kelly! It was great reading the positive update from you. So glad you will be leaving the hospital. Your benefit was a lot of fun. So many people came to show their support & love for you. We missed you, mom & dad. You were in our hearts. Stay strong & keep the faith. We are praying for you. The Mirabito's

Margaret Trudeau Wednesday, 8/31/05, 6:57 AM
Kelly, Hi. You don't know me but i am a friend of Theresa Bartolomeo and Betty Anne Murphy's sister. I was sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this illness. I don't know why things like this have to happen to beautiful people but they do. From your website, it certainly shows that you are quite popular and have many people praying for a speedy recovery. I have been dealing with MS and I have to say that keeping a positive attitude and having so many friends and family praying for you is half the battle. Hang in there and never give up. You will be in my prayers. Know that I am praying for a speedy recovery. Margaret

Mr. Smith Wednesday, 8/31/05, 6:23 AM
Kelly, Miss seeing you around school. Stay strong and keep fighting. Can't wait for you to be back here soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Hope your feeling ok.

Susan Byrnes Wednesday, 8/31/05, 6:04 AM
Hola Lola, It was great to read an update from you personally. You sound great!! Espero que la caquita viene pronto. :) Sra. Byrnes

Mrs. Lord Wednesday, 8/31/05, 5:50 AM
Good Morning Kelly; I talked to Mrs. Faughnan yesterday and she gave me your latest update. I am sorry to hear that you will not be able to come home home, but I am really glad that you will be leaving the hospital. Have a wonderful time with your aunt and grandmother. Happy birthday to your mom!!!! We miss you all. I had a super time at your benefit. The cooks did a great job singing. You truly are thought of by a LOT of people in the community. Stay strong and keep your sense of humor. I am very inspired by you and am praying for you everyday. Love, Mrs. Lord

Andy Hedlund Wednesday, 8/31/05, 5:12 AM
We're with you Kelly.

SieRaaaaaaaaaaa (: Wednesday, 8/31/05, 5:03 AM
hey kjo just wanted to say that i misssssss youuuuuu and come back home sooon (: <3 you so muchh...StAY StRoNG!!

SieRaaaaaaaaaaa (: Wednesday, 8/31/05, 5:02 AM

Marlene Pacer Wednesday, 8/31/05, 3:47 AM
Good morning Kelly.Just checking in to see how your doing today.I just wanted to let you know I have been praying for you and god will pull you threw this.I work with your Aunt Maura,I think she's your aunt. Marlene Pacer

Jackie Stapleton Tuesday, 8/30/05, 10:33 PM
Hi Kelly! My folks and Bobby went to your benefit and said it was so nice - you have so many people who love you! I hope this finds you & your parents well. Love, Jackie

sean conlon Tuesday, 8/30/05, 9:29 PM
hi,kelly i know it's been a while since i've seen you and your family,however i have been keeping track of your battle with this illness and there is no doubt in my mind you will have this licked hands down!!! and this will just be a dim memory in the future.myself,the entire family,and my friends &co workers here in maryland have you in our thoughts and prayers. i will be contacting you again soon. all my love,sean p.s your dad is still my ace .... .... pride & joy.

Sue Gahwyler Tuesday, 8/30/05, 5:53 PM
Hi kelly - I don't know if you remember me but i had the honor of spending Victoria's field day at her elemtary school with you. We are good friends with your Aunt Barbara and Uncle John and just want you to know how much you are loved and how we are all keeping you in our prayers. Just keep looking forward and take each day as it comes. We know in our hearts that good things are just around the corner. With much love - Sue & John Gahwyler

Mrs.Urda Tuesday, 8/30/05, 5:37 PM
Hey Kelly!!! Just wanted you to know that we're all still thinking about you! Stay strong and positive...I know that you're going to beat this. -Mrs. U

Amy Rinker Payne Tuesday, 8/30/05, 5:32 PM
Kelly I am a cousin of your dads. I live in Tennessee and my mother Nancy Delvillano sent me an email with your website address. What a beautiful young lady you are. You look just like your Aunt Ann when she was your age. We spent many happy summers back in the 1960s at Laural Lake, PA. My husband and I will keep you in our prayers and visit your site often. Tell your Dad he can take his running shoes off I no longer have a crush on him like I did when I was 13. Love to you and all the Conlon's and O'Day's and Brian "Boss of Laural Lake". Amy

Grandma BART Tuesday, 8/30/05, 5:27 PM
Hi Kelly, Want you to know that we think of you often and pray that you will soon be well. I know how much you are loved by all you friends and they want you home again. Hang in there doll. "Grandma Bart"

Lynn Yetsko Tuesday, 8/30/05, 4:05 PM
Hi Kelly! I work with your Mom at Health Services..please get better soon!! We really need your Mom with us to gain control of all of the students at BU. She is the Queen Mother after all, and can indimidate any student (not to mention the staff) at 40 paces!!! Even the cops are afraid of her! Students (and staff) are wondering where "The Warden" is!! You've got to let us have her back... Get well family and I pray for you every day!! Keep the faith girl!!!!! Lynn

Jessica Tuesday, 8/30/05, 3:24 PM
hey kelly, you dont know me but i hope you hang in there cause i'd like to see you around school again. i havnt been supporting you cause i dont know when the benefets are soo i'll check on this website to see when they are. wow this website is really great huh the people who have made it are great!! well feel better and i'll go to the benefets oh and dont forget to put a smile on it always makes me feel better!!Ü

Theresa Bartolomeo Tuesday, 8/30/05, 2:26 PM
Hi Kelly, i hear you are still in nyc, if you are still in on wed, i will probably stop in to see you! sounds like this past weekend's fundraiser went really well and everyone had a good time. see you soon, hang in there! love, theresa

sally Tuesday, 8/30/05, 12:44 PM
hi Kelly Well I didnt do too well at the track overall, but did win a few bucks on a horse wearing green. so I'll split it with you, as promised! Everyone at work sends their love. We're having a good by luncheon for Lorraine next Tues. Boo hoo. Tell your Mom happy birthday--we miss her. Take care of #2 and get home soon! love, Sally

Ellen Tuesday, 8/30/05, 11:48 AM
Hi Kelly, hope tomorrow will be better. We are thinking of you and miss you and your mom and dad. Have fun w/ your nana, get home soon. Lots of love and prayers. Ellen

Nana Tuesday, 8/30/05, 11:21 AM
Hi Kelly Aunt Barbs will be there shortly. I'm sorry you r not coming home today but maybe tomorrow will be a different story.....I will be coming in tomorrow if you are still going to be there. Hang in there you lots....Nana XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

jesssicaaaaa Tuesday, 8/30/05, 10:59 AM
thats right keels you stay in there and be strong!! MISS YOU LIKE SOO MUCH cant wait till u come home! it sucks u gotta stay in NYC but hey anything to make u bettter right?! well just thought id say hi!! and MISS YOU AND LOVE U ALOT!!

Leo's Dad Tuesday, 8/30/05, 10:55 AM
KJ- Ann Marie has been fired as our manager after that last post. Want the job?

The Gitchell Family Tuesday, 8/30/05, 10:20 AM
Hi Kelly, just wanted to send you our love and to let you know we are praying for you and thinking of you all the time. remember prayer is a powerful thing and you have so many people praying for you. just keep remembering that. love the gitchell family

Austin Deyo Tuesday, 8/30/05, 9:33 AM
Hey Kelly, just wanted to drop a line and wish you the best of luck with everything, youre in our prayers always, keep your head up haha, you can do it, I know. Love Austin [ Maura's "boyfriends" (Bob's) son :) ]

Ann Marie Tuesday, 8/30/05, 9:09 AM
Kelly, I am so sorry everyone has to read the long and boring messages from Sean(aka Leo's Dad).I wish I had never told him about the website. I am also sorry so many people had to hear him and his friends sing not once but twice at your benefit on Saturday. Please know that Laurie has it right and Sean is slightly confused(so what's new right?). I am happy to hear that you are leaving the hospital. My only regret is that you and your Mom aren't coming home and your Dad is...hope to see you soon..stay strong..we love and miss you. Love, Ann Marie

Tom Conlon Tuesday, 8/30/05, 8:45 AM
We are thinking and praying for Kelly and all of the O'Days.

Danielle Hiza Tuesday, 8/30/05, 8:39 AM
Hey kel!.. Just wanted to say stay strong girl, and your in my prayers everyday, i know you'll fight this cause your sucha strong person. love ya hun!

kelly Tuesday, 8/30/05, 7:22 AM
good morning, it is 10:15 On tuesday the update is my dad (mike) will be coming home today while me and my mom (debbie) stay in nyc. i am unable to come home yet because of being sick and not having a BM (yes leos dad will love i included that in here) i wanna thank a lot of ppl who have done so much for me. starting with the binghamton police department. my benifit in july was incredible. special thanks to the curleys i love you guys. next id like to thannk bobbi jo n scott soule you guys truly are like my 2nd parents haha and i appreciate and love what u did for me. this is gonna be a long hard road but i can do it. finally my friends, stay strong im doing this cuz of you! i love you all:) thanks

Joanna DiGiovanna Tuesday, 8/30/05, 7:11 AM
Hi Kelly! We're Uncle John's friends. Thinking of you every day. Hang in there! Don't lose faith, thinking positive is half the battle. We've been "in your shoes" and know that for sure. MSK is wonderful. You are in the best place. Love, Joanna and Anthony DiGiovanna

Laurie Gildea Tuesday, 8/30/05, 7:04 AM
Good morning Kelly, Deb and Mike, Kelly,I hope you are feeling much better this morning and you will be coming home very soon. The neighborhood isn't the same without you (no Miller cans on the Faughnan's front lawn). Walked by your house last night, but didn't hear the killer dog, better check on him! Kel, I do have to respond to the last posting from Leo's Dad. Are you going to believe me or someone who gets caned from toothless in SV? Come on, your a bright girl! Okay, when you come home you can have the mother cluckers come up and sing to you and find out what I'm talking about. However, I do think you should request a song, how about Rod Stewart's "Do you think I'm Sexy", if you can watch it without laughing then I'll have to concede to them. Let me know. Can't wait to have you all home. Love, Laurie

Cheryl Tuesday, 8/30/05, 6:52 AM
Kel, WOW! Don't know how you keep up on all of your e-mail. Tried to get your sisters to sing on Sat. but they wouldn't, even offered $. Oh well, I tried. You and your Mom and Dad were missed by all that were there! Stay strong and we will see you soon. Ilove you, Cheryl
E-mail:  cplahanski@frontiernet .net

Danielle Rich Tuesday, 8/30/05, 5:17 AM
Hey Kell, You know were praying for you and you will be out playing bball in no time kicking my butt!!! hahah talk to you soon.... <3 DRich

John & Tammy Fendick Monday, 8/29/05, 8:31 PM
Keep your head up and you are going to beat this, all of our prayers are with you.

Leo's Dad Monday, 8/29/05, 7:42 PM
Hi KJ- Hope you are feeling better and getting ready to leave the hospital. I know that you, Mom and Dad wanted me to respond to the post by LG. I wasn¿t going to dignify it but for you I will. I had to laugh when I read what LG wrote to you regarding our AWESOME PERFORMANCE at the benefit. She said that anyone can be funny after a few cocktails. Well KJ, as you are well aware LG and Mr. Jack Daniels aren¿t exactly strangers- if you know what I mean- and she isn¿t funny in the least, now is she? Isn¿t that interesting?! Do you know what her singing raised at the benefit? Nothing but eyebrows, that¿s what. People thought that some animal had been hit on River Rd. and was howling in pain as it crawled to the side of the road. Anyway, we we want you to be the first to know that we have just named our upcoming world tour- Unplugged and Unplucked. We have a big green ribbon in honor of you on the back of our new World Tour T-Shirts. We want you to be our honorary roadie. We have banned LG from all back stage areas so you will have them all to yourself. She will be so jealous- hah- like she isn¿t already! So hurry up and get healthy. We are going to need you out there to help prevent LG from getting on our tour bus and stealing our material! We love you and pray for a swift recovery for you. And remember Down with Frank Purdue-Chickens Rule!!

Tara Monday, 8/29/05, 6:23 PM
Hi Kelly...This is Tara Carney...I wanted you to know that you are in my prayers every single day. You are such an inspiration to me, like, I saw you at the benifit a while back and was just so amazed at how positive you were. I am getting ready to head off to college in the next few days and the past few months I have been going back and forth between studying education or biology. After the benifit for you, though, I am convinced that going into the medical field is what I want to do. You were such an inspiration to me that night and I am so grateful for that. Hang in there...we are all praying for you!! And hey, if you ever want to chat! my sn is Tmc04487....=) Stay strong <3 Love, Tara

AC Monday, 8/29/05, 5:38 PM
Enough about the Chicken singers... you're (the Chicken singers wife's) all just jeolous and don't know talent when you see/hear it (and it had nothing to do with the beers). Kelly - happy to see your note - stay positive - you're positive attitude will get you over this. I've been checking the web site often and thinking of you lots. Also working on cleaning up our new (used) car - not sure I'll let Pegan drive this one anytime soon. She'll be getting the best 'clunker' money can buy - hopefully before school starts (I hear it's not cool to be in 11th grade and taking the bus)... Let dad know that we make sure Col is taking care of Reilly (sp?). We'll be seeing you back here soon - keep writing

jackie valdes Monday, 8/29/05, 5:28 PM
hey kel hope you're doing awesome in nyc=) keep up the great work<3

Calee Lord Monday, 8/29/05, 4:11 PM
"And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out loud, 'Cause it will carry all your cares away. And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself, And it will help you feel okay. And when you pray, pray for strength to help to carry on, When the troubles come your way. And when you dream, dream big, As big as the ocean, blue. 'Cause when you dream it might come true. But when you dream, dream big." -Ryan Shupe Thinking about you all the time Kelly. Stay strong! <3

Patti O'Day Monday, 8/29/05, 4:01 PM
Kelly, Want you to know I think of you constantly and pray everyday for your complete recovery. Love you lots! Aunt Patti

Patti O'Day Monday, 8/29/05, 3:59 PM
E-mail:  ms

Rose Faughnan Monday, 8/29/05, 3:46 PM
Kelly, We think of you often. When we went to Ireland we made a special stop at the Shrine at Knock and said a prayer for you that you will beat this thing and get to Ireland yourself someday. Keep fighting and keep that beautiful smile. You are one of my favorite former students.

Chizuru Monday, 8/29/05, 2:53 PM
Hi Kelly, I am friend of Theresa Bartolomeo. Theresa and I worked in the Tokyo office at Goldman Sachs 8 years ago. I hope receiving an email from me would bring a miracle. My name, Chizuru, means a thousand cranes. When we have some serious wish to make, we make cranes (origami) with a piece of paper. When we complete a thousand cranes, we believe our wishes come true. I have been a lucky charm to a lot of people for this reason in Tokyo, Japan, my hometown. When Theresa reached out to me to join your chatting circle, I wanted to introduce this cultural event. I am, a thousand cranes, trying my very best to wish your recovery. Let's believe in miracles! Warmest regards, Chizuru (¿ç¿ß¿j ********************************************** Origami and a thousand paper cranes: There can hardly be a western person who didn't, as a child, make a paper airplane using folded newspaper or a sheet from a notebook. The more adventurous might have made a hat or, if they were lucky, might have been introduced to the almost limitless possibilities that origami and a creative mind can conjour up. These days, while some people consider it a real art form that is very Zen-like in its simplicity and depth, origami is regarded mainly as an activity for children, who are taught just a few standard designs. Even in Japan, the most complicated design that most people master is the tsuru (crane), which has developed into a worldwide symbol of children's desire for peace. But origami has a long history and was originally not for children at all. Like many things in Japanese culture, origami (from "oru" meaning to fold, and "kami" meaning paper) has its origins in China. It is believed that paper was first made, and folded, in China in the first or second century. The earliest records of origami in Japan date to the Heian Period (794- 1185). It was during this period that Japan's nobility had its golden age and it was a time of great artistic and cultural advances. Paper was still a rare enough comodity that origami was a pastime for the elite. Paper was folded into set shapes for ceremonial occasions such as weddings. Serrated strips of white paper were used to mark sacred objects, a custom which can still be seen in every shrine to this day. It was in the Edo Period (1600-1868) that much of today's popular traditional culture developed as forms of entertainment for the merchant classes and the common people. Kabuki and ukiyo-e are just two examples and origami also gained poularity. By the mid-19th century, 70 or more different designs had been created. But aside from its ceremonial use, its popularity has been in decline since the Meiji Period (1886-1912) and the modernization of Japan. Above: Thousands of origami tsuru hang in strings in a temple. Upper right: An elaborate origami by Aidan Dysart. Right: Origami tsuru come in all sizes. In the mid-1950s, 11-year old Sasaki Sadako developed leukemia as a result of her exposure to radiation as a baby during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Tradition held that if you made a senbazuru (a thousand paper cranes) and made a wish after completing each one, your wish would come true. Sadako set about making the tsuru, wishing for her own recovery. But as she continued, she began to wish instead for world peace. She died when she had made only 644 and her school friends completed the full number and dedicated them to her at her funeral. The story helped inspire the Children's Peace Memorial in Hiroshima and a statue of Sadako in Seattle. Each year on Peace Day (August 6th), thousands of origami tsuru are sent to Hiroshima by chidren all over the world. There are too many folding steps in making a tsuru for me to describe simply here and lots of sites already provide this and many other ideas (see the links below).

  Monday, 8/29/05, 2:26 PM

Megan(a.k.a. Pegan) Monday, 8/29/05, 2:15 PM
Kelcakesssss hows it going in NYC? i hear your coming home soon thats good to know. As you heard i was in a car accident thursday... let me tell you i look CUTE. I went to the orthopedic today and i can finally take the neck brace off but i can't do gym for 3 weeks... darn. I go to the eye doctor tomorrow to make sure im not gunna go blind or anything haha. My face is still scratched up but i should be healed for school which is good. My car was totaled but i hope to have one by school so i can take me and EJ to school. Colcakes is coming over to dinner tonight so don't worry we are taking good care of her, and tomorrow me her and woody are taking EJ to the mall... wish you were here but im glad to hear your coming home soon. Stay strong kel we all love you here in good ol' bing and can't wait for you to come home love peg

Kathy Phillips Monday, 8/29/05, 1:17 PM
Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your family - such a lovely family you are - for strength and perserverance during such a difficult time. What great neighbors and friends you have - such a blessing! We have been asking our community here in Jupiter, Florida for prayers for you and your family as well as our churches (St Jude in Tequesta and St. Paul of the Cross in North Palm Beach) John has also asked for prayers for his "love bug" from his Youth Group Friends and all have expressed concern and hope for you and your family!!! We speak of you and your family often and keep in touch with your progress through Ellen Cook and St. Christopher's Church (my mom) This website is a wonderful way to really feel in touch with Binghamton and the lovely people who are getting you all through this. You have become our "love bug" too, Kell! We love you and hope to see you over the holidays when we're home. Love, Kathy, Brad, Sarah and John Phillips.

The Adams Family Monday, 8/29/05, 1:04 PM
Kelly, We wanted to let you know thatyou and your family are in our thoughts and prayer. There are so many people pulling for you! How wonderful to be so loved. Stay strong! Hope to see you aroud "town" soon! Mary, Dave, Stacia and Rory

Marlene Monday, 8/29/05, 11:43 AM
Kelly, Girl that's right you never ever give up.Hang in there.Your going to beat this. Marlene(God Bless

Maura O'Day Monday, 8/29/05, 11:42 AM
Hi Kel, I just talked to Dad and he said you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you. Keep the faith!! Love, Maura

Norton Family Monday, 8/29/05, 11:31 AM
Hi Kelly- Just wanted to tell you that we are all thinking of you. Our prayers are with you and your family. -The Norton's from church

Laurie Gildea Monday, 8/29/05, 11:21 AM
Hi Kelly, I hope you are feeling better each day. If you had been at the benefit listening to the cooks singing, I believe you'd be feeling a different kind of sick! I cannot believe all the bragging going on in the hood about how good they are. It's time to bring them back down to reality. Yes, they were funny and suprisingly entertaining but anybody can be after a few cocktails, enough is enough already! Also I believe it's time for me to start getting on your dad's case. Each night while me and the girls are walking with our dogs, Reilly goes crazy!!!! What a watch dog you have!!! All seriousness aside, I hope you are feeling much better and are on your way home soon! Keep saying that healing prayer at night before you go to bed. Can't wait to see you all when you get home. Deb and Mike we are all thinking of you also, take care! Love, Laurie

kelly Monday, 8/29/05, 10:13 AM
hi, as most of u all know im kelly o'day. im in NYC right now undergoing my 2nd treatment. my heart goes out to all of you that have been helping me. which really made me write this though is a message ashley morgan wrote me saying some1 came up to her and said "i hear kellys giving up" thats totally false. my friends and family kno that. im 16 and yes this is gonna be hard but ur all my strength and ur all my reason for being so strong. exspecially my girls i will do whatever it takes to beat this cancer n then to be back partying with you! im a very determined grl and ill have this beat by summer 06. i have to greatly thanks the crawfords for this wonderful website it has made nyc alot easier i also want to thanks the morgans,the bruets,the faughnans,the felters,the plahanskis, and the jones. i love you all so much and if ever u hear "shes giving up" kno thats not true because i wont be giving up for a long while<3

Bob Bundy Monday, 8/29/05, 9:35 AM
The very best to you Kelly! BB

Ashley Monday, 8/29/05, 9:10 AM
Hott Kells... Somebody came up to me yesterday and told me that they heard you were giving up... I have no idea where that came from because I know that you are not ever going to give up and that we are all positive you are gunna beat this! I knew right away that it was a misunderstanding and told them that you have to be the bravest girl i know and you are gunna fight this until its completely gone. You have a whole communtity of people fighting it with you and with support like this there is no turning back. Im so proud of you for being so strong.. And i know that each treatment you are going to get so much better! So keep your head up kells and stay strong! Cant wait to see you when you get home... I LoVe YoU Kells...

Mrs. Tio Monday, 8/29/05, 9:02 AM
We're all thinking of you Kelly! Hope to see you around the neighborhood soon :)

Stewart and Jeanne Higgins Monday, 8/29/05, 8:29 AM
Hi Kelly! We wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers every day! Stew really enjoyed having you in his class when he taught you at Religious Education! For me, you become part of my extended family when you go through my Religious Education Program! I remember all of "my" kids! Get better quick, Honey! We love you!

Jan Monday, 8/29/05, 8:23 AM
Hi kelly, just wanted you to know that we are all thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. We had fun Sat., but missed you and your parents alot. The guys are better at cooking the chicken, then they are singing, I hope you are enjoying the pictures! Tell your dad, Doc had a couple of cold ones for him!We will see you soon kiddo......The Felter's

Nana Monday, 8/29/05, 7:28 AM
Good Morning Beautiful.... Hope u had a good night.. I figure you must be in the prayers of at least 10000 to 15000 people with all the churches and people around the country pulling for you......God has to hear them!!!! Love ya lots to u later. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lorraine Bruster Monday, 8/29/05, 7:01 AM
Kelly, I just wanted to say hi. Dont worry about the babysitting thing , you know you always have a place at our house. The kids miss you and send their love. I will be sending some more of those "special" cards,so keep a look out. keep smiling. love ya! Always in my prayers. Lorraine

Lorraine Monday, 8/29/05, 6:52 AM

Tess Falkenberg Monday, 8/29/05, 4:45 AM
Kelly - keep smiling; we are keeping you in our prayers.

Tyler Plahanski Sunday, 8/28/05, 7:07 PM
Hey Kel, We hope you feel better real soon.. Always Prayin n thinkin of you.. Come home soon:) Love, Ty

Lisa Radley Sunday, 8/28/05, 6:59 PM
Dear Kelly, Hi, it's Lisa!! I loved the pictures on the website! I have read the updates and I hope that these treatments will make you better!! We are all saying our prayers for you and your family. Hope you are better soon! Love, Lisa

Hallessss Sunday, 8/28/05, 6:21 PM
Heyy Kelly:) I MISS YOU TONS SWEETIEEE!!!! >hugz & kisses< Halles<33*

Uncle John Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:50 PM
Hi Kelly! I was just sitting with Aunt Barb (after putting your 3 cousins to sleep) and we were viewing all the pictures from the last benefit. It looked like a success. You are one popular girl! This website is pretty awesome too. (I think Aunt Barb is addicted to it.) We are looking forward to having you stay in NJ for a while- plus you get a free back massage anytime you want! You're in our prayers every night(Victoria and John too) I know you will start to feel better soon- so hurry up! See you soon.....Ciao Uncle John

christine curley Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:33 PM
Oh, I forgot-Debbie and Mike -you should start cheering -Kind of like "push em back-push em back waaayyyy back" but change the words a bit!

chris & Bill Curley Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:28 PM
The entire website is awesome. Thanks to the brilliant people who put this together. Great job!

Kelsey & Kerry Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:19 PM
Kelly, We know you don't know us but we go to CF and Saint Christopher's. We are always thinking of you, and we hope you get better soon! Kelsey & Kerry

Kelsey & Kerry Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:16 PM

Tim and Carol Ann Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:01 PM
Kelly, We know you don't really know us but you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. God Bless you always!

jonesy Sunday, 8/28/05, 2:32 PM
hi kel, what a party.I think we got some great photos and videos for you all to watch.The chicken singers were awesome,what a treat for us all???I know you really wanted to be there,but we all felt you with us.I hope you're feeling better today and getting ready to come back home,we miss you all.And yes mike I had a few beers just for you!!! love,jonesy

Leo' Dad Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:52 PM
Hi Kelly- Hope you are feeling better. You missed quite a party yesterday! What a whirlwind the last 24 hours have been! As you know, all of us chicken cooks debuted behind the microphone at the benefit. As we expected, the crowd went wild. We had to come out for 2 more encores! We were able to prove that we have an amazingly diverse repertoire from country to new wave to hip hop. We have already been booked for American Idol as well as several Bar mitzvahs. Jared Campbell has asked us to sing backup for him on his next album. We told him to talk to our manager, Ann Marie. She handles everything but the money. We¿re also working on a new live album. It¿s going to be titled- The Mothercluckers, unplugged. We¿ll get you a copy. If you look at the pictures on the website you can see great shots of our live performance. There is even one in there of us with our groupies- The Hens. Anyway, we¿ve decided to donate all of our performance fees to you to help you in this fight. Based on the number of people at the benefit it is obvious that you are not alone in this challenge and that you are greatly loved by an awful lot of people. We wish you could have been there but you were certainly there in spirit. Anyway, keep smiling and get well soon. We may even come to your house and serenade you at your window! By the way, do you smell chicken?

Allie Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:34 PM
Heyy Hottie!!:) OMG Your Benefit was so amazingg:)...I sold 50/50 tickets n we sold a whole role of tickets..and made over $450! I wish you could have been there but i am glad you are staying in nyc and trying to get better so you can come home! I miss you very much and i can't wait for you to come home and we can hang out:) Stay Strong and Get Better..Love Always A*Bru

Mike and Carol Lynch Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:33 PM
Kelly, We just wanted you to know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will put you on our church's prayer chain, so a whole bunch of people in Guilderland, NY will be praying for your recovery. Your web site is awesome!