Lori Morgan Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:35 PM
HOT KELLS!!! I am soooooo glad you are feeling better finally. Just remember it does get better. You are beautiful inside and out and your strength and courage will get you through this. The Morgan Family loves you and you are in our thoughts and prayers all the time. When you get better we have to start planning our next "Myrtle Beach" trip! And we won't make you sit on Trev's lap, unless you want to!haha) Anything you need you know we are here for you, so stay strong. Oh and by the way...... when you get better you are going to owe Ash and I a lot of back, hand, feet,arm and body massages. hahahahahaha
E-mail:  Lonthgo@stny.rr.com

Mrs.Urda Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:11 PM
Hey Kelly, I saw a butterfly today and instantly thought of you. Remember that butterfly project I assigned you in math. Yours turned out less than perfect, but what I remember most was your great sense of humor and the jokes that you made about the project. Every time I assign that project I think of you and laugh.... A sense of humor is a wonderful asset...use yours to get you through this very tough time in your life. Know that I'm thinking of you and that you are in my prayers. -Mrs. Urda
E-mail:  urdat@cforks.org

Katie Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:09 PM
Kelly, Hott Kells, Keel Keels, Keelington Coat Factory~ obviously i have the greatest nicknames for you and it's just because i love you so much!! (and i'm basically the greatest sister ever) haha.. all jokes aside, i love you and i hope that you know that i'm here for you 100%. Although i'm going to be away at school, i hope you know that you can call me anytime, for any reason. Especially if you need a laugh :) You are such a strong person and you WILL make it through this. Not a day goes by that i don't pray for you. Keep your head up sweetie<3 and p.s. you know you loooove the pink bandana i got you - Adam Hood has no clue what he's talking about!! xoxo
E-mail:  oday@oswego.edu

The Felter Family Saturday, 8/20/05, 8:41 PM
Kellster's, please know that we all are sending you positive thoughts every minute of every day! We are praying for you and you have Mom and Dad call if we can do anything for you, no matter what! Tell your dad, that Doc's lawn service will be by while you are in NYC!! Love ya kiddo, and everyone else too! Love the Felters
E-mail:  jpfelter@stny.rr.com

anthony fantagone Saturday, 8/20/05, 8:07 PM
E-mail:  tableplayer@aol.com

Bre Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:59 PM
Kelly! Whats new? i miss you a lot. Your always in my heart. stay stong babe. We all know you can make it through this :) Call me sometime if your up to it. always.... "triple trouble" (you, jess, and i) haha 7th grade rocked. love you *bre
E-mail:  BVHmail@aol.com

the Hilden Family Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:05 PM
Hi Kelly! We are thinking of you and praying for you to stay strong. We are special friends of your Aunt Barb's and want you to know that we are praying for you and your family all of the time. Always use the support around you and remember you have so many people looking out for you that love you so very much. We wish you stength and a speedy recovery for a healthy future! Much love, Tracey Hilden and family
E-mail:  hilden@optonline.net

Jessica's Grandma Emma Saturday, 8/20/05, 6:35 PM
Hi Kelly I am glad to see that your out of the hospital and feeling better. Good luck Monday and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love, Grandma Emma
E-mail:  honeybunny1952@yahoo.com

sonny spera Saturday, 8/20/05, 6:34 PM
Hi Kelly... We are all thinking about you. Erica has your name and # written on her sneakers. We think of you often and hope all is well. Sincerely s
E-mail:  sspera@stny.rr.com

Gr Saturday, 8/20/05, 6:33 PM

Jackie Valdes Saturday, 8/20/05, 3:57 PM
Hey Kel!<3 So.. it's so great to have this site up.. so you can see how much everyone loves you =).. even though we were never really that close, i pray for you and hope to see you soon. I know that my friends like.. amanda kerila, skylar trotter, morgan white.. and yeah, all of them (haha) also wish you the best of luck in everything.. -hugs- ~Jackie
E-mail:  pixiedustj627@aol.com

Aunt Barbara and Uncle John Saturday, 8/20/05, 3:37 PM
Hi Kel! This site is great! What a way for you and all your supporters to keep in touch. You have such special friends -- friends forever! We think of you every minute and wish we could help you more. Know that we love you veryyyyyyyy much. See you this week in NYC. We love you.

Victoria, John, & Joseph Saturday, 8/20/05, 3:34 PM
Hi Kelly! We hope we see you on your visit next time. Sorry we didn't see you on your birthday! We love you sooooo much and we pray for you every night before bed. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxoxooooooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoo xoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxoxoxoxo xoxoxxooxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

Allie Saturday, 8/20/05, 3:25 PM
Heyy Hottiee!!..How are you? You are doing so well with all your treatment and you are so strong!!:) I Love You and you are always in my prayers!! We will be best friends 4 life!! I Love You like a sis:) Get Better Hunn!! <3 Allie <3
E-mail:  alliebruet@yahoo.com

The Klenovics Saturday, 8/20/05, 3:15 PM
Kelly all of us at CV are always thinking of you. We love you and hope that everything will turn out the way it should be. Stay strong and keep that sense of humor everyone loves. Always, Carrie and Family
E-mail:  DCdancergal@aol.com

Brenda Maldonado Saturday, 8/20/05, 2:20 PM
Hi Kelly.... I am a very close friend of your Granma Jeanette.... My family and I have u in our prayers.... Please keep the faith in God.... Blessing from the Maldonado Family
E-mail:  themal622@aol.com

The Gill Family Saturday, 8/20/05, 2:19 PM
Kelly, Just wanted you to know the Gill Family is keeping you in your thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and have faith!! :)
E-mail:  CGILL1@stny.rr.com

Mom Saturday, 8/20/05, 1:17 PM
Hi Kelz: Isn't this a great thing that the Crawford's did for you? We have such good neighbors and friends. It helps to know we have so much support from everyone. I love you very much. We will get through this together, baby, just keep your faith and hope, ok?? Hope you like all your bandana's!!.......Love ya, xxxoooxxx Mom
E-mail:  doday@stny.rr.com

Adam Hood Saturday, 8/20/05, 11:44 AM
HEY KEL!!! Just wanted to let you know your in my prayers and that i have the every bit of confidence your a lot cooler then Katie. (haha) But now that school has started im sure I wont be back to the Bing to bother you and the fam anytime soon. I can just bother Katie in Oswego lol. Anyways, stay strong and if you need any extra bandannas other then the dorky one Katie got you i have a million of them! Adam : )
E-mail:  ahood@oswego.edu

BOBBI JO SOULE Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:40 AM
Hello Kelly, just wanted to get on and say hello, and let you know that the Soule family loves you very much.
E-mail:  sas3698@yahoo.com

Ashley Saturday, 8/20/05, 8:57 AM
Hey Dear! Glad to see your outta the hospital and eating again.. I konw its gunna be really hard to go back down there for the second treatment, but your very strong and really brave and i know your gunna push your way through all of this! I love you kells and if you ever need your eye brows waxed or a good foot massage you know im always here... Good luck in the city and ill deffinately be visitng you as soon as you get back.. Keep your head up girly.. your beautiful and everyone loves you..
E-mail:  ashcapash@yahoo.com

Ann Marie Faughnan Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:55 AM
Kelly, It was great having you down at our house last night with Meg and Kenzie and then your Mom. I wish I had gotten to see your walk down, Meg's waving and Kenzie on the hood of your Mom's car!!! I hope you come over again soon so I can win at Rummy. We have lots of Schawn's food left in the freezer if you get hungry!! Know all the Faughnan's love you and pray for you every day..Meg and I wish on stars too!! Love, Ann Marie
E-mail:  fogin@aol.com

The Guinans Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:53 AM
Kelly, Stay Strong and Keep Fighting...Your in all of our prayers every night and day. Your an inspiration to everyone we know, including us. Hope you had a Sweet 16...Your in our thoughts... -The Guinans
E-mail:  Lukejake2@yahoo.com

Michelle and Michelle Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:48 AM
HAPPY SWEET 16 KELLLYYYYYYY!!! <3* Love, The Michelle's
E-mail:  staigkids@hotmail.com

Michelle and Michelle Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:47 AM
E-mail:  staigkids@hotmail.com

Michelle Marinich Saturday, 8/20/05, 7:43 AM
Hey Kelly, Hope You Are Doing Great. You Are An Amazing Girl So Keep Your Head Up And Things Will Get Better Soon!!! Always Thinking of You .... Michelle
E-mail:  FUNintheSUN248@aol.com

Diane Gennarelli Saturday, 8/20/05, 6:33 AM
Hi Kelly, We haven't met yet, I am your Nan's Second Cousin-- and she has told me so much about you--I know she loves you very much! We hope and pray for u and I'm sure everything will be fine soon-it will take some time though and we are rooting for u! Love, Diane and Jim Gennarelli Lancaster, PA
E-mail:  fabhomes2@aol.com

Nana Saturday, 8/20/05, 4:30 AM
Good Morning Kelly I hope you got some sleep last night...love you!!!!!! Looking foward to seeing you this week. I hope you have a nice day...........love you!!!!!!!!!!!
E-mail:  jtbese@optonline.net

Uncle Dan Friday, 8/19/05, 9:11 PM
Kelly, We are so glad we got to see you on our trip back East. We missed you at the beach but all you missed was: Katie on the phone with Adam, Colleen sleeping, Joseph crying, etc. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Each week the congregation at St. James prays for your health and well being. When you are able to travel, we want you to come visit us. Love, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dan, Danielle, and Harvey
E-mail:  besen@earthlink.net

tom knapp Friday, 8/19/05, 7:16 PM
idk u but ali says ur a good friend that is in need of help i hope u do get better TOM KNAPP
E-mail:  mknapp2@stny.rr.com

jtbese@optonline.net Friday, 8/19/05, 6:53 PM
Hi.....love ya a lot....I'll make the best soft boiled eggs for you anytime..................... Love Nana

Megan S Friday, 8/19/05, 6:02 PM
my #15! I miss you very much. I hope everything is going well and if you need anything just let me know :) HOPE will get you through anything. I Love You!

shiloh Friday, 8/19/05, 5:47 PM
Kelly, hey girly i hope you had a good sweet 16 and ur lovin' it....i hope you love your balloon too :) haha i heard that u used my blaket that i gave u in the hospital that made me really happpy:) i hope your feeling better and your always in my thougths and prayers i love you girl youve been a great friend weve shared some great times get better soon okayyy i love you bye love shiloh
E-mail:  sulbright@stny.rr.com

Brittany Morgan Friday, 8/19/05, 5:44 PM
HOTT KELLS!!! I Love you!! & I hope your feelin better cuz u gotta go out drivin n all that good stuff now that your 16! but im always thinkin of ya and im always here... <3 britt
E-mail:  Britterz457@hotmail.com

  Friday, 8/19/05, 4:42 PM
Kelly, You are in my prayers everyone misses you please stay strong and fight this battle we all love you Good Luck!!! We All Love You Love Always<3

Kater Baberr<3 Friday, 8/19/05, 4:12 PM
Heyy beautiful!! how ya doin? i love ya muchoo:* Hope you're feeling better! I miss you so much and i know everyone else does too! Good luck down in New York for your second round of treatments and i cant wait to see you when you get back!! Happy 16 Sweetie* Stay Strong! I'm praying every night for you~ Love you more than you know, Kater Baberrr<3
E-mail:  starbornsinger22@hotmail.com

Michelle Staiger Friday, 8/19/05, 3:04 PM
Kelly, I am praying for you every day girl. Stay strong and always know that so many people are thinking of you and praying for you every day!! Just live life to the fullest! I <3 you!!! Love, Michelle Staiger <3*
E-mail:  staigkids@hotmail.com

Kristy Topa Friday, 8/19/05, 2:53 PM
Kellyyy!How are you darlinn'?I hope you are doing well.I haven't seen you in a while,since the Mets game in the begining of the summer!You're BEAUTIFUL!:) Us CV kids over here are praying for you everyday!!If you ever need anything,you know who you can call!Get well soon. Love you and hope to see you again very soon!! Love always,Kristy :)
E-mail:  swoosh858@yahoo.com

The Grady's Friday, 8/19/05, 2:21 PM
Hi Kelly (and Deb, Mike, Katie and Colleen), You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We want you to know we are sending strong, positive, and healthy wishes to you everyday Kelly. The Grady's
E-mail:  tgrady@stny.rr.com

Karen Kelly-Kelly Family Friday, 8/19/05, 2:13 PM
O'Day Family, You are and remain in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Karen & Joe Kelly
E-mail:  karlly01@stny.rr.com

Amber Sabo Friday, 8/19/05, 1:27 PM
Kelly, I hope that you get better soon and come to school becuase i know that a ton of people miss you! Love, Amber Sabo
E-mail:  princesssabo11590@yahoo.com

Cheri Panko Friday, 8/19/05, 1:13 PM
Kelly, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Be strong. We love you!!! The Panko Family
E-mail:  capanko@stny.rr.com

Meggerz Friday, 8/19/05, 12:56 PM
KJ! I hope you're feeling well because we have to run away to your shed again soon. I know you look super hot in the bandanaa (spelling?) and I'll bring you some ice cream soon. You're an amazing person and I love you with all my heart. Don't stress on little things, because if anyone messes up your room I will personally beat (gently, of course) them. Ashley and I will make it look amazing. You and I've been through so much together (*NSYNC breaking up, fist fights, boys, ect.) that I know you're strong. I love you KJ. Love, Megg

Erik Jones Friday, 8/19/05, 12:27 PM
Heyy Kel...sry i havnt come to visit u as much as the rest of my family has...hope you're feelin better.You'll get through all this. Well i'll try to come & visit u with my mom more offten.
E-mail:  livnlfe2snwboard@aim.com

Pastor Al Gelder Friday, 8/19/05, 11:32 AM
Kelly, I just want you to know that you (and your family) are being prayed for by lots of people at Valley Church too. Last Sunday we mentioned you in the congregation's prayer for the needs of the community and I'm sure there will be people who read this web site who, like me, will send a prayer to our strong and loving God on your behalf. You are not alone in this battle! With love and prayers, The people of Valley Church Al Gelder, pastor
E-mail:  valleycrc@msn.com

Therese Staiger Friday, 8/19/05, 11:24 AM
Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the next round of treatments. The whole community is behind you. Take care, Love, Therese Staiger
E-mail:  tstaiger@stny.rr.com

Cassie Lord Friday, 8/19/05, 10:41 AM
Kellyyyyy!! <3* I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that I'm praying for you every single day! I can't wait for you to get better so that you and I can go on our roaddddtrippp! hahahaha Know that god is alwaysss with you and keep fighting! I <333 youu!
E-mail:  xhersheykisses91@yahoo.com

Pegan Friday, 8/19/05, 9:12 AM
hey kelcakes, the rest of my family signed this and i noticed i havent yet... jeez. It's been good seeing you the past couple of days looking better than ever and keeping strong. I know you'll fight this off soon and you'll get to come visit Woody and I at the giant and make fun of us... haha you're a great girl and im glad i got to know you through your sister. If you ever need anything i'll get in my wicked cool pimped out gold mini van and get it for you haha <3 ya Kels, feel better soon

Diane (Madame) Weyna Friday, 8/19/05, 8:23 AM
Bonjour Kelly, I just saw this information and send all my wishes that today has good moments for you. You will be kept in our family's prayers. Toutes nos pensées, Diane Weyna
E-mail:  mmeweyna@hotmail.com

Alan P. Slocum Friday, 8/19/05, 8:16 AM
Best wishes to you and your family from the computer services staff here at Chenango Forks CSD. Just let us know if we can help you with any computer needs while you are out. Hope to see you soon.
E-mail:  Slocuma@cforks.org

Diane WheelerBusch Friday, 8/19/05, 6:51 AM
Hello, Kelly. Heard that you are feeling somewhat better after your last treatment. You're in my prayers for healing. I hope your treatments go well in NYC this coming week. Positive thoughts~~~~~~and well wishes~~~~~~~~~When your ready to see my new chocolate lab puppy, give a holler~~~~~~Diane Wheeler~Busch
E-mail:  WheelerBuschd@cforks.org

mike Flynn Friday, 8/19/05, 6:38 AM
Kelly I do wish you all the best and your are in my prayers. If there is anything I can do for you or your family please don't hesitate to call upon me. Livestrong!
E-mail:  flynnm@cforks.org

Pamela J. Dorner Friday, 8/19/05, 6:24 AM
Hi Kelly, I work with Mrs. Boughner who keeps me informed, but also I am a member of St. Christopher's Parish. I was a teacher for the First Holy Communion class, but started the year when you were in the fourth grade. I know this is a difficult time for you and your family, but know you have many friends that think of you often and send our prayers. God Bless
E-mail:  pdorner@frontiernet.net

Donna Torillo Friday, 8/19/05, 6:20 AM
Wishing you the VERY best Kelly. My girls and I think of you EVERY DAY. If we can do ANYTHING to make your days easier and more comfortable please let us know. xoxoxoxoxoxo
E-mail:  torillod@cforks.org

Linda Yahner Friday, 8/19/05, 6:15 AM
Kelly, I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers every day. I hope knowing that so many people are thinking of you and praying for you will give you strength. You are a very special young lady. Debby & Mike, Please, please if there is anything at all that Tom and I can do for you please ask. You have our prayers. I hope knowing that so many people care will help. Again, we are praying for all of you that Kelly has a complete recovery.
E-mail:  yahnerl@cforks.org

Komarmzz Thursday, 8/18/05, 11:02 PM
-Keeeels Hi darling! : ) haha always good times when your around and even though i won't be there to keep ya company in the nurses office this year im always prayin for ya! stay strong & get better fasttt!! *much love!* : )

Komarmzz Thursday, 8/18/05, 11:01 PM
-Keeeels Hi darling! : ) haha always good times when your around and even though i won't be there to keep ya company in the nurses office this year im always prayin for ya! stay strong & get better fasttt!! *much love!* : )
E-mail:  lilkomarmz@yahoo.com

Colleen Thursday, 8/18/05, 4:42 PM
Hey Kelly<3 i just wanted to let you know that i love you very much and i know that you will be okay because you're such a strong person! You're beautiful inside and out and i am always here for you as a sister and a friend!

Judy Crawford Thursday, 8/18/05, 3:51 PM
Kelly, I just learned of your illness from my son, Ron and want you to know that I will be praying every day for physical strength for you and for inner strength for your family. May God Bless.
E-mail:  rcrawford3@stny.rr.com

AC Thursday, 8/18/05, 3:50 PM
Kel, can you believe it took Sue 5 minutes to write her note(s) to you!!!??? Guess that she'll never have a career as a secretary. Glad to hear that you've been feeling better. I hear you look awesome in the bandanas. Gotta tell you that I made it through the WARP tour concert (9hrs). I enjoyed most groups and put up with a few others. Something Corporate and Matchbook Romance were both no shows - dissapointed. Fall Out Boy was the best with MCR coming in 2nd (Erik liked Senses Fail best). Hope you got to listen to your AC WARP cd - we can always burn you other songs/groups if you want. Maybe if Katie gets the IPod going you'll have more songs to listen to then you know what to do with. Music has always helped me through tough times - also makes the time go by quick (unless you like reading, which I don't). Wishing you the best on your next trip to NYC - also, thanks for asking Sue about how my interview went. Too early to tell, but it would be a very tough job (tons of hours) - but it will be a small price to pay to be able to stay in this area and begin a new professional career. I'll keep in touch - this is a great way to learn how well you're doing and to get the word out to more of your friends. Bye for now - AC
E-mail:  Ajones6@stny.rr.com

sue jones Thursday, 8/18/05, 3:32 PM
kelly,you know I love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya tomorrow. your personel massuse(sp) jonesy

sue jones Thursday, 8/18/05, 3:30 PM