Pegan Saturday, 9/24/05, 5:41 PM
Kelcakes, hows it going. I hear your on your 12th treatment thats AMAZING, im glad your staying so strong. It was so good sitting and talking with you the last time you came home. I'll be sure to be there whenever you need me to massage your back, now that i've taken over Susans job. haha As always me and Woody are taking good care of Colcakes... Col and I went to visit Woody at the giant today and it was a good time as always. Woody and I went to the mall today and got my homecoming stuff.. ill have to show you when you come home :) I think im sleeping at your house tomorrow night to keep Colleen some company and if your home monday ill try to visit you as soon as possible!! Well now thats ive basically told you my whole life story i must be going... Stay strong Kel, i know you will and youll get through this just fine! see ya soon tell Deb cakes and Mike i said helllllo

E.J. Saturday, 9/24/05, 1:55 PM
Hear your in the gold club & comin home soon. Hope to see u when u get back. yea our soccer team isnt doin to good...we have only won 2 games. lol....ill try to get u a goal some time! I can tell u are keepin strong. Keep it up!! u can get through it...always thinkin about yeas!

cathy starks Saturday, 9/24/05, 1:48 PM
I'm Tina Hendrickson's mom. I know you don't know me, but i've heard about you, and i just wanted you to know i'm thinking of you. You sound like a GREAT girl.Well you probably have alot of others to read,so GOOD LUCK, and I'm ROOTING for you. LOVE Cathy.

A Believer Saturday, 9/24/05, 11:01 AM
Kelly. The past few years Ive know you, always heard amazing things about you. It put me in shock when my family and friends informed me of your condition. At a time of greif like this sometimes you might feel really bad but just remember God gave you this task because he knows your so strong and so capable of overcoming this. I dont go a day without hearing about your strength and hearing about how many people you have behind you to get you through this. It puts me in awe to see how strong you and everyone else is through this all.You are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends. I check up on the site everyday, and talk to my amazingforks friends to keep up to date. I dont go a day without praying for you, and praying for your family, and friends. God hears us. He loves us. And HE will help you get through this. Much Love <3 Stay Strong.Your Beautiful. You Will Get Through This.

Nana Saturday, 9/24/05, 6:27 AM
Good Morning Kell....... I spoke to Mom last night and she and the doctors think you are amazing in your acceptance of this treatment....I know it has been hard for you, with all of the complications, but you are hanging in there and the job will be done...hopefully you will be going home in a day or two and I'm sure you are looking forward to being back in your new bedroom!!!!!!!!! P.S. I also think you are amazing!!!!!!!!! Love ya lots.................Nana

Rod, Kathy, Brad Smith Friday, 9/23/05, 11:27 PM
Kelly - thinking of you-praying really hard that your new treatment is agreeing & praying for the dr.s that are helping you. We are all praying for God to continue giving you & your wonderful family the courage & extra strength to carry you through this. You can do it!! Sending love & patience your way!! The Smith's on Greenmeadow Lane

Mrs. Fortier Friday, 9/23/05, 8:34 PM
Hi Kelly ~ I know you are having a tough week & again I admire your courage & strength more than I can put into words. I think about you and pray for you every day, and have thought about you all week long. I check this wonderful website almost daily and am amazed at all of your support. I hope that I will get to see you sometime - you are such a busy lady with all of your family and friends! God Bless Always........Mrs. Fortier

Joani De Filippo Friday, 9/23/05, 6:07 PM
Hi Kelly What an awesome website! I'm amazed every time I check in. So many people love you and pray for you. What a very special lady you are. Mike & Debby, there is a place in my heart for you. Deb, when I read your mom's letters, I can't begin to tell you the emotions I feel... Love to all of you, Joani

christine curley Friday, 9/23/05, 8:38 AM
Hey Kelly, I just talked to your Mom and she said that you are so awesome. Everyone there is so proud of you ....but they cannot imagine how proud we are here in Binghamtom. DJ lane is working on some pretzels for you so I will get them to you when that appetite is better. We love and miss you all. The curleys

Nana Friday, 9/23/05, 8:23 AM
Good Morning.... Just spoke to Mom and although you are having problems, you are hanging in really are amazing and you have so much courage --- that is what is going to get you through this. Just keep up that spirit...I love you..........

Amy Willstatter Friday, 9/23/05, 8:22 AM
Dear Kelly, I played golf with your uncle brian and his friend Gerry yesterday and I asked about his Kelly-Green bracelet. I just want you to know that you will remain in my heart and my prayers as you bravely endure the treatments that will get you better and better!! Your uncle loves you very much and I send you all my love and healing thoughts on your journey to good health. With love, Amy Willstatter

susie frank Friday, 9/23/05, 5:54 AM
hi kelly just thinking about. hope your pain in easing and your home soon,take care honey and stay strong we are all with you,hang in there, love you lots, matthew went to the girls soccor game yesterday and they won. alley had 3 goals she is amazing. hope your home soon , love ya bill and matt too

Ellen Thursday, 9/22/05, 7:59 PM
I love you baby girl...............keep up the greath strength you are enduring............ I promise, It will get better!!!

Carrie Klenovic Thursday, 9/22/05, 5:46 PM
Kelly-Hope all is well. Just a quick note to say hello and to keep your faith. Were all waiting for you to come home. Love ya <3 Carrie

Jesssica anne! Thursday, 9/22/05, 2:58 PM
hi baby i miss you alot!! its gettin kinda lonely whithout my silly bestfriend around!! im praying for u everyday..stay strony keels and keep fighting!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEEELS!! ( homecomming is sooon!! remember last year!!!haha FUN TIMESSSSSSSS! out makeup and hair!oh BABY!) ; ) haha love you so much!! FEEEEL BETTER XOXOXOXOXOX MEEEEEEEE : ) : )

Nana Thursday, 9/22/05, 2:05 PM
Hi KEll........ Hope you had a good day.....It was nice to see you on Tuesday ...I know you were so tired but you really looked beautiful!!!!!!!!!!Keep your chin up and your spirits strong....God will take care of the rest..........Love ya

Mrs. Moschak Thursday, 9/22/05, 7:41 AM
Good morning, Just checking in. Hope you are having a good day. We are all pulling for you each day. Be strong. Many blessings, Mrs. Moschak

Sally Thursday, 9/22/05, 7:28 AM
Kelly, Deb, Tweeter, Katie & Colleen....Praying for you and keeping you all close to our hearts during this trying time. Your strength and courage is unbelievable and an inspiration to us all. It is amazing all the love and support that is behind you. Stay strong and keep fighting Kelly!! Lots of love and prayers from the Hanifin's.

Evie Frair Thursday, 9/22/05, 6:44 AM
Hello, Kelly! I don't know you, but my husband works with your Dad. We have prayed for you since we found out about your illness. I do believe that faith will carry you a long way. God is always listening, even when it doesn't seem like he is. You will pull through this. From the looks of it, you have a lot of people who are behind you and pray for you everyday. Good luck to you and may God be with you on your journey. The Frair Family:0)

emma o'neill Wednesday, 9/21/05, 5:55 PM
kelly, hey. im really sorry about this whole thing. just keep fighting and dont lose hope. god will guide you through this tough time. well good luck with everything kelly. see you when you come home. love, emma!:-)
E-mail:  emmerzzz25114

Michelle Baron Wednesday, 9/21/05, 4:59 PM
Kelly, whenever I see someone wearing green I try to say an extra prayer for you on top of the many I say daily. Stay strong.
E-mail:  mbaron116@hotmail

Sarah Wednesday, 9/21/05, 3:31 PM
hey miss kelly, just wanted to let ya know that i think about you like 24 hours a day i miss you tonzzzz. Everyone is parying for you...just dont stop fighting girl you can beat this i know you can. giving up is this worst thing you could do. school just isnt the same with out you. come back soon. love you kell...get better soon!! love always, SARAH
E-mail:  surr28

Megan Molter Wednesday, 9/21/05, 1:57 PM
heyyy hun..i hope your new chemo and treatments are going good! keep staying strong..i love youuu<3

Chris and Bill Wednesday, 9/21/05, 11:40 AM
Hi Kelly, Hope all is going well. We are all thinking of you and your Mom and Dad. We love you all so much and pray that things are ok. Stay tough! Love us

susie frank Wednesday, 9/21/05, 8:14 AM
hi kelly sorry i haven't been in contact but your always on my mind and prayers. hope your treatment in going well. hang in there honey it has to get better for you. stay strong sweety , you can do it we know you can. we love you lots take care. say hi to mom and dad and we are thinking of them you xxxooo bill and matt too

Patty Bruet Wednesday, 9/21/05, 7:27 AM
Hello doll .. it's Wednesday already .. I want you to know how much we're praying for you, every day, and hoping that your pain will soon be gone. Allie dedicates every soccer game to you and they're on a winning streak so I know good things are on their way for you!! Deb and Mike .. please know how much we miss and love you .. WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!! Martay, Pattay, Allay, and Coreay .. xo xo xo xo

Cheryl Wednesday, 9/21/05, 6:22 AM
Kel, We are thinging of you and praying for you everyday! Hug to all of you from all of us! Love ya, Cheryl, Ty & Meg

Sally G. Tuesday, 9/20/05, 7:54 PM
Hey Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that everyone at Health Services thinks about you, talks about you, and prays for you and your parents and sisters every day. We love you, and ditto from the whole Grippen family.

jonesy Tuesday, 9/20/05, 2:33 PM
kell,it was so good to see you the other looked beautiful,sorry I couldn't take away the pain,you know I would if I could!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said to you that night, this treatment is going to totally suck,but the end result will be all worth it,just try to get as much rest(in a hospital- ha-ha) as you can and hopefully the week will fly by and you will be home before you know it and I will have my hands all refreshed for your return.I love you,you know that and not an hour goes by that you and mom and dad are in my thoughts.stay strong and we'll see you all next,jonesy

Mima Tuesday, 9/20/05, 12:48 PM
Hi Kel, Just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I won't go on with a long message. All of those that I have read share my exact feelings. Be strong, may God Bless you and be with you. Love, Mima

Kelly Blair Tuesday, 9/20/05, 12:34 PM
Kelly, I just wanted to say hello again. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, (I guess mainly in chorus when I'm horrifically bored... bah, who likes that class anyway!? :P) But anyway dollface, I hope you're staying strong and doing well, and I just want to let you know how many people you have back home rooting for you. Each and everyday I see so much green proclaiming "Kelly's Hope"! We're always here. And good luck with this new treatment <3 love, Kelly Blair

Lia Rigsby Tuesday, 9/20/05, 10:39 AM
I was just diagnosed with cancer myself. So in a way I guess we have something to share. I will keep you in my prayers. Lia

AC Tuesday, 9/20/05, 8:34 AM
Signing in to say Hi and to let you know you're thought of a lot. Stay positive. I'm hoping that any new treatment that is offered begins to show positive results. You deserve to be awaken from this nightmare and to be 100% well again. Your strength and the support of those around you will triumph. Sorry to miss you after the football game Saturday (had another get together with people I used to work with). I'm sure that Sue is taking good care of you when she sees you. Cause you asked (thanks) - still plugging away at the job searching. I still believe in the opportunities in this area - just not been getting the consideration for many of the appropriate jobs I apply for. I will keep you posted.

PAM Tuesday, 9/20/05, 6:16 AM
My prayers are with you Kelly in your time of need will send these prayer request along to the people in the church as well in Florida good luck and we are hear for you.

Tina Hendrickson Tuesday, 9/20/05, 5:48 AM
Kelly, You don't know me, my husband works with your father at the BPD. I just wanted to say, I think of you every day and hope things are going well for you with your new treatment I have been reading about, from all of the many many posts on here. Seems to me, you must be such an incredible person to be receiving all of this big love!!!! You stay strong Kelly!! Take care and here are as many {{{HUGS}}} as you need! Larry, Tina and Taylor Hendrickson

Steve Heiss Monday, 9/19/05, 8:07 PM
Kelly You don't know me, but Kelsey Gitchell comes to our church and is a friend. I am the pastor at the church. She has told me a little about your progress and your brave stuggle against this lymphoma. I hope you feel the support of all of your family and friends and even people, like me, who are friends of your friends. You sound like a wonderful person. I will keep you in my prayers, as will our church, Tabernacle United Methodist in Binghamton. take care God bless you

ummm Monday, 9/19/05, 6:01 PM
kelly. im a classmate. dont know you too well but my heart is going out to you. you are in my prayers every night. I pray that you will have strength, and this treatment will work. Just keep thinking positive because there are soo many people praying for you because we want you to get better and we know you will. Just smile and think positive and everyone is praying for you. So many people care about you it is so amazing. With all these people praying for you, there is no way God can not hear you

Kenzie Faughnan Monday, 9/19/05, 5:48 PM
Princess Keel Keel or Greenmeadow Lane- So these are the toughest times of our lives. Heartbreaks like these will only make us stronger. With every down there is in up... always remember that. I hope you enjoy me and my many "guy friends" and from what I cant tell, you do! haha. You can count on Meg and I to T-VO Laguna Beach, The Real World and The OC (my personal favs!) for you. I'm counting on being "hushed out" by the olders (Mim and Debbie), you, Meg and many others while I talk throughout all of the shows. What can I say..I LOVE YOU KELLY! Trust Me, You Can Do It. Kenzie<3

kristy topa Monday, 9/19/05, 5:21 PM
hey kelly..i hope your new chemo is going good. i know how hard it must be for you to keep a positive attitude,but you've come this far..stay strong!!! i'm always praying for you<3kristy.

Colleen Hanifin Matteson Monday, 9/19/05, 5:14 PM
Wow Kelly, Each time I sign on here I AM AMAZED.....the spirit, the power of prayer behind you is awesome. This website has brought me back in touch in Laurie Gildea and Maureen Roberts. I just feel bad that it is thru your suffering.....but that may be the window God opened when you felt the door shut. Keep strong and I trust all of our prayers for you will be answered. Your sister and parents are in our thoughts as well. Best of luck with the new treatment. The Mattesons

Carol Boughner Monday, 9/19/05, 9:49 AM
Well Kelly, today is the day you are starting a new endeavor. We wish you well in your new hospital/treatment regiment. We certainly are praying (loudly), crossing our fingers, anything that will help you get through this with positive results. We think about you and your family all the time. Take care and hello to your mom and dad. The Boughners

Mrs. Moschak Monday, 9/19/05, 9:36 AM
Thinking about you. I hear your name a lot. Kids are always talking about you sharing the info they know and missing you. You're quite special. blessings, Mrs.Moschak

Cathy, Morgan & Sammi J Monday, 9/19/05, 7:51 AM
Good luck this week! We are thinking about you every day!!!! (Morgan donated her hair to Locks of Love at the beginning of summer!) Stay strong!

mrs. lord Monday, 9/19/05, 6:36 AM
Good Morning Kelly; By now you are in NYC and in Columbia. My thoughts are with you always, especially this week. Keep your faith! The whole community is behind you 100%. We love you. Strenght to mom and dad. God Bless. Mrs. Lord

Kathy Tronovitch Monday, 9/19/05, 6:08 AM
Best of luck to you this week Kelly. We are sending prayers and good thoughts to you this week. I read the email from Mr. Angelo who is our neighbor. He does ask about you everytime that I see him and I KNOW that his prayers are going your way. As Mrs. Gildea said, he and his wife are selfless people with lots of faith in God.Keep your chin up Kelly and PRAY. We are with you in thoughts and prayers. Rob, Kathy, Ryan and Katie Tronovitch

ellen sharpe Sunday, 9/18/05, 7:36 PM
Hey Kelly, just wishing you the best for this week to come. You, I know, will do amazing. Love you and prayers to yo Always, Ellen & Ryan

laurie gildea Sunday, 9/18/05, 6:05 PM
Hi Kelly, I hope you and your parents had an enjoyable ride to NYC today. I don't know Kel, riding in your car all that way listening to your dad sing .... Anyways, the reason I am writing you is that Anne Marie told me about Mr. and Mrs. Angelo's email to you. I had gone to their son's wake and he told me what his son had said. In his time of grief he wanted to know how you were doing. They are such selfless people. One more thing about them, and this is the best -- they prayed constantly for me everyday when I was sick and brought me back a religious medal from their yearly religious trip (I keep this medal in my car so that I can remember how lucky I was to have so many people praying for me -- and it WORKED!!!) With people like them praying for you, things could only get better! Keep positive, stay focused and say your healing prayer. Love, Laurie

Bill and christine Sunday, 9/18/05, 2:26 PM
Kelly, Hello....We are sure you must be back in NYC by now. Hope the trip home was a good resting time for you and that your leg is feeling better. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.Stay strong! We love you very much. Christine and Bill

Marlene Sunday, 9/18/05, 1:44 PM
Kelly, Stay strong and keep your chin up.Just wanted to say hi and I'm thinking about you all the time. Marlene Pacer

Nana Sunday, 9/18/05, 12:52 PM
Dear Kell...... I know that as I write this you are on your way to NYC. I pray and hope that Columbia is the answer for you.........I have a good feeling about this...I don't know why but I have a different sense sbout this vibes are GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!Keep your chin up and that smile on your face....I love you always Nana

Lew & pauline Angelo Sunday, 9/18/05, 11:09 AM
Hi Mike and Family I have been wondering and asking about kelly from any one who might have any information about her. We have been praying for her evrey day. My Son Michael had stage 4 cancer also. I was praying that they both would have a cure and together go to Churches or any where talking about how God healed them. When my Son Michael told me about his cancer i told him about Kelly and how old she was. He looked at me and said that she was to young and that he would die if she could live. My son died on the 9th of sept. lets hope that kelly will get better. I will continue to offer my Masses and rosary daily for her.Keep the faith and know what ever the out come will be God knows best Lew and Pauline Angelo

Katie Sunday, 9/18/05, 11:04 AM
heyyy kel, its just me - your favorite sister :) i just wanted to say hi since i havent signed this in a while. i wish you the best of luck in nyc this week. i'm sorry i cant be there or at least closer to home with coll and everybody else. i love you so much and you are in my thoghts and prayers everyday, as well as all my friends up here. adam, mel and everyone else are always asking about you and sending positive thoughts your way. I LOVE YOU and i'll prolly call and talk to you later. keep your head up baby, i know you'll beat this. i mean come on, you've beat me up my whole life and i'm 4 years older than you!!! you're the strongest girl i know!!! 143

Alisa Sunday, 9/18/05, 8:34 AM
Hey Kelly...You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Stay strong. We love and miss you! Alisa and the Gang

Besen Sunday, 9/18/05, 7:46 AM
Hi Kelly, Just a quick note to let you know we'll be thinking of you this week and praying a lot. Love, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dan and Danielle

Sandy Saturday, 9/17/05, 5:54 PM
hii Kelly its sandy again.. just wanted to see hii and i hope youre feeling better! you're thouhts and prayers are with me and my family. stay strong, we know you can fight it! <3 sandy

Sara and Sarah Saturday, 9/17/05, 3:47 PM
We're all thinking of you here at McGirk's and wishing you the best of luck with your treatments in ny. Always remember to stay strong.

Jenna Lawrence Saturday, 9/17/05, 2:15 PM
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Megan Molter Saturday, 9/17/05, 9:26 AM
heyyy hun! just wanted to let you know im thinking and praying for you. keep staying strong, dont give up.! i love youuu<3

Nana Saturday, 9/17/05, 8:03 AM
Good Morning Kell....... It was great to talk to you this sound very positive and it looks like all is going forward for Monday.........I feel that this is going to be a positive treatment for you.....I love you and miss you and will try to see you next week at Columbia.... Love always Nana

~ME~ Friday, 9/16/05, 8:28 PM
Staring out at the rain with her heavy heart It¿s the end of the world in my mind. then your voice holds me back like a wake up call I¿ve been looking for the answer, somewhere¿ I couldn¿t see that it was right there But now I know what I didn't know Because you live, and breathe because you made me believe in my self When nobody else can help Because you live (girl) my world has twice as many stars in the sky It¿s alright, I survived, I¿m alive again, ¿Cause of you, made it through every storm, What is life? What¿s the use, if you¿re killing time? I¿m so glad I found an angel¿ Someone¿who was there when all my hopes fell. I want to fly, lookin¿ in your eyes¿ Because you live, and breathe because you made me believe in my self When nobody else can help Because you live (girl¿you live ¿) my world (my world) has twice as many stars in the sky Because you live ¿ I live Because you live, there¿s a reason why I carry on, when I lose the fight. I want to give what you¿re givin¿ me, always¿ because you live (and breathe)¿. because you made me believe in my self When nobody else can help Because you live (yeah) my world (my world) has twice as many stars in the sky ¿ because you live (and breathe)¿. because you made me believe in my self When nobody else can help Because you live my world, has everything I need to survive¿ Because you live¿I live¿ I live. its by jesse case you liked it.
E-mail:  thought you might like this prolly would mean something to you..

Ellen Friday, 9/16/05, 8:21 PM
Kelly, you have consumed my sole. I know for real this time that things will work out. Because, I think we have a shopping spree or something to do....I'm thinking eating and shopping all day, and maybe meet a boy for a movie, how does that sound. Okay, I'll bring Ryan- he can be the boy.. Ask Kim and her friends, they know Ryan. I love you more than you know, and will never let you leave my prayers.... love you, ellen sharpe

~ME~ Friday, 9/16/05, 8:05 PM
WoW...i never knew you had cancer- I'm from your school and have seen you around but dont know you personally. I know it must be tough but I dont know how tough... Hold on to hope and have faith..God will help you if you believe he will! I'll be praying for you. Hope everything turns out okay. Its crazy- I dont even know you but my heart is breaking for you. Its okay to cry...let all the emotions out. it'll make you stronger...also remember to smile your BEAUTIFUL SMILE and be happy b/c you still have a chance. : ) I'll be checking back to see how your doing and im praying for you. God bless you!

Lyndsey Friday, 9/16/05, 3:17 PM
Hello Kelly, I am Sarah LeFevers' neice. I'm writing this letter just to tell you that I hope you feel better and I hope this letter makes you feel even more better. My aunt Sarah gave me one of your bracelets and I wear it everyday. I'm very proud of my bracelet... I'll keep you in my prayers. -Lyndsey Baker

Mrs. Moschak Friday, 9/16/05, 7:15 AM
Kelly, Miss you at school. You are enduring so much for a young girl. My prayers are with you. Your web site is great very impressive. I'll be reading up on your progress. Blessings, Mrs. Moschak
Nana Friday, 9/16/05, 7:04 AM
Good Morning KEll............ I called last night but you were sleeping....hope you had a good night and a better day today....I'm always thinking of you and miss you...Keep your chin up... love you always...........Nana

just a some one Thursday, 9/15/05, 6:32 PM
i pray for u all the time and hope u are better soon

Mirabito Family Thursday, 9/15/05, 2:14 PM
Hi Kelly! Heard you are back in Binghamton for a few days. I truly believe God hears us praying because Mr. Mirabito has a loud voice! I am sure there are times when you can hear him in the Heights! Kelly, you are an inspiration to all. Keep your faith & hope and never, never give up. There are brigher days ahead in store for you. Say hi to your family. Always in our thoughts & prayers The Mirabito's

Diane G Thursday, 9/15/05, 9:41 AM
Hi Kelly, just a little note to say hi and best of luck on Monday. it looks like they're getting the "big guns" ready and that should do the trick! I hear tell when treatments start to really get rough, thats when u start to feel better! So remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Give your Nana a hug for me. L. your cuz in PA --Diane & Family

Nana Thursday, 9/15/05, 7:30 AM
Good Morning Kell...... Hope u had a good night. I know u r preparing yourself for Monday, stay strong and know that God is with well as thousands of people. I once told you that you were stronger than I am and I truly believe are amazing!!!!!!!! Love always Nana

Patty Bruet Thursday, 9/15/05, 7:19 AM
Hey Kel .. it was so wonderful to see you last night and get greats hugs from all of the O'Days .. except for Reilly .. but we all know he has his issues!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you my sweetest girl .. you have so much faith and courage .. and, as many people continue to tell you, you are such an inspiration to all of us. Please hang in there and keep your strength up for next week. And know that my love goes with you .. wherever you are .. I love you my sweetest Kelly .. Pattay

susie frank Thursday, 9/15/05, 5:53 AM
hi kelly I't was sooooo good to see you yesterday. You look so goood and your spirits are good. Keep it up. YOur a very strong and beautiful girl and you will get through this . Your in our thoughts everyday and prayers. There is a saying I've heard many many times in my life,God only gives you what you can handle, boy sometimes it seems too much.But I know you will get thru this .It's maybe going to take longer than we want it to. thanks for the hug girlfriend it felt soooo goood .take care say hi to mom see you soon, love you lots xxxxoooo bill and matt too

Scott Wednesday, 9/14/05, 8:47 PM
Glad you are able to come home and rest. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. You keep on fighting. We check this website everyday to see the updates and to see all the support you have in this. Our prayers will be heard as you start the new treatments. Hang tough and stay positive. Our Love, The Leach Gang

Aunt Pat Wednesday, 9/14/05, 8:01 PM
Hi kelly, talked to Nana a little while ago, heard all about the new treatment. I contacted my friends on the prayer list and told them to pray LOUDER.We will be heard, I admire your strength and courage. My son Dan {your 1st cousin once removed} told me to tell you he has you in his prayers everyday.With the prayers and faith of over 12,000 people you can't lose. lots of love Aunt Pat in Indiana

Maureen Wednesday, 9/14/05, 6:44 PM
Enjoy your time at home - rest/relax, and keep your chin up. You can do it! Thinking of you all!

Nikki Wednesday, 9/14/05, 5:50 PM
Kelly, Not a day has gone by that I have not thought and prayed about you! You and your family our in my hearts forever. You have a great attitude and your right, we will have to pray louder, the lord must be getting a little bit hard of hearing in his old age. I have been wanting to stop over to see everyone, but I don't know if your in town or if you want visitors. I love you lots- NIkki - Other wise known as the best babysitter in the world.

Johanna Wednesday, 9/14/05, 5:31 PM
Hi Kelly, I've never met you before, but you truly are an inspiration to me. I saw the link to your website in one of my friends profiles, and I've been following your story. I just want to say what an amazing person you are to be going through this hard time in your life. I hope all goes well with your new treatment, i'll be thinking about you..... love always, johanna <3

Nana Wednesday, 9/14/05, 4:01 PM
Hi Kell. Glad you can spend a few days home before the new treatment starts..........keep strong and with almost 12000. sign ins plus thousand of others praying for you over the countries...WE WILL BE HEARD111111111111 Love ya....Nana

Sarah Curley Wednesday, 9/14/05, 2:34 PM
Hey Kelly! Stay are in my thoughts and prayers.

Mrs. Fortier Wednesday, 9/14/05, 12:06 PM
Kelly: I just want you to know that I think about you and pray for you every day. You are so very courageous - I know I would never be so brave. I envision your smiling face all the time and feel for the pain you are going through. Stay strong and keep the hope and faith. Mrs. Fortier, CFMS

Kathy Hanifin Wednesday, 9/14/05, 11:12 AM
Hi Kelly, I go on this site a million times a day, but I get so emotional I can't get my thoughts together. I'm sooo sorry you have to go through all this, just please Kelly don't loose "YOUR" Hope. We are praying for you everyday and we won't stop, May God give you the strength to fight this! Stay strong Kelly, we love you. Love Kathy

Denny Redner Wednesday, 9/14/05, 9:06 AM
Kelly and family, We at the BPD are praying for you and your family and that the new treatments will start soon and be very effective. Not a day goes by were we don't talk about you and hope for a fast recovering. Take care and Be Strong. God Bless you, Denny

Colleen Wednesday, 9/14/05, 8:26 AM
Hi Kelly and Family, Hope this note finds a sunny day ahead of you! Hopefully this new treatment will get the results we are all praying for you. I hope you don't have any problem with this, but I am going to pass your website onto my 16 y/o sons CCD class. They are great kids and tonite is the first meeting of the school year. They offer up intentions at the beginning of each class and with 14 teenagers "turning up the volume" I am sure we will help be heard. Our best to you and your family. The Mattesons

The Carl Family Wednesday, 9/14/05, 5:57 AM
Kelly - Every day that I get on this web site, you and your family continue to be an inspiration! We should all be following your example of faith, positive attitude and strength. You certainly help me see my day to day situations in a different way! Keep fighting and we'll keep praying! The Carl Family

The Adams' Wednesday, 9/14/05, 4:40 AM
Kelly, So sorry the news Monday wasn't what you were hoping for but what I've heard about the new treatment sounds promising. Please keep your Faith. You and your family have so many of us praying for you I'm sure He's listening! God Bless you all. The Adams Family

Marlene Pacer Wednesday, 9/14/05, 3:12 AM
Kelly, Just read your update.I have so much faith in God I know this next round is going to work for you.Kelly your going to win this I know this so does God.Take care. Marlene Pacer