Maura O'Day Monday, 8/29/05, 11:42 AM
Hi Kel, I just talked to Dad and he said you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you. Keep the faith!! Love, Maura

Norton Family Monday, 8/29/05, 11:31 AM
Hi Kelly- Just wanted to tell you that we are all thinking of you. Our prayers are with you and your family. -The Norton's from church

Laurie Gildea Monday, 8/29/05, 11:21 AM
Hi Kelly, I hope you are feeling better each day. If you had been at the benefit listening to the cooks singing, I believe you'd be feeling a different kind of sick! I cannot believe all the bragging going on in the hood about how good they are. It's time to bring them back down to reality. Yes, they were funny and suprisingly entertaining but anybody can be after a few cocktails, enough is enough already! Also I believe it's time for me to start getting on your dad's case. Each night while me and the girls are walking with our dogs, Reilly goes crazy!!!! What a watch dog you have!!! All seriousness aside, I hope you are feeling much better and are on your way home soon! Keep saying that healing prayer at night before you go to bed. Can't wait to see you all when you get home. Deb and Mike we are all thinking of you also, take care! Love, Laurie

kelly Monday, 8/29/05, 10:13 AM
hi, as most of u all know im kelly o'day. im in NYC right now undergoing my 2nd treatment. my heart goes out to all of you that have been helping me. which really made me write this though is a message ashley morgan wrote me saying some1 came up to her and said "i hear kellys giving up" thats totally false. my friends and family kno that. im 16 and yes this is gonna be hard but ur all my strength and ur all my reason for being so strong. exspecially my girls i will do whatever it takes to beat this cancer n then to be back partying with you! im a very determined grl and ill have this beat by summer 06. i have to greatly thanks the crawfords for this wonderful website it has made nyc alot easier i also want to thanks the morgans,the bruets,the faughnans,the felters,the plahanskis, and the jones. i love you all so much and if ever u hear "shes giving up" kno thats not true because i wont be giving up for a long while<3

Bob Bundy Monday, 8/29/05, 9:35 AM
The very best to you Kelly! BB

Ashley Monday, 8/29/05, 9:10 AM
Hott Kells... Somebody came up to me yesterday and told me that they heard you were giving up... I have no idea where that came from because I know that you are not ever going to give up and that we are all positive you are gunna beat this! I knew right away that it was a misunderstanding and told them that you have to be the bravest girl i know and you are gunna fight this until its completely gone. You have a whole communtity of people fighting it with you and with support like this there is no turning back. Im so proud of you for being so strong.. And i know that each treatment you are going to get so much better! So keep your head up kells and stay strong! Cant wait to see you when you get home... I LoVe YoU Kells...

Mrs. Tio Monday, 8/29/05, 9:02 AM
We're all thinking of you Kelly! Hope to see you around the neighborhood soon :)

Stewart and Jeanne Higgins Monday, 8/29/05, 8:29 AM
Hi Kelly! We wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers every day! Stew really enjoyed having you in his class when he taught you at Religious Education! For me, you become part of my extended family when you go through my Religious Education Program! I remember all of "my" kids! Get better quick, Honey! We love you!

Jan Monday, 8/29/05, 8:23 AM
Hi kelly, just wanted you to know that we are all thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. We had fun Sat., but missed you and your parents alot. The guys are better at cooking the chicken, then they are singing, I hope you are enjoying the pictures! Tell your dad, Doc had a couple of cold ones for him!We will see you soon kiddo......The Felter's

Nana Monday, 8/29/05, 7:28 AM
Good Morning Beautiful.... Hope u had a good night.. I figure you must be in the prayers of at least 10000 to 15000 people with all the churches and people around the country pulling for you......God has to hear them!!!! Love ya lots to u later. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lorraine Bruster Monday, 8/29/05, 7:01 AM
Kelly, I just wanted to say hi. Dont worry about the babysitting thing , you know you always have a place at our house. The kids miss you and send their love. I will be sending some more of those "special" cards,so keep a look out. keep smiling. love ya! Always in my prayers. Lorraine

Lorraine Monday, 8/29/05, 6:52 AM

Tess Falkenberg Monday, 8/29/05, 4:45 AM
Kelly - keep smiling; we are keeping you in our prayers.

Tyler Plahanski Sunday, 8/28/05, 7:07 PM
Hey Kel, We hope you feel better real soon.. Always Prayin n thinkin of you.. Come home soon:) Love, Ty

Lisa Radley Sunday, 8/28/05, 6:59 PM
Dear Kelly, Hi, it's Lisa!! I loved the pictures on the website! I have read the updates and I hope that these treatments will make you better!! We are all saying our prayers for you and your family. Hope you are better soon! Love, Lisa

Hallessss Sunday, 8/28/05, 6:21 PM
Heyy Kelly:) I MISS YOU TONS SWEETIEEE!!!! >hugz & kisses< Halles<33*

Uncle John Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:50 PM
Hi Kelly! I was just sitting with Aunt Barb (after putting your 3 cousins to sleep) and we were viewing all the pictures from the last benefit. It looked like a success. You are one popular girl! This website is pretty awesome too. (I think Aunt Barb is addicted to it.) We are looking forward to having you stay in NJ for a while- plus you get a free back massage anytime you want! You're in our prayers every night(Victoria and John too) I know you will start to feel better soon- so hurry up! See you soon.....Ciao Uncle John

christine curley Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:33 PM
Oh, I forgot-Debbie and Mike -you should start cheering -Kind of like "push em back-push em back waaayyyy back" but change the words a bit!

chris & Bill Curley Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:28 PM
The entire website is awesome. Thanks to the brilliant people who put this together. Great job!

Kelsey & Kerry Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:19 PM
Kelly, We know you don't know us but we go to CF and Saint Christopher's. We are always thinking of you, and we hope you get better soon! Kelsey & Kerry

Kelsey & Kerry Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:16 PM

Tim and Carol Ann Heller Sunday, 8/28/05, 4:01 PM
Kelly, We know you don't really know us but you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. God Bless you always!

jonesy Sunday, 8/28/05, 2:32 PM
hi kel, what a party.I think we got some great photos and videos for you all to watch.The chicken singers were awesome,what a treat for us all???I know you really wanted to be there,but we all felt you with us.I hope you're feeling better today and getting ready to come back home,we miss you all.And yes mike I had a few beers just for you!!! love,jonesy

Leo' Dad Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:52 PM
Hi Kelly- Hope you are feeling better. You missed quite a party yesterday! What a whirlwind the last 24 hours have been! As you know, all of us chicken cooks debuted behind the microphone at the benefit. As we expected, the crowd went wild. We had to come out for 2 more encores! We were able to prove that we have an amazingly diverse repertoire from country to new wave to hip hop. We have already been booked for American Idol as well as several Bar mitzvahs. Jared Campbell has asked us to sing backup for him on his next album. We told him to talk to our manager, Ann Marie. She handles everything but the money. We¿re also working on a new live album. It¿s going to be titled- The Mothercluckers, unplugged. We¿ll get you a copy. If you look at the pictures on the website you can see great shots of our live performance. There is even one in there of us with our groupies- The Hens. Anyway, we¿ve decided to donate all of our performance fees to you to help you in this fight. Based on the number of people at the benefit it is obvious that you are not alone in this challenge and that you are greatly loved by an awful lot of people. We wish you could have been there but you were certainly there in spirit. Anyway, keep smiling and get well soon. We may even come to your house and serenade you at your window! By the way, do you smell chicken?

Allie Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:34 PM
Heyy Hottie!!:) OMG Your Benefit was so amazingg:)...I sold 50/50 tickets n we sold a whole role of tickets..and made over $450! I wish you could have been there but i am glad you are staying in nyc and trying to get better so you can come home! I miss you very much and i can't wait for you to come home and we can hang out:) Stay Strong and Get Better..Love Always A*Bru

Mike and Carol Lynch Sunday, 8/28/05, 12:33 PM
Kelly, We just wanted you to know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will put you on our church's prayer chain, so a whole bunch of people in Guilderland, NY will be praying for your recovery. Your web site is awesome!

Ellen Sunday, 8/28/05, 11:40 AM
Hi Kelly, I hope today is a better day for you. I can't stop praying and thinking about you. Mrs. Lord and I sang yesterday at the benefit. It was alot of fun. We all missed you and your mom and dad. I think the chicken cookers just might had a new gig going on. I'll try to book them for my next party. I miss you and can't wait to see you. Lots of love and prayers. Ellen

Melissa Sunday, 8/28/05, 10:29 AM
Dear Kelly, You don't know me, but I am your 3rd or 4th cousin. Janet Besen is my grandmother's first cousin. Janet is very close to my mother Diane Gennarelli and she updates my mother on your condition. I know you are going through such hell, but please be strong. I will pray for your full recovery. God Bless, Melissa

JESS FENDICK AND ALYSSSA MAYO!! Sunday, 8/28/05, 9:33 AM
hii KEEEEELS!! alyssa and i here..WE MISS YOU! the whole benefit was a blast i was very proud of my mamma..untill she started to sing.!!! : X haha there was so many people there that love u and hope u will get n alyssssa kno u will tho!; ) wanna hear something n alysssa ewre in this bug bouncy your benefit and it CAVED IN!!! and from tht day on..everyone was making fun of us! it sucked but i just wanted totell u that the benfit went great! gott lime greeen bandana's and shirts and all this stuff it was crazyyy and alot of work but we did it for my keeels keeels!! but alrite me n alyssa are ognna go make breakfast!!! LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEART!!!!! P.S gabby says hi!!!! she loves you!! : X

Nana Sunday, 8/28/05, 9:13 AM
Hi Kelly....Good Morning I hope you had a decent night....It's one day sooner to coming home!!!!!!!!!!I'm looking forward to having you here and hope it is soon.... It sound like the party yesterday was a great big blowout!!!!!!!!!I cant get the pictures for some reason....I'll try again later. love ya much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annamaria Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:48 AM
Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without words, And never stops at all. ~ Emily Dickinson Kelly: I am Stephanie Hoffman's mom and we both have you in our thoughts everyday as you fight this disease. "Big Squeeze" to you and your family. Anna and Steph

Jack Carpenter Sunday, 8/28/05, 5:41 AM
I know what the family is going through since my wife died of cancer 18 months ago. On our weekly trips to Roswell Park CI I saw so many young people getting treatments and my heart went out to them, as it does now to Kelly. Love and God Bless.

Cassie Saturday, 8/27/05, 9:23 PM
Hey Kel! How are you doing? You're benefit was a hit! but I wish that you had been there... it woulda been so much better if you were. I just wanted to let you know that I am still always thinking about you and praying for you. Stay strong! <33*Cassie

AC Saturday, 8/27/05, 7:29 PM
Just got back from the benefit - after 10pm. I was part of a team that cooked 400 1/2 chickens! It was great. 'The Cooks' were in demand and sang kareoke (sp) a few times after money was raised. What a blast. It was great when your mom called and we were all able to hear her message. Stay srong - we will be seeing you soon.....

  Saturday, 8/27/05, 5:35 PM
Stay Strong Kelly<3 We all believe in you.. just keep your head up and you'll get through this! <3

Tia Travis Saturday, 8/27/05, 5:21 PM
Hey you, hope you are doing well i just heard about what happened the other day. I just couldn't believe what i was hearing. You are one of the nicest people i have ever met. Hope you get well soon. Jason Sutton and Anthony Payne also wanted me to tell you we are all here for you.

Danielle Warrick Saturday, 8/27/05, 3:54 PM
Hey kelly i just wanted to write a little note saying hi and that i have faith that you are a very strong girl and you will make it through i am always praying for you and your family! You are very brave and you have made a lasting impression on everyone!!! keep staying positive because it will help you get through the day. Tell your mom and family i said hi sending my love danielle
E-mail:  dwarrick12@HOTMAIL.COM

Superior Ambulance Saturday, 8/27/05, 3:38 PM
Kelly- Bobby Stapleton brought you to our attention and we all bought meals from your fundraiser tonight for our night shift. We wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery! We will keep your in our thoughts and prayers! Good luck and God Bless, The folks at Superior Ambulance

Marlene Pacer Saturday, 8/27/05, 3:02 PM
May God bless you,Take care you will pull threw this.

susie frank Saturday, 8/27/05, 2:30 PM
HI Kelly , we just got back from the polar cap for your benifit.honey there are soooooo many people who love you and praying for you to get better.kelly you have to hang in there honey it will get better sometimes it doesn't feel like its going too. i can't imange what your going thru,but we are all here for you. the benifet was great,music,too many kids to count and alot of adults too,alot of raffles,the food was great. alot of people were wearing green bandans,selling teeshirts with kellys' hope and green ribbon. kelly ,I hope your days get easier for you. when it gets tough remember the tough get going,you can do it i know we love you so much so you have to keep trying, susie frank xxxxxxx 0000000

danielle Saturday, 8/27/05, 2:25 PM
Hi Kelly, I hope you feel better. I love you and miss you. Come visit us. Love, Danielle

Kathy Diute Saturday, 8/27/05, 1:50 PM
Hi Kelly, Alisa Wickham Leach gave your name and web site. Her Mom and I are cousins !!! I use to live in Binghamton but now am a resident in Maryland and loving it. After my son graduated from BU I decided that I wanted to live in a southern climate, so moved to Maryland 6 years ago. While living in Binghamton I taught school at MacArthur , West Middle and Franklin School. Right now you are probably wondering why I'm writing you. Well Kelly,............I like you experienced Cancer 17 years ago. All within a year I had Breast and Ovarian Cancer and did 9 months of Chemo. Yep !!!!! and I'm still kicking, and plan on doing many more years of kicking !!!!! So when people say, " I know how you feel ".....NO THEY DON'T.... unless they have experienced what you are going thru right now, and what I experienced. Loosing my hair was probably the worst side effect I experienced. But guess what ??? It all came back, and so will yours. Not only did it come back but I get to color it BLONDE every month !!!! HA..HA..HA.. If you should loose yours, just can now be ANY COLOR... that you would like to be. Actually at the time I lost my hair I chose to go back teaching without a single hair on my head. As a way of rebelling and work thru my anger, I chose not to wear a wig, scarf or hat. That's just me. Remember Kelly....YOU.... are the one who is in complete control of your body now. YOU... can do whatever you choose to do. If you want to go bald, wear a hat, or whatever. And please don't be afraid of asking and asking the doctors any questions that you may have. Remember once again....YOU... are the one who can work with the doctors now. I would love to keep in contact with you, and even though you really don't know me, we shall always have a special bond. YOU ARE GOING TO BEAT THIS CANCER.... and when you feel like " talking " to someone who really knows what you are thinking and feeling .......just email me. By the way, I understand you turned " 16 " last week. " Happy Birthday and many more " Let's see....when you turn " 62 " like me, I'll be......well.......I'm not sure !!!!! HA..HA..HA.. Much Love, Kathy

Miss Lynn's Day Care Saturday, 8/27/05, 12:36 PM
Hi Kelly, I take care of Emily & Sophia. We are there "Nana & Papa ". We realy love all the Leach's. Alisa has told me about you. I hope you are doing well. Our prayers are with you..We wish you a fast and complete recovery. Take care.

Melissa Olsa Saturday, 8/27/05, 10:58 AM
Kelly, I just wanted you and your family to know that you're in my prayers everyday and I know that if you stay strong and believe, you will get through this. Everything will get better. <3 Mo

tia travis Saturday, 8/27/05, 10:55 AM
I hope you get better. I will see you at the benefit. Love tia

Adrienne Olivet Saturday, 8/27/05, 9:44 AM
Hey Kelly, I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family all the time. You and your family have always been so good to me so of course you are all in my prayers. I know Katie thinks of you often when she's here at school. I always ask her for updates in hopes of hearing that you are doing well. Stay strong and remember you have so many people that are on your side. You are not alone. Much Love, Adrienne

Uncle Dan Saturday, 8/27/05, 7:56 AM
Hi Kelly, Hope you're feeling better this AM. I've changed my password so I think of you everday when I sign in on the computer. (Any more info and it could cause a security breach.) Please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Your strength is really inspiring and gives others strength. Pretty amazing isn't it? Stay strong. Love, Uncle Dan, Aunt Kim, Danielle, and the dog Harvard.

Nana Saturday, 8/27/05, 7:11 AM
Hi Kelly Good Morning....I hope you rested last nite...I hear that your Mom did!! I sent your Website to a friend of mine and he emailed my back (tableplayer is his name and I have known him since I was 15 yrs old) and he said you looked just like I looked at the same age...........I don't know...I will have to get a picture of me at thst age and compare it... I am praying for you to come home soon ..I am sure you are anxious....I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

AC Saturday, 8/27/05, 6:01 AM
Getting ready for the big day at the Chenango Ice Rink in your honor - expect it to be bigger than the last. I'm getting to help out with the cooking of the chickens (300 in all!). Meg is getting better every day - she plans to watch the Varsity football scrimmage this morning. EJ is off to his JV soccer practice - varsity boys soccer plays today also. It's EJ's B'day today... Happy to hear you were able to eat a few Happy Meals. Stay strong - keep checking these inspirational messages - can you believe how many hits and notes this address has so far!! We're all thinking of you. Get home as soon as you can. So you know, still no word on job offers but I may soon be interviewing with IBM and Mead for positions - keeping positive (as you should). Probably will leave an update after the benefit - so you know how it went..

Ashley B Saturday, 8/27/05, 5:39 AM
Kelly ~ My aunt is running the benefit at the Chenango Forks ice rink today... so u'll be sure that I'm there! Just keep h.o.p.e and stay strong, We can't even imagine what your going through. We all love you! Keep The Faith, Ashley Broderick

Martin and Ellen Friday, 8/26/05, 7:06 PM
Dear Kelly, We want you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for a good and speedy recovery. Your Nana has told us how wonderful and courageous you are. You may remember that we live close to your Nana and Aunt Barbara and Uncle John. With all our love, your cousins Ellen and Martin

KC Hawkes Friday, 8/26/05, 5:43 PM
Kelly!! Wow.. you are an amazing person. I never take my "kellys hope" braclet off. Im always praying for you<3.

Ellen Friday, 8/26/05, 3:19 PM
Hey there Kelly, I hope you had a good day. You are such a strong and amazing person. Just look at all these sign ins. You are so loved and prayed for. I think it is great! Tell you mom and dad hello. Keep up the good thoughts, I know I will. Ryan is looking forward to the benefit. He's at that age you know!!! Have a safe trip home. Ellen

Marie and Joseph Friday, 8/26/05, 3:04 PM
Hey Kel just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you. Joseph, Lorraine, Brianna, Noah, Nancy, Sally, and I will be walking in the Relay For Life tonight---many thoughts and prayers will go out to you!!!! Wish I could give you a hug--stay strong Kel. We all think of you and your family so much, see you when you get home Marie and Joseph

Lauren Phillips Friday, 8/26/05, 2:29 PM
Kelly I have been keeping up with your website and I just wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you and how much you have gone though .. You are a very strong young lady and I just want you to know that I think about you all the time. I hope that your treatments went much better then the last,and that you have a much better recovery then before. I wish you the best these next few days and Hope your trip home is wonderful.. @--->---- luv yas, Lauren:)

susie frank Friday, 8/26/05, 1:44 PM
hi kelly we were thinking of you and just wanted you to know.hope things are going ok. it will get better. just remember your guardan angle is always with you.take care girlfriend.we miss you and can't wait to see you. love ya lots susie frank

Danielle Shaller Friday, 8/26/05, 12:57 PM
Hey Kelly! You don't know me, but my father works with your father down at the police station...I just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always...just keep staying strong! :) The Shaller Family

Sierra Torillo Friday, 8/26/05, 12:15 PM
Hi kelly, i hope you get better soon so you can come home and see every body. I think about you all the time and I never take my "kelly's hope" bracelet off. Stay strong and be brave. I have you always in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love, Sierra

shelby donahue Friday, 8/26/05, 10:32 AM
hey kelllly i dont kno you but i heard about you and i want you to get bettttter:):):) <3shelb

Julie Callahan Friday, 8/26/05, 9:51 AM
Hey kel, my familys praying for you...get well soon...<3

Mom Friday, 8/26/05, 8:41 AM
Hey Baby Girl: Good morning. Well, now it's Friday - you've been here in the hospital all week, and you've been so strong and brave. When you are sleeping, and I look at you, all I can see is how beautiful you are. I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this. If I could take all the pain away from you, I would in a heartbeat, you know that. I am here with you all the way, every second of every day, and I love you with all my heart...I will hold your hand and we will walk through this journey together, however long it may be. You'll always be my baby girl.....Mom

Carol Boughner Friday, 8/26/05, 7:40 AM
Hi Kelly. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you every day and praying for you and your family. We hope NYC goes well and you can come home soon. You are such a brave and strong girl. We yell hello every day to Riley as we walk by with the dogs. He is such a great watch dog from the couch. We talk to him and he quiets down. Take care, girly, and we'll see you soon. The Boughner Family

Roberta (Bobbie) Manning Friday, 8/26/05, 6:26 AM
Kelly you are and have been my prayers since I became aware of your illnes. Hope today is a good day.

Victoria, John, and Joseph Friday, 8/26/05, 5:15 AM
Hi! We hope you had a good night. We can't wait to see you and play with you. We hope you are feeling okay. Just call us when you get to Nana's. See you soon. We love you!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

Nana Friday, 8/26/05, 5:06 AM
Good Morning Kelly I hope you had a good looked pretty when I left yesterday.....keep you spirits up and remember we all love you and NEED you!!!! Ill see you tomorrow....if there is anything special you would like let me know and I will have it here for you.....I love you Nana XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXx

Stephanie Clark Thursday, 8/25/05, 7:57 PM
Hope you're feeling ok today! Try to keep your spirits up, I found this really good song by Jessica Andrews that I thought might make ya feel better! Its called I Wish for You, this was the part that I thought was really good! Cry hard, Laugh Loud Be humble, Stand Proud Hold onto your faith with all your heart Be careful, Be brave Be still, but don't stay In any one place for too long Remember God's grace All of this All that there is I wish for you! Anyways, Ill send ya another note soon but until then hope your treatments are going as good as possible! ~Stephanie Clark, Mike's coworker~

Mrs. Mirabito Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:49 PM
Hi Kelly! I was so glad I ran into you & your mom @ Quickway the other day. You look wonderful. Keep your spirit up. You have such a strong personality that will help you get through this. I want you to know that you are in our prayers everyday. Remember there is an angel watching over you to help you get through this battle. I hope everthing goes well this week for you. Say hi to mom & dad and tell your dad our refrig is full!!! Let me know when you want to start the puzzle. I would love to put some "hope" pieces together with you. See you soon. Love, The Mirabito Family

JOANI DE FILIPPO Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:40 PM

Aunt B Thursday, 8/25/05, 5:35 PM
Hey Kel! Hope you're doing okay. Heard you ate today and kept it down! Yeah!!! Been thinking about you. Had a great visit yesterday. Won't tell Mom about what we talked about?!? Huh? Love you lots. See you Sat/Sun. Keep the faith. AB

Ryan Sharpe Thursday, 8/25/05, 3:10 PM
Hey Kelly this is Ellen Sharpe's son Ryan. We are looking forward to going to the benefit this saturday. Hope you had a good day and are feeling better soon. To bad ME will beat CF in See you at the game and i'll ttyl. Bye Ryan

Leo's Dad Thursday, 8/25/05, 1:54 PM
Hello Kelly- Well last night I wanted to say Hi to you at the hospital but you were sleeping. Unfortunately that meant that I had to talk to everyone else in your family who was in the room: Your Nana (keep an eye on her, we¿ve been missing some stemware since she was up here last), your father (who is still chirping about the Yankees until I ask him what place they are in and then he says the phone connection is bad) and your Mom (no further description needed) Honestly KJ, If you can survive that bunch you can beat anything. We brought Reilly down to our house for a while last night. Apparently Leo is a bad influence on him though because they both snuck under the fence and went ¿roaming the `hood¿. I guess the ¿ol¿ perfesser¿ had some trouble keeping up with Leo because 15 minutes later we found him on your front lawn out of breath with an asthma inhaler in his paw. He could barely make it in to the couch. Remember that original poem that you gave me for my birthday a few years ago? It¿s one of my all time favorite poems. In case you¿ve forgotten it, let me refresh your memory. Clown for a day By Kelly O¿Day ¿If I were a clown for just one day I¿d make up my face in a funny way A nose like a hose, eyebrows of green And the biggest smile you¿ve ever seen!¿ It reminds me of you and your smile and the great outlook that you have on life. Who else but you would dream of being a circus clown for a day! Well I have that up in my office and everyday I read it and pray that you will get well soon. You have to keep that great outlook on life going. Attitude is everything. So keep smiling and working hard to beat this challenge. We all love you and can¿t wait for you to get home. And by the way, you¿re my favorite one in your family.

sally and elizabeth Thursday, 8/25/05, 1:26 PM
Hey Kelly! I'm sorry I'll be out of town for the next fundraiser but Kara is coming home to babysit and she plans to take Elizabeth. I think they will be going with Marie, Joseph and Nancy. I will be at Saratoga and plan to bet any horse that's named Kelly, or has an ancestor named Kelly , or has a jockey named Kelly, or is wearing green!!! I'll split the $ with you if I win. We love you, and hope to see you soon. Sally and Lingey ps She wants me to tell you that miraculously the hermit crabs are still alive!
E-mail:  sgrippen@stny.rr,com

Dr. Leonard Thursday, 8/25/05, 1:25 PM
Hello Kelly, I obviously hit the wrong button when I started my note to you. Just one of those "older generation computer mistakes". This is the first time I've logged into your website and I must say it is very impressive. I just wanted to say hello, tell you that you remain in my prayers and encourage you to keep pushing through this difficult time. Before very long you'll be able to look back at all this. Tell your mom that we are getting along without her (somehow!). Every time I hear a phone ring (often times again and again) I think of her ... and you. Dr. Leonard

"Uncle" Bob Thursday, 8/25/05, 12:25 PM
Hi, Kelly: You better hurry up and get back to the Big B (I don't mean Baltimore). We are all praying for up here in Syracuse. How about a football game? I am thinking sometime in October. See if your father is up to it. Keep the faith, Baby. We love you. "Uncle" Bob, austin & Kelsie

Ann Marie Thursday, 8/25/05, 11:51 AM
Kel, Hope things are going well in NYC...wish we could be there again,but lots is happening here to keep us busy!! We picked up the paint for your room yesterday,the "pinks" are awesome. The carpet got ripped up this morning and the new floor will be in tomorrow!!! Hopefully your new bed will be here when you get back!!! Stay strong,keep fighting... we love you and we can't wait for you to get back home..... Love, Sean,AnnMarie,Matt,Meg,Kenzie,Shamrock and Leo

Colleen Thursday, 8/25/05, 10:57 AM
Hey Kel! I'm goin to help set up for your benifit soon..sorry that you can't be there but i am thinking of you all the time and i miss you and mom and dad! I have to come down to NYC to visit you guys soon..stay strong and i love you very much sis:-D

Katie (your darling sister) Thursday, 8/25/05, 10:05 AM
hey baby!! i just wanted to say hi and apologize for not calling much this week. Things have been so hectic at school with this new house, and we won't even have the internet until september 8th. i hope all is going well in NYC... i love you so much, keep staying strong!!! I'll try to give you a call after class today, hopefully you'll be awake. I LOVE YOU :) (mel says hi and that she loves you too.. you're in our prayers)

Christine Thursday, 8/25/05, 9:37 AM
Hey Kelly, how are you feeling today? hope you feel good. just wanted you to know you are always being thought of in Florida. stay strong look to the lord for anything and everything.your new friend Christine, friend of mike your cousin in FL

The Gildea Family Thursday, 8/25/05, 9:35 AM
Hi Kelly, Just finished looking at the website Mr. Crawford created for you. Thank goodness for friends like him to do this! These emails will help you remain upbeat and give you a source of strength that will help you get through each day. Also, remember to say our Healing Prayer every night. We hope you find comfort and strength knowing that you have many people praying and thinking of you and your family each and every day. Love, The Gildea Family

mike notaroberta Thursday, 8/25/05, 9:32 AM
Hi Kelly, You don't know me but I am a friend and co-worker of your aunt Ann ( i call her Grannie Annie ) Medical science has come a long way and I am sure you are getting the best treatment possible but, there is no substitute for your will to prevail. Every morning say to yourself I WILL WIN I WILL BEAT THIS. Judging by the amount of people visiting this site, you must be one heck of a young lady! Keep that beautiful smile on your face and remember your in my prayers every day.

Andy Link Thursday, 8/25/05, 9:27 AM
Kelly hang in there girl. Your the best I hope to you on Sat at your benifit ill be there. Much Love, Andy Link

Ellen Thursday, 8/25/05, 8:53 AM
Hi Kelly, hope today is a good day for you. I think of you often, and pray tons. You hang in there sweetie and know you're are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Tell mom and dad I said hello. Can't wait to see you all when you get home. God Bless you! Love you. Ellen

aleith Thursday, 8/25/05, 8:46 AM
Good Morning Kelly; I hope all is well with you. I pray for you everyday and think of you every minute during the day. Cassie found a new song that I listened to. It is called skin. Rascal Flats recorded it. I think of you whenever I hear it. You are such a strong person, and I admire your strength and endurance. Keep your spirit up. I believe that God is with you always. Say hello to mom and day. Keep smiling. Take care of yourself. Love, Mrs. Lord

jonesy Thursday, 8/25/05, 7:35 AM
kell, hope all is going well today and you're feeling alright?You were having a really good snooze when I called last night-roomie problems I hear,do I need to come down and kick some butt,you know I will if need be!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you when you get home, it won't be long now.You know I love ya and am thinking of you all the time,just keep your head up and stay strong. jonesy

Uncle Pat Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:54 AM
Ann just told me about this Web site it's pretty cool. I will tell Patti & Jess about it and I'm sure they will be contacting you. Hang in there with the treatments this week and keep your Dad off the streets. Praying for you! Pat

Kathy Coogan Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:54 AM
Hello, I am Lori Coogan's mother-in- law. I just heard about Kelly's illness and wanted to let her know I will write her name in the Book of Remembrane at my church. That way at every Mass she will be prayed for ( they don't say the names out loud) by all the people attending the Masses. Of course our whole family will be praying for her too. Sincerely, Kathy Coogan

Stacey Locascio Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:37 AM
Hi Kelly, My name is Stacey and I am a cousin of your cousin Lori, so we are not really related by blood but I am thinking of you everyday as family. Please know that there are people out there that you've never even met who are pulling for you. I hope these good thoughts are helping you get this very tough time in your life. I wish you many happy and healthy days ahead :-) Stacey

Aunt Ann Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:28 AM
Hi Kelly, Just checking in to say Hi and let you know I am thinking of you ! I talked to your Dad yesterday and its good to know he is keeping the street vendors in line and the streets of Manhattan safe !?! Tell Mom I said hi and give her a hug for me. Love, Auntie Annie

Betty Anne Murphy Thursday, 8/25/05, 6:18 AM
Good Morning, Kelly, We have met before, though you were alot younger. I am a good friend of the Uncle John's family. (FYI, last night Nana stayed at my apartment in NYC, it is in the same building as Theresa's where I know you and your parents have stayed before). Aunt Barbara and Uncle John have kept me posted on your progress. I just wanted to tell you that my family and I are thinking of you and wishing you only the very best as you go thru this journey and that we are praying for you each and every day. I, too, have a cousin, Peggy who is going thru a similar process at Sloan right now. She sends you her love and prayers too. Kelly, I hear you are a strong girl - and I know you have fantastic sisters, wonderful parents, an awesome Nana and unbelieveable Aunts, Uncles and Cousins - top that off with friends old and new - far and wide who are rooting for you, and who are standing beside you and who are looking forward to brighter days ahead for you. Keep God in your heart. With love and prayers Betty Anne

Patty Bruet Thursday, 8/25/05, 5:57 AM
Good morning doll .. wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hoping you're doing ok. Miss you sooooo much .. I loved hearing your sweet voice in the background yesterday while your mom and I were chatting. I'm sure you loved your visit with Nana and Aunt Barbara! I laughed at the update this morning about your roommate .. haaaa! We all know how much you LOVE having the tv on in your room!!!! I'm sure you'll straighten her out!! I can't wait to see Ann Marie's hair .. I bet it looks awesome!! Hang in there honey .. can't wait to see you!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Pattay xo xo xo

Lynette Menichelli Thursday, 8/25/05, 4:52 AM
Hello Kelly-I read your update this morning and my family and I continue to hold you and your family in our thoughts and prayers every day. I do hope this round of chemo doesn't make you as ill as the last time and that it kicks that cancer's butt. You're a strong young lady, and remember when the going gets tough that you are and that so many people are praying for you and your family. You take care, Kelly, much love from your neighbors up the hill-Lynette

John Michael O'Neill Wednesday, 8/24/05, 11:03 PM
Hey Kelly, this is Sarah O'Neill's brother if you don't know who i am. Just wanted to say good luck in NY. You are in my prayers, and i really hope, (and know) that god will heal you. Again good luck and if its possible try to have fun after all you are in ny city! Love, John Michael O'Neill (sister of Sarah O'Neill)

Aimee Grace Wednesday, 8/24/05, 6:58 PM
Hi kelly, i don't know if you remember me but we used to play together when we were little kids! My parents (nancy and jerry grace, maybe ur parents will remember them?) and i are thinking about you a lot.Just get better soon and be happy!:-)

Nana Wednesday, 8/24/05, 6:39 PM
Hi Kelly Sorry I didn't say were just going to sleep again...You look wonderful and as beautiful as ever.....see you in the morning. Love forever Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Theresa Bartolomeo Wednesday, 8/24/05, 6:31 PM
Hi Kelly, how are you? i am sitting here with Nana have tea and cookies. I am thinking of you and will see you soon! Hope you are feeling well, hang in there! I love this website, this was a fantastic idea! keep in touch! see you soon, Love, Theresa

Ellen and Karen Hickey Wednesday, 8/24/05, 6:28 PM
Hey Kelly I don't know you but im going to be a senior at Binghamton next year. My family is good friends with the Grippens and told us about this site, and we couldn't wait to leave you a message. You are in our thoughts and prayers. PS i've seen alot of people wearing your bracelets around town, they look great!! ~Karen Hickey~

Alexandra Wednesday, 8/24/05, 4:21 PM
OJ! I'm not even sure what to say, other than that I love you alot (: goodness I miss our fun times too, but I know we'll have a ton more as soon as u get back and get yer butt better! Stay strong, I know you can do it. *HAKUNAMATATA*-it means not worries, exactly what you need. PLUS...who's gonna cheat off of me in class and play with my hair when we're bored? i love youuuuuuuuuuuu<3 alexandraa*

Tina Bommarito Wednesday, 8/24/05, 10:41 AM
Hi Kelly, Just dropping a line to let you know I am thinking and praying for you. Be strong and think positive! We all love you and want you better soon... Just think how lucky you are that you have a great family and wonderful friends that care.....E-mail me if you feel like chatting...take care XOXO Love Tina In case you don't recognize the last name...I am Uncle Johnny's sister.

Marlene Miller Wednesday, 8/24/05, 10:22 AM
Dear Kelly, Don't know if you remember me, but I worked with your mom at the health service. I remember you and your sisters' many visits to the health service when you were younger. You also came to visit us at our camper at Sylvan Beach when you and your family were vacationing there. You have certainly grown into a beautiful young lady. I want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Marlene

Emilie (felter) Wednesday, 8/24/05, 9:52 AM
Hey Kell- just wanted to let you know how much im thinking of you.remember that time u threw up mac n cheese on me in the back of the station wagon? i'll never forget that. I admire you so much, stay strong. you are an amazing young lady and i hope to see you soon, i'll even let you throw up on me. haha i love u kelly- you're in my prayers.

The Marshall Family Wednesday, 8/24/05, 8:36 AM
Kelly, You don't know us....we know of you through the Flyers.....we are praying for you everyday, you are a beautiful strong girl and we wish you and your family all of the best. Stay strong, and look to god when you don't feel so strong, prayer changes things, and you have a lot of people praying with you. By the way....this site is great!

Colleen Callahan Wednesday, 8/24/05, 7:55 AM
Hi Kelly, just wanted to let you know that my family and I are thinking of you and praying for you and your family everyday. Get well soon :)

MIMA Wednesday, 8/24/05, 7:50 AM
Hi Kelly, Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and keeping you, Mom & Dd in my prayers. Take care, keep strong. Love, Mima PS I am still going to make that marble birthday cake for you. You let me know when you would like it.

Doris, Marie, Nancy & Pam Wednesday, 8/24/05, 7:00 AM
Hi Kelley - just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you and our prayers are with you. We know your Dad from working downtown and we've heard about you and your sisters for a long time. This website is great with its updates as we're all concerned about you and your family. Take care sweet girl!

Teri Hamilton Wednesday, 8/24/05, 5:03 AM
Kelly, I work with Mike in Gainesville, Florida. From the first day he told me about you, you've been in my thoughts and prayers. You see, my dad is battling cancer also. Our family can relate to what you're going through right now. You are a very brave girl. It sounds like you have a great support team with family and friends that love you. I will be honored to wear a Kelly's Hope bracelet to show my support also. I've got Armstrong bracelets in all colors, but my family chose the yellow to support Dad and some of my family up in Massachusetts have yellow t-shirts that say 'Team Hamilton' on them :) I will try to send you more upbeat e-mails in the future to give you something to read when you're bored and stuck in a chair getting chemo. Another idea that my dad found helpful was to bring along a portable DVD player and headphones to watch movies. When friends ask "is there anything I can do?" you can actually say well, yeah, I'd like to borrow some DVDs. Best wishes through this difficult time. Keep your chin up. Kelly, I'll be praying for you! Teri

Lynette Menichelli Wednesday, 8/24/05, 4:40 AM
Hello Kelly-Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. I love the pictures of you on the webhsite at the benefit in July. You've grown to be a beautiful young lady. We were unable to attend that benefit-we had Andrew's graduation party that day. We will be there Saturday. You take care and hang in there, Kelly. We all love you and are praying for you. Lynette and family - your nieghbors up the hill.

Meghan Sine Tuesday, 8/23/05, 8:22 PM
Hey Kelly..I'm ur neighbor from down the street *in case u didn't know :)* I'm really sorry to hear about ur illness and all the difficult times u and ur family are having to go through, especially being so young!! But, after reading ur updates and a few of the MANY entries on this site, I can tell that u are a veryy strong and brave girl so I know u can get through this!! Plus, u have a ton of friends, family, and people you don't even know, such as me, who will help u and ur family with anything!! Hope everything goes good in NYC and that u will have a full and fast recovery!! <3 The Sine's

Melissa Stephens Tuesday, 8/23/05, 7:15 PM
Kelly - hope things are going well in NYC. When you get back how about another massage? We are thinking of you. Melissa

Laura Iandiorio Tuesday, 8/23/05, 6:36 PM
Hi Kelly: I'm Aunt Barbara's friend. We are thinking of you and sending lots of love. I wanted to let you know about a resource you may want to check out while you're online: Friends' Health Connection ( I am friends with the woman who started it, Roxanne -- she started the group in her dorm room at Rutgers b/c she was diagnosed with lupus at 16 and wanted to find someone else her age going through the same thing. It's all confidential and secure. I've known Roxanne for more than 10 years now. I know you have a wonderful support group, but if you have any questions you want to compare with someone, they are a great resource. If you want me to get more information for you than what's on the website, just let Aunt Barbara know. Much love, Laura Iandiorio

Jesssica Annnnne Tuesday, 8/23/05, 6:00 PM
Hi keeeels!!!!just was thinking about u today and wonderinf how u are feeeeling! i misss you sooo much and i hope ur gettin betttter!! im hopefully comming down to see u thurs in NYC we are going shopping downt here so we thought hey we should come see the goood ol keely odayy! : )you gotta stay srtong babe!! and im so proud of you cuz through all this u have been so strong its surprised mattter what u always had a smile on or made a joke outta something! thats why i love u so much u always made me laugh..even if it was complety of ur blonde moments!! LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! LOTS OF LOVE FROM THE SOULE AND FENDICK FAMILY!!! HGUGS&KISSSESS!!!

Ellen Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:00 PM
Hey Kelly, talked w/ your mom a little today. Hope they finally got you into a room, and had a good day. I'll be thinking of you. And if you see any cute Doctor prospects for me, send them my way...haha Love you and prayers with you. Ellen

Denise, Jim, Jimmy, Laura and Emma Haley Tuesday, 8/23/05, 4:17 PM
Hi Kelly! You probably don't know us, but we live in the house the Seal's used to own. We just wanted you to know we're praying for you and your family every day. As I read your guest book, I couldn't help but think that with SO many people from all over the country praying and sending such positive thoughts, you'll beat this thing! So stay strong and keep fighting! The Haley Family

The Robert's Family Tuesday, 8/23/05, 3:38 PM
Hi Kel and family - well you Forkers have topped us again! Unfortunately, we've walked down this road before, but never with a website as great as this! Just goes to show how many people are behind you, praying and supporting you every step of the way! Great way to stay connected and hear how you are progressing. Keep the faith and know that your CV friends are thinking of you!

Megan Molter Tuesday, 8/23/05, 2:03 PM
Kelly Jeanne!!! heyy sweetie! i know things are hard right now but you have so many people that love and care about you. we're all thinking about you and praying for you every night and day. just keep thinking positive and everything will be okay. we know youre strong.! i love yooouuu!, megan

Megan Tuesday, 8/23/05, 2:03 PM
Kelly Jeanne!!! heyy sweetie! i know things are hard right now but you have so many people that love and care about you. we're all thinking about you and praying for you every night and day. just keep thinking positive and everything will be okay. we know youre strong.! i love yooouuu!, megan

Allie Tuesday, 8/23/05, 1:54 PM
Hey Kel...Gooood Luck 2day!! I know you are strong and you will make it through all of thiss!!:) Miss n Love You *Sis* hehe...Allie Bru

Liz Heller Tuesday, 8/23/05, 12:42 PM
Hey Kelly! idk if you remember me or not, we went to ccd together for a long time at St Christophers, and played against each other alot in bball.. just wanted you to know that all of us at CV are hoping that you get much better soon (: ~stay strong <3 Liz

Sharon Clark Tuesday, 8/23/05, 12:04 PM
Dear Kelly, My daughter Stephanie works with your cousin Mike in Gainesville. Just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sharon Clark

Aunt Barbara Tuesday, 8/23/05, 12:01 PM
Hey Kel! Hope you are doing okay. I know you don't like NYC anymore -- all for good reasons! But one day you'll look back and realize it is the best place! Anyway, see you in the am. Have a good night. Keep the faith, God loves you! As well as all of us! Aunt B

Stephanie Tuesday, 8/23/05, 11:47 AM
Hi Kelly!! I work with your cousin Mike in Gainesville. When he told me about whats going on and this site I had to send you a note! From looking at it I can see that you are an amazing person and are very loved!! Good luck with your all your treatment, and when you have a bad day just remember God is watching out for you and that there are people praying for you all over!!!! You are a beautiful girl and I can't wait until Mike gets me a bracelet so I can show my support! Hope your feeling well! ~Stephanie Clark~

Karly Pero Tuesday, 8/23/05, 11:11 AM
hey kelly! I was looking through old pictures the other day and i came across a few from when our familys use to go to the SU Football games, there was one with U me meg f.and kenzie f we were soo little! - wow! that seems SOo long AGO!.. I wanted to wish u luck with your next treatment I know that youll do fine! and you will get through this! Im thinking about u Each and Every day! Love always Karly P

Jackie Stapleton Tuesday, 8/23/05, 11:06 AM
Hi Kelly! Best wishes and love from the Stapletons... we are thinking about you & your family all the time. You are in our prayers. Stay strong and keep that amazing spirit going! Love, Fred Annie Jackie Bobby Freddy

Ms. Karen Mayo Tuesday, 8/23/05, 10:18 AM
Kelly, You are always,always in our thoughts and prayers! From, the Mayo Girls

Nana Tuesday, 8/23/05, 9:51 AM
Hi Kelly I love you!!!! I pray that you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow...Stay strong and know that God is watching over you and thousands of people are praying for you...all over the country!!! Did you ever know you were so popular!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina Bommarito Tuesday, 8/23/05, 9:24 AM
Hey Kelly.....wishing you luck and we love you! Tina

Amy Miller Tuesday, 8/23/05, 8:41 AM
Hey Kelly, Im not sure if u know me,you might.. i go to seton, i've played u in basketball a couple of times, and i went to your fundraiser at the relief pitcher.I just wanted to let you kno that im praying for you and i wish u the best of luck, stay strong <3Amy

Stephen Courson Tuesday, 8/23/05, 8:24 AM
Hi Kelly, my name is Stephen Courson and I work with Mike Hanson in Gainesville, FL. He got us some of your bracelets and I can't wait for him to get me one. I don't know if you picked the color, but the green is sweet! I hope you are doing well and everything is going ok. Is school about to start for you? It starts tomorrow for me. Well I will have Mike keep me updated and I will be praying for you. Bye! Stephen

Patty Bruet Tuesday, 8/23/05, 8:04 AM
Good morning doll .. hope you're doing ok today, as well as can be expected. Wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you, like always, and sending you loving, positive thoughts!! Today is Jonesy's birthday so it'll be a good one for you!!! Hang in there my darling .. I LOVE YOU!!! Pattay P.S. Your mom's entry made me cry .. I know how much you hate that!!!! xo xo xo xo

jonesy Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:51 AM
kell,today is the day and you know i'll so be thinking of you,stay strong,i know you can get through this like no one else can.i'll call you tonight and see how you are doing.wanted to tell you also,you were the prettiest young lady out on your deck sunday night,you looked beautiful and radiant!!!!!!!!! love ya lots,jonesy,p.s.i'll rest up my hands for when you return next week!!

Shannon Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:41 AM
Kelly, Im a co-worker of your cousin Michael H. and I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you. Stay strong! ~Shannon Montenieri
E-mail:  Montenieri

Sarah LeFevers Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:37 AM
Hey Kelly, just wanted to let you know that I got my bracelet from your cousin Mike this morning, and that you are thought of and talked about often and you are in everyones prayers!! ~ Sarah ~

Ileana Petersen Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:32 AM
I am Mike's co-worker in Gainesville, Florida. I have never met you but I just want to tell you that you are a very brave young lady and your story has touched my heart. I know that you are surrounded by people who love you and that is the best gift. Stay strong and brave! Much love, Ileana

Christine Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:27 AM
Hey kelly! just got one of your braclet's today :) and i'm glad to wear it. just wanted you to know that you are thought of in Fl. The big town of Go Gators :)My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Christine

mom Tuesday, 8/23/05, 5:15 AM
Hi Kelz - It is early and you are still sleeping. We will be headed to the hospital in a few hours. I will be with you every step of the way - you know that - I love you so very much. You are an amazing girl - sometimes I wonder where you get your courage and strength from. I have seen everything you have gone thru, and a lot of people would have given up already, but not you. You just keep going, like the energizer bunny (haha) - YOU give ME strength, so let's keep going thru this together with each other day by day, and we WILL get thru it all, I promise you. On the days where you feel like it will never end, look to God, and He will give you a little more of that courage that you need to get by the day. I love you more than anything,Kel, and I am always here for you .....Love forever, Mom

Chris - Jim - JT - Jack (the other Felter Family) Tuesday, 8/23/05, 4:57 AM
Kelly - you don't know us but hearing of you from those who love you we feel we do. We have you in our prayers! Stay looks like there are a lot of people out there who care very much!! God Bless!

Demetra Kermidas Tuesday, 8/23/05, 4:35 AM
Hi Kelly. You dont know me but i go to Cv.I think you know some of my very good friends, pattie smith,and laura brown.I just want to wish you the best of luck.STAY STRONG <3

Lori Monday, 8/22/05, 8:46 PM
hott Kells, Well Ann Marie went thru with the BIG haircut!!!! I talked to her around 7:30 and told her to come over in 15 minutes .... she showed up an hour later ( i forgot we were going by Faughnan time) lol. She was talking to your mom and didn't even pay attention to the 10 inches i was cutting off. She is donating her hair to Locks of Love. Good luck with your treatment this week, and keep fighting hard. I know you can do it. It was great to see you looking so good and strong Sunday night. Can't wait to see you when you get home! LOVE, Lor Dawg

jack Monday, 8/22/05, 7:29 PM
kelly i don't know you but i have a great feeling things are going to go very well for you. go yankees

Ryan Monday, 8/22/05, 7:08 PM
How couldnt I sign my favorite cousins guest book? Hope your feeling well. I am keeping you in my prayers. Love Your favorite cousin!

Shaughna Szymanski Monday, 8/22/05, 6:41 PM
Hey Kelly! Kim just gave me this website so I thought I would leave you a message. Speaking of Kim... I have a really nice picture of the three of us that I need to get to you! haha and I believe that we still have a game of mini golf to come when you are feeling up to it. My mom and dad both say "hi" and that we all miss you and are keeping you in our prayers. When you get back, we need to throw another famous Flyers party with D*Rich, Kris10, Katie, andddd of course ShorTay, MedAy, and TallAy!! We just got the pictures from that developed (better late than never ;) ) and we have doubles to give to you! I'm sure that you will enjoy them because most of them are really funny and random... especially the ones with the bubbles! hahaha this season would not have been the same without you Kell. Miss you, and Love you always!!! <3 your TallAy.

Lori Coogan Monday, 8/22/05, 6:20 PM
Hey Kelly - It is your cousin Lori here. I am so glad that someone created this website. I have been looking for an opportunity to get in touch with you and your family. I was excited to see the pictures of you on the site. The last time I saw you was when you guys came to our house in San Diego (about 4 years ago). You look so grown up and so pretty! My mother keeps me posted on how you are doing and your progress. We (Bobby and I) think about you lots and you in our prayers. We are confident that you will get through this. I hear you are quite the fighter so keep up that great attitude and winning personality and you will prevail through this difficult time. If you get a free moment, (which I am sure you are busy reading all these postings) send us your email... I will send you some pictures of the boys (Kyle almost 5 and Brady almost 3)and it will give you a good laugh... these two little guys are such BOYS! Hope to hear from you soon. Love you, Lori

Michael Hansen Monday, 8/22/05, 6:09 PM
Oh Yeah, I hope your mom will post the pictures of Me, you and your sisters from this weekend!!! Make sure you tell her!!! All the love! :) Your cousin, Michael H.

Michael Hansen Monday, 8/22/05, 5:51 PM
It was great to see you Kelly this weekend being up from FL! Chrissy and I wish you and Uncle Tweeters and Aunt Debbie and your GREAT sisters all the best! I have already distributed the bracelets to the doctors at my lab and to my friends. (They will be signing the book soon!) Kelly we know this will only be a bump in the road for you. Good luck and remember you have supporters now all over Central FL!!!! Michael Hansen

lathion tyson Monday, 8/22/05, 5:47 PM
Hey Kelly, my name is lathion and I'm a friend of your cousin mike down here in florida... I just wanted to let you know that he's told me alot about you and he's spreading the word about your bracelets. In fact, he just hooked me up with one of your bracelets tonight. I know I don't know you that well, but I just wanted to let you know that my family's prayers are with you. -lathion

Ivette & Rich Morano Monday, 8/22/05, 5:31 PM
Kelly, We are very close friends of your Aunt Barbara & Uncle John. You are in our prayers and have our support. Keep positive thoughts and let your beautiful smile shine. This will result in your road to recovery and strength! All our love and best wishes, Ivette, Rich, Christian, & Sabrina

Molter's Monday, 8/22/05, 5:21 PM
Kelly, Megan keeps me updated. I saw your web-site and just wanted to say Hi, and to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Maryjo Molter and family

courtney blair and family Monday, 8/22/05, 4:37 PM
hey kelly.. you probably don't know me that well but i hope that you get feel better soon, and i want to wish you good luck on your next treatment..your in our prayers.. love, the blairs

Emily Regan and Family Monday, 8/22/05, 3:38 PM
Kelly, You do not know me but may know my son, Paul Regan. He is in the 10th grade at Forks also. I am a teacher at the Harshaw and have kept up on the journey that you have been through. It's hard to know "why?" but please know that your community is praying for you and God will never leave you... Peace, love and prayers~

Edwina Scott Monday, 8/22/05, 2:39 PM
Even though you do not know me, I know a lot about you. I am Danielle Besens other grandmother or Grandma, as I am called. I've seen many pictures of you and your sisters and family and I have met your parents at Kim and Dan's wedding. My husband Lee, who Danielle calls, Papa Lee joins me in sending prayers at this time to you and your family as you continue your struggle with your cancer. We are praying and wishing you remission and recovery. Lots of hugs Edwina and Lee Scott P.S We're delighted that you have this wonderful web sight!

alexis Monday, 8/22/05, 2:10 PM
Hey Kelly, you probably don't know who i am but im very good friends with laura brown, pattie smith, and julie callahan. I've played basketball against you many times. I just wanted to let you know that i wish you the best of luck with everything and im praying for you... stay strong.<3

Mrs. Shelly O'Neill Monday, 8/22/05, 1:19 PM
You are in our thoughts constantly Kelly! We love you and are praying for your recovery everyday - The O'Neill Family

Victoria, John, & Joseph Monday, 8/22/05, 1:18 PM
Hi Kelly. Wanted to know how you are feeling? Hope to see you soon. We love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxooo

Lori Tomko Monday, 8/22/05, 12:49 PM
Hi Kelly. I work with your mom! Just a short note to let you know I think of you and pray for you often!!

sally grippen Monday, 8/22/05, 12:01 PM
Hey Kelly, I was so happy to hear that you were feeling better yesterday! Good luck this week in N.Y. Be sure to keep an eye on those nurses! Tell your Mom that she is missing inservice this week --I know that that will be a terrible blow ! Everyone here sends their love and prayers. Sally

Aunt Ann Monday, 8/22/05, 11:40 AM
Hi Kelly, This is so cool ! Good Luck with this next round and always know my thoughts and prayers are always with you ! Love, Auntie Annie

Kara Grippen Monday, 8/22/05, 11:01 AM
Hey Kelly, I just wanted you know that I'm down here in Philly thinking about you, and I wanted to wish you good luck this week in NYC. Your a wonderful girl and have a wonderful family and even though I know this is an unthinkably hard time in your life try to stay strong and stay positive =) love Kara

sherri pokart Monday, 8/22/05, 10:40 AM
Hi Kelly, I'm a friend of your Aunt Barbara. We used to work together. I've known your whole family since 1989. I met you a few times when you were little and I watched you and your sisters grow up through Aunt Barbara's pictures and stories. I'm sorry you have to go through this but I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and I hope to come visit you in the hospital with Aunt Barabara soon.

pat langlie Monday, 8/22/05, 10:39 AM
Love your are in my prayers. P.S. I work at Health Service with your mom.

Megan P. O'Day Monday, 8/22/05, 10:24 AM
dear kelly, I miss you so much and i love u <3 keep up the good work. I also miss being an O'Day. When u get home i'll come vist u. Love, Meg ps. good luck!!!!!!!!!
E-mail:  lilpug1095

Laura Smyder Monday, 8/22/05, 10:24 AM
Kelly,Your in our thoughts and prayers each day. Stay strong. The Smyder's

Ellen Sharpe Monday, 8/22/05, 9:33 AM
Hi Kelly, and family. Hope you are doing well! Ryan said to say hello to you, and wants to meet you when you get back home. Tell your mom we miss her at work. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.... Did you like the bracelet? I bought one for myself too. Take care, and God Bless you. Ellen

Melissa Monday, 8/22/05, 9:21 AM
Kelly!!! i love you lol u made me laugh so hard last yr, and im believing that u will do the same this next comming year. Your doing an awesome job, stay strong! im praying for you everyday!! :0) love ya! <3Melissa

Lauren Phillips Monday, 8/22/05, 9:16 AM
I know you don't me but you are friends with my sister Natalie.The Phillips Family just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts everyday and we wish you the best of luck this week and stay strong and believe in yourself.:)XOXO

Alyssa Boughner Monday, 8/22/05, 9:14 AM
Hey Kelly, Sorry that i couldnt come and say good luck and bye to you last night i was sick! we all love you lots and are praying and hoping everything goes well in NYC this week!! Love, Lyss

Rachel Schur. Monday, 8/22/05, 9:11 AM
Hey Kelly. This is Rachel from Rochester. Lyss just told me about this and I hope you're doing okay. Maybe I'll see you next time I come to Binghamton! That would be cool. Well I'll be thinking and praying about you love. [=

Bobby Stapleton Monday, 8/22/05, 8:28 AM
Kelly I haven't seen you in a few years but I've been thinking about ya and praying for you. You have many many many people routin' for you! If you need anything at all, don't be afraid to call me. smile ~ Bobby 237-6607

Kim Cleveland Monday, 8/22/05, 8:16 AM
hey kelly! i just wanted to let you know that everyone misses you very much and that my whole family is praying for you! i hope you feel better and that everything is going well! see you soon <3shortay

Amanda Menichelli Monday, 8/22/05, 8:00 AM
Hey kelly!!! Just wanted to let you know that i've been thinking about you and praying for you!!! :):)!

Kate Smith Monday, 8/22/05, 7:50 AM
Heyy hunny. It was sooo good to see you and all the girls last night for a last hoorahh before you go back. As you can see, you're in everyones thoughts and prayers everyday.. so pretty much you're the most popular girl in the world right now. haha but stay strong and keep your faith and hope up as much as you can! we're all thinking of you! I love you soo much! *Kate<3

Corey Bruet Monday, 8/22/05, 7:35 AM
KJ!! - Good Luck this week in NYC..i'll be thinking of you every second of the day!! I Love You! Stay Strong!! Love, CorCor

Mrs. Warren Monday, 8/22/05, 7:06 AM
Hi Kelly- I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you! I know that this week will be tough but hang in there and please let me know if you need anything! When you feel up to it, walk on up to our house. I do not know if you knew that our family recently moved into the neighborhood--24 Country Knoll. Take care and please know that many of us are thinking about you and praying for you. Mrs. Warren

Susan Byrnes Monday, 8/22/05, 6:43 AM
Hola Lola! I put a card in the mail for you on Friday. I hope that everything goes well this week. Please let me know if there is anything you need. You are in my thoughts and prayers each day. Sra. Byrnes

Colleen (Hanifin) Matteson Monday, 8/22/05, 6:42 AM
Hi Kelly, We have never met (I don't think) but your Dad's family and my family have been friends forevever. We also have alot of common friends (that comes from living in Binghamton). I live in Texas now and Sally Hanifin has just emailed me your website. I was happy to receive it and will keep tabs on you. I just want to let you know that my family will keep you in our prayers and wish you the best as you start your next round of treatment. Think positive! Looking forward to reading great news very soon.

Cheryl Monday, 8/22/05, 6:29 AM
Kel, Thinking of you every day! All of our prayers are with you. Be strong kid, see you when you come home from NYC. p.s. a couple more scratch offs will be waiting for you!!! I Iove you Kel, Cheryl

Sally Hanifin Monday, 8/22/05, 6:29 AM
Hi Kelly: I talked to your dad the other night and he told me you were feeling better! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Stay as strong and special as you are!! Love, Sally

Diane Norris Monday, 8/22/05, 6:06 AM
Kelly, God's speed to aid your recovery to health. Diane
Kathy Hanifin Monday, 8/22/05, 5:48 AM
Hi Kelly, Always in my thoughts and prayer!!

Ellen Cook Monday, 8/22/05, 5:44 AM
Hi Kelly, We're all thinking and praying for you!!

Patty Bruet Monday, 8/22/05, 5:40 AM
Hey sweets .. just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you this morning and wishing I could be with you. You looked so beautiful last night and it was so heartwarming to see you with all of your sweet girlfriends. I'm sorry we had to leave so early .. one word .. MARTAY ..!! Ha! You'll have to whip him into shape when you get home!! Please know I'll be thinking of you every minute and I can't wait to see your beautiful face when you get home. Stay strong and know that my heart is with you ... always .. I LOVE YOU!!! xo xo xo Pattay

Terri McCall Monday, 8/22/05, 5:12 AM
Good luck Kelly - my prayers are with you!

Lynette Menichelli Monday, 8/22/05, 5:08 AM
Hi Kelly-This is Mrs. Menichelli. You can call me Lynette, though. I just found out about this website yesterday. I want you to know that my family and I have been praying for you. We know this is going to be a difficult week for you and we will hold you in our thoughts and prayers every day. I'll e-mail too. Amanda will be e-mailing today. She's been thinking of you, too. We care about you. A lot of people do. Try to remember that people are praying for you when the going gets tough this week, Kelly. We're all behind you and wish you well. You take care of yourself, and I will be in touch again. Lynette

nesebj Monday, 8/22/05, 2:50 AM
Hi Kelly Good sounded great last nite on the prayers are with you on your way to N Y today....I hope to see you Wednesday...Love ya forever. Nana

Barbara Norris Sunday, 8/21/05, 9:13 PM
Hi Kelly: I was glad to hear you are doing better. I know you are going for round 2 this week. I will keep you in my prayers as I believe there is much benefit from them. I know that people prayed for me when I was going thru treatments and I believe that got me thru mine. Just remember, this is only temporary!!!!!! Stay strong and just keep the faith honey. Much love, your cousin, Barbara

Amy Zenzel Sunday, 8/21/05, 8:01 PM
KellBell! I love you soo much ur a great person and not only that ur a strong one too!Good luck at ur treatment this week!we have to hang out sometime when you get back!!!!!Much love beautiful!!

Austen Ferranti and Family Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:37 PM
Hey kelly, i kno we don't kno each other very well, but i kno you can use all the support you can get. Just letting you kno that we're here thinking of you and waiting for your recovery.. good luck through your next treatment and be can get through this challebge along with whatever one life throws at you.......FEEL BETTER :)

Amy Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:32 PM
Heyy Kelly!idk if you remember me but i'm friends w/ siera and i met you at a BU girls basketball game when you were there w/ siera.I just wanted to let you know that your in my prayers and i hope that you get better really soon!-Amy

Mrs Ritt Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:30 PM
Hey darlin....I am so happy I got to see you this evening before you left. You truly did look beautiful tonight and I hope you know that you are in both mine and Alexandra's thoughts and prayers always. Have a good trip tomorrow, stay strong and positive and know that we all love you :)

Laura R. Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:06 PM
Hey Kelly. i hope everything is going well and that your staying as strong as we all know that you are. i just thought that i would stop and let you know how much i love you and let you know that im thinking about you along with everyone else. stay strong beautiful. Muah.<3

Hallessssssss Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:02 PM
Hey Gorgeousssss!! I miss you so much...I'm always thinking of you & keeping you in my prayers, and I will especially be thinking of you this week. Always when I'm thinking of you I think of the day we were talking in the Bruet's basement...haha..Keep your hopes just as high as that day! I deff have to see you once you get back from this next treatment, I haven't seen you in forever! Love you lotssss sweetieeee!!!!(: Halles<33

Alesha Wasmund Sunday, 8/21/05, 6:45 PM
Hey Kelly.. I know you don't know me, but I know your sisters and know of the tough time you're going through. Just thought I'd sign your guest book and wish you the best of luck w/ everything! Be strong and never give up..

Kelly Sunday, 8/21/05, 6:18 PM
hey Kelly!! I'm not sure if u remember me, but me you and Chelsey all used to go to Touch of Texas together! haha scopin out all the good lookin guys:-P!Stay strong kiddo, a lot of people are behind you all the way! much love, Kelly(Whitney Point)

The Pasquale Family Sunday, 8/21/05, 5:14 PM
Kelly, You are surrounded by a Great Loving Family and Never Ending Loving Friends !!! Keep up that Great Strength and positve attitude. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Best of luck in NYC this week. You are in our Hearts.

Maria Urda Sunday, 8/21/05, 4:52 PM
Hey Kelll! I really hope you get better soon. I pray for you EVERY single day! I miss you tons and can't wait to see you again. Love ya lots! *maria* p.s. Go YANKEEEEEEES!

Bonnie Guzenski Sunday, 8/21/05, 4:03 PM
Hi Kelly: It's so nice to see you have a web site. We want to wish you well with your chemo treatments! Remember where there is God there is always hope. Keep positive, your well loved. Our thoughts are with you for a nice week. Love, the Guzenski Family

the francis' Sunday, 8/21/05, 3:58 PM
Kelly , we are thinking and praying for you everyday.your a very strong and brave girl;we love you.And remember you have an angle with you all the time watching over you. take care.We will look forward to seeing you in a couple of week. Hang in there girlfriend. Love you kelly susie frank,matthew and bill

Leaha Sunday, 8/21/05, 2:04 PM
ohh miss kelly o'day (: im so glad your homeee! we will def all chill soon haha it will be a good timeee! hehe i love you so much. and im glad ur feeling better. im always here too if u need anything at all ever just call. stay strong sweeti i love you alott *Leaha

SieRaaaaaaaaaaa (: Sunday, 8/21/05, 1:17 PM
*Heyy KjO...SoOo happy that your homee and feeling better..Cant wait to see you today because its beeen sincee your birthdayyy :( but thats okk will have funn (: Memberrr KjO I Love YoU SoOoOo Much and hope u get betterr reall quickkk so we can hang out like old you lotss...<3SieRaaaa

Ashley Antalek Sunday, 8/21/05, 1:04 PM
Hey baby dolll!!! I love you so much and i miss you like crazyy! When you come back me n leaha n jess gotta hang out.. like u said itd be interesting.. haha stay strong babe everyone loves u so muchh! im here if u ever need anythingg! LOVE YOUU BABEEE! <3

Jenn Koulikas Sunday, 8/21/05, 12:07 PM
KEEL KEEELS! i miss you very much and u know that i think about youu day and night --my bestest friend. your always gonna be my #1 love you babe!<333

Jesssssica Annnnnnne! : ) Sunday, 8/21/05, 11:08 AM
HII KEEEEELS!! i miss you soo much and im glade to hear ur feeeling betttter!! cant wait to see you today i misss you like (.......................) this much times 89327487324 ...butt everyone misssses youuu and we are so happpy u are feeeeling betttter my love!!!!!! LOVEEE YOU LOTSSSSSSS!!!

Kenzie Sunday, 8/21/05, 10:48 AM
Oh boy! What a blast the other night!! Nothin beats walkin down to the Faughnans to watch a little Harry Potter, eat Schwans pizza and win at rummy! Deb got a kick out of Megan and I walking you down the road arm and arm while Megan presents you as "Princess Keel Keel of Green Meadow Lane!" haha! Riding on the hood of your Mom's car was enjoyable also. You can count on us comin down to visit you again in NYC! Love Yah Kelly Jeanne! Im praying every day! Kenzie<3

AC Sunday, 8/21/05, 9:20 AM
Just me again - glad to hear you were able to spend your 16th b'day at home with friends and loved ones. Hear you like the AC Warp mix cd - great. Thanks to your mom - since she loved yours, Sue was able to get the same body pillow you have. You'll be the first (maybe second) to hear about any job offers. I keep applying to local openings I see - virtually everyday. I still have hope that something will come along. Thanks for thinking of me while we're all thinking of you... Stay strong.

Aunt Pat Sunday, 8/21/05, 9:17 AM
Hi Kelly, just wanted to say hello. glad to hear you are feeling a little better.Good luck with the second round of chemo. With all the prayers that are going around for you I just know this will be easier for you. Love Aunt Pat

Andrea Sunday, 8/21/05, 8:44 AM
Kelly, Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. I am confident that you will remain strong and continue to fight. When you get home from NYC we will have to continue our driving lessons and make a pit stop for some ice cream. Coach Bogart PS Root for the Yankees, they need it!!!

Corey Bruet Sunday, 8/21/05, 8:31 AM
KJ!!!!! I love you soo much!! Good luck in NYC this coming week! I'll be praying/thinking of you every second of the day! Stay Strong! <3 CorCor

Linda Plows Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:43 AM
Just to let Kelly and her family know they are all in our prayers and will continue to be.....our family has been going through a tough time since May 2002 when my husband was diagnosed with gliablastoma multiforme.....five brain surgeries, four brain tumors removed and 3 years plus later we are still here fighting.....some days are tough and others are a breeze...when you need to rest take the time and do it. Remember what you don't get done today will be there tomorrow. Your health is the most important part of life. Heard about Kelly from your neighbor (my sister) Kathy Smith...33 greenmeadow lane just so you know. And yes, remember how powerful prayer is....we are praying for you and your family Kelly. All our love to you and yours.

Maura Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:26 AM
Hey Kel, I am so happy to hear you are feeling more like yourself again!! Did Dad make you chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast today? Good luck this week and know that you are in our prayers. Love you Sweetie! Maura

Kelly Blair Sunday, 8/21/05, 7:03 AM
Oh Kelly! I just got to know a little of you this year through chorus, and I couldnt believe what had happened to you when I heard. I just want you to know that you're on my mind and I'm praying for you. You're an awesome girl. Stay strong. :) - Kelly Blair

Patty Bruet Sunday, 8/21/05, 6:02 AM
My dearest Kelly .. please know how much I'll be thinking of you in these next few days as you begin the next phase of your treatment. I wish I could be with you .. you know I'll be there in spirit (and via several phone calls with your mom and dad!). Hang in there my love .. better days are definitely on the horizon. As I've told your mom a million times, your strength and courage are amazing .. and you, my darling Kelly, are going to beat this .. I LOVE YOU .. Pattay

Nana Sunday, 8/21/05, 3:50 AM
Good Morning Kel.... I hope you had a good night and have a great day. I hear you look beautiful in your bandanas!!!! I'm off to church shortly and all of my prayers will be for ya......xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rev. Anne Tumilty Sunday, 8/21/05, 12:23 AM
Dear Kelly, Your Uncle Dan attends our church and told us about you and this website. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope the treatments beat the cancer and that you will be back in school soon! Anne Tumilty

Rod, Kathy, Brad Smith Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:48 PM
Keep up the good work, you can do it!! Just to let you know we are all praying for you & your family. Believe it - God does perform miracles. By the way you are such a beautiful girl!! neighbors up the hill

Lacey Mann Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:44 PM
Hey Kelly, You don't really know me but i heard you are a very good person. So keep strong and just remember that your family and friends are their for ya, keep fighting kelly :-D ~*STAY STRONG*~

The Lake Family Saturday, 8/20/05, 9:40 PM
Hi Kelly! We just wanted to send you a hug and let you know that we are thinking of you and your family. Our prayers are with you all in hopes that you will continue to grow strong and conquer this illness. If there is anything at all that we can do, please let us know. We know that you have a great circle of friends and wonderful people who are willing to do whatever they can, and we hope that you will add us to that list. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team. We are happy for your progress and are proud of your spirit! Our family will keep you in our prayers! God Bless you and your family. Respectfully, The Lake Family (Dakotah Lake)