A Message from Kellyshope.com

Kellyshope.com visitors, I hope you will forgive me the privilege of my own page on this website.  For 6 months I have maintained this incredible site, distinguished not by any technical wizardry, but by the pure power of the human spirit displayed in both the story of Kelly’s struggle, as well as the response of all who visited here and showed how deeply they cared for her.  Witnessing the daily outpouring of love for Kelly on this website has been a truly humbling experience. I am amazed at the tremendous impact of this one very strong, very faithful, and very brave young woman.

Several people have thanked me for setting up this website, and I appreciate this immensely, but I really don’t think it’s that big a thing.  Sometimes, when we don’t know what to do, it’s best to just do what we know how to.  Setting up this site was what I knew how to do, but so many of you did what you knew how to do as well.  For some of you it was arranging benefits or selling bracelets.  For some it was decorating Kelly’s house or bedroom. For some it was letters, cards, e-mails, and messages on the message board.  For some, it was just the simple act of being her friend.  For many of us, it was the personal commitment of regular prayer.

When this site was first established, Kelly’s Hope was to win the battle she was waging with the cancer that ravaged her body. Now that she has left us, we might be inclined to think that cancer won the battle.  I think her life should be measured more by the battles she won, than by the one battle she lost.
Cancer defeated her body.
It didn’t defeat her determination. 
It didn’t defeat her bravery.
It didn’t defeat her friendships. 
It didn’t defeat her faith. 
It didn’t defeat her love. 
It didn’t defeat her spirit. 
All of those things she has left behind to live on in all of us. 
Whenever one of us remembers the way Kelly lived in the face of her struggles, and uses that memory to live our lives when we face our own battles, Kelly’s spirit will be there.

Please continue to pray for Mike, Deb, Katie, and Colleen O'Day, Kelly's relatives, and all her friends.  Pray that they all might find personal peace and comfort in this time of sorrow, and that they might find a way to live their lives without Kelly, in a way that honors her memory.