CF Grecian Sing - December 22, 2005
The video on this page was shot at the 2005 Grecian Sing at CF High School.  Due to technical issues, some of the video is missing (most notably the drum solo and Chris Kwartler, sorry reggae fans).  In order to preserve limited bandwidth available on this site, the preview clips are no longer available on this site.  If you would like a copy of any of these files, or would like to purchase a DVD, please follow the instructions below. 

A much higher quality DVD of (almost) all the acts is available for $5 per DVD, the proceeds of the sale will go to the Kelly's Hope fund.  To order a DVD, or to request one of the preview files referenced below, please click here and e-mail your request to the Webmaster (
Dance Connection Part I (4.3 Mb)
Dance Connection Part II (4.3 Mb)
Jingle Bell Rock (4.3 Mb)
CF Choral Ensemble (2.3 Mb)
Mr. Hooper (1.7 Mb)
Calvin Lesko (1.5 Mb)
Roger That - Part I (2.8 Mb)
Roger That - Part II (2.1 Mb)
Uranium Taxi - Part I (3.9 Mb)
Uranium Taxi - Part II (5.7 Mb)
Uranium Taxi - Part III (2.5 Mb)
Light Show (1.8 Mb)
(edited, this was tough to video)
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